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  1. Your favourite car(s) of all time

    Top 3 is hard, but: 1. 1982 Corvette 2. 1999- Z06 Corvette 3. Lamborghini Diablo 1980-1982 vette was the best looking car ever IMHO....
  2. RSkybug - Oi Col

    [ QUOTE ] Thought you said we'd get lots of members in the American car forum - where are they???? [/ QUOTE ] Been "a touch" busy recently, mate - I'll gather my evil V8 hordes and bring 'em this way soon. Notice how I'm still called SkyBug!!!
  3. what car is this.....

    [ QUOTE ] corvette my arse! i said i had to be able to get insured on it stinky! [/ QUOTE ] You'd be surprised - My Corvette cost me about £200 less a year to insure than the RSi!
  4. So.... Any chance of....

    Hurrah! Nice one, Blue! Lagoo - send me an e-mail [email protected] and I'll tell you what I need off you for some lovely avatar trickery...
  5. Spray-on Camera Protection??

    [ QUOTE ] I'm pretty sure I've seen Colin M saying that it's illegal to use this sort of stuff in the UK (he always knows about these kind of things - probably comes with driving at 600mph everywhere ). [/ QUOTE ] Illegal, maybe, but the point is, if it's invisible to the naked eye, how would the police ever tell? The only way they could catch you was if they stood and checked the gatso photos as you went through them!
  6. Spray-on Camera Protection??

    Easy way to test it - just try to take a photo of the car with the plate sprayed up with a normal flash camera - that's essentially what gatsos are! If you can't see it on a flash photo, then the gatsos won't see it either. I would think this stuff would be useful if you're caught out by a gatso - I once pulled into a garage to get some fuel. The garage was on a main road, and so to get out I had to kane it so the fast traffic didn't have to slow down. The problem was that a gatso was right next to the petrol station, so I was doing about 10mph over the limit when I went through it - FLASH! FLASH! Luckily I never got a letter, but I thought the setout of the road system in that particular instance was unfair, and I'd have appreciated something like this then...
  7. 10 sec cars?

    [ QUOTE ] It's a little over the 100k limit mentioned on the start of this thread (ok - it's 1 million Euros!!) but the new Bugatti Veyron is being suggested as doing 0-186mph (300kmph) in 14 secs! I wonder what the mpg is from the 8 litre W16 quad turbo 987bhp monster! [/ QUOTE ] Actually, on that note, the new MG SV(I think that's it's name?) should do sub 10 1/4 and that's gonna cost about £80K top spec. Top spec being 960bhp including factory installed nitrous, which means that it should be awesomely quick. Like a british Skyline or something. The Lamborghini Galli...gallu...errr.... the new baby Lambo will be quick too, I suspect not sub 10 second, but still pretty quick - price tag £89K.
  8. 10 sec cars?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Max power were wrong, mate - the stock speed of a supra 0-60 is 4.8, the F355 is 4.6, so there isn't much in it from the off. The sick green car in F&F was a Mitsubishi Eclipse, too - they're only available in the US. [/ QUOTE ] And Japan! Had a drive in one while I was across there last month. Momo steering wheel and gear knob as standard, but very basic build quality, but doesn't look bad, but the speedo only had 180km/h on it....which was strange, but then their speed limit is only 100... [/ QUOTE ] They can't be available in Japan - otherwise you'd be able to get them "import stylee" over here - like you could with the FTO before it was officially available?
  9. So.... Any chance of....

    As long as you can work with me - cunning use of digital camera - then not a problem....
  10. 10 sec cars?

    Max power were wrong, mate - the stock speed of a supra 0-60 is 4.8, the F355 is 4.6, so there isn't much in it from the off. The sick green car in F&F was a Mitsubishi Eclipse, too - they're only available in the US.
  11. So.... Any chance of....

    You got a deal!! Woppum - Didn't they say that the R32 was the car for fags??
  12. So.... Any chance of....

    An american car forum? I like it here, but there ain't too much point in coming if there isn't much for me to read?? And I'm sure there would be a fair few people who would come to post on it! Hell, I'll even volunteer as moderator!
  13. 10 sec cars?

    Next time I see you, mate - I'll show you do-nuts!! American forums would be very much appreciated, though!! I know a few vette-heads who would come on here. Lagoo: Z06 - Very nice! The HUD is very cool indeed, but so is the big rush of the V8!
  14. 10 sec cars?

    Hey you guys! Just to clarify: The "10 second car" thing is WRT the 1/4 mile - I'm into drag-racing and if you can get sub 10 in a street car, you're GOD! Woppum: Unfortunately, mate, the Supra is essentially a Japanese Supercar. I can't say I like 'em much (I prefer German\English\American engineering!), but they are quick - the stock turbo jobs (3.0 Twin Turbo) are 326bhp out of the box with a chip taking them to circa 400. The SkyLine is the supras main problem. The biggest BHP I've ever seen out of one of these is 1350, and that was with turbos the size of bin lids. A ferrari F355 may be a quick car, but in the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't take much to make a supra faster - there ain't a great deal of difference in the first place - with a supra with bigger turbos, nitrous and custom re-map, that ferrari should have been dust - seriously. As for the discussion about American V8's - please, gentlemen, say helllllooooo to my new motor.... And NO, that ain't me in the picture!
  15. Want a Cheap and Unique R32??

    Nope! Mind you - you got me thinking about a V8 Robin! Jesus would that think wheelie!!