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  1. Cerbie Probs

    car's running like a dream now - it's a lot quiter and tighter - i just hope the backbox gets a bit louder - and the MIL doesn't beep any more - there is a sensor box in the passenger's footwell - someone had put it in backwards and it had moisture in - all sorted now!
  2. Cerbie Probs

    hi all, car is still in the garage - getting a starter motor sorted, mild tune and a new sports backbox. Whilst it's there - are there any replacement air filters i can get put in, like K&N etc? Seems sensible if i'm freeing up the gases with the backbox to get more filtrated air in quickly at the front
  3. Cerbie Probs

    lol it would be if it started it got trailored to the garage this morning - hope to have it back soon in full working order :-)
  4. Cerbie Probs

    changed my screen name in case you wonder who this is now
  5. Cerbie Probs

    285's won't go on the cerbie will they? I'll make sure the car is gleaming and will bring all my autoglym cleaning kit with me 2 one thing i do like about the cerbie is the boot - could probs get a set of golf clubs in the back - but those rear seats are a joke! My wife won't drive the car - says it looks nice but she's scared of it!
  6. Cerbie Probs

    225/45/16 at the mo at the front and 255/45/16 i think on mytyre.net - toyo's are 113.30 inc vat and delivery to uk for 225/35/18 - f1's are 152.80 255/35/18 are 136.20 for toyo's and they don't do F1's in that size pretty good value are we still on for putting the car on the stand at Inters next month?
  7. Cerbie Probs

    how much will the extra 2" slow the car down though? I think i'd put F1's on - love those tyres - what tyre size do the 18" spiders take? The sports backbox i mean is from the TVR main dealer - i hope it sounds as good as the one that's on or i'd be upset :-( Lagoo's looks good - that's for sure - on the very latest cerb's the lights are part of the wing aren't they? But they were a screw in unit before weren't they? I'm not too sure about them - i like the way it is - but i do like the spider's but don't want a slow car as a result - i had some awesome races on friday and won every one without even trying :-)
  8. Cerbie Probs

    on the current backbox one of the trims has come off - so only the driver's side is on - it sounds ****ing evil, awesome - should have heard it after we got it jump started, had a big crowd clapping and cheering - they were loving the fact that a TVR had broke down - as long as it's not too unreliable i'll keep it, it's a 3rd car after all - so i can afford to go periods without it. It's very loud at the moment - will a new one be as loud and are they stainless? Are there any other performance mods i can do? Reckon it's worth putting the spider wheels on? They look awesome but i don't want to slow the car down, the current standard ones are only 16's and the spider's are 18's..............
  9. Cerbie Probs

    to cut a long story short - RAC didn't check the car - our memberships had expired so we just had to push start - getting the AA to the house today - it could well be a dodgy electrical contact - hope so - but i hope this MIL light doesn't beep 24/7, it's annoying - but boy o boy when the car goes, it's amazing - love every minute of it - thinking about trading the morgan in for a Plus 8 now as the 2.0 16V just doesn't have enough grunt!!!!! The car is due a service so i hope the AA can start it and i can get it down to the local TVR dealer - it also needs a new sports backbox - should i get the normal of the sports backbox?
  10. Cheap Tyres!

    GSD3's - it's like you're in the dry when it's wet and awesome in the dry And they look the mutt's nuts
  11. Cost to run a ferarri??

    i have a cerbera - can be unreliable - but when it does work it makes up for it.............. i have friends with porkers who've had probs - one friend's tiptronic on his turbo went after 100 miles from the dealer (brand new) - another left his sitting for a couple of months and then leaked all oil from the sump - and fecked it - but these are probs nothing in comparison to the people that don't have problems - it's just i'd expect the germans to have super reliable cars - i think i'll stick to my british supercar - it's a 3rd car, if that doesn't work, i'll use the morgan, if that doesn't work i'll use my Volvo 850R :-) ps it's funny how both my 2 fun cars both hve knackered starter motors! Weird - my soon to be son-in-law has an RS6, used to have an RS4 - i can't think of a better car - so practical, super-quick and Audi build quality!!!
  12. Cerbie Probs

    Hi all, was driving down the M5 the other day - the M.I.L light started beeping randomly. Started to annoy me, pulled into services, got some food, car wouldn't start - no starter motor activity - had to jump start the car, jump started ok - think the starter motor's dead - seems to be fuel pump noise but no activity from the motor. Car is booked in for a service soon anyway - but is there anything i can do in the mean while? This MIL is engine management? How serious car it be? Cheers
  13. Reliability?

    what's servicing like for a 4.2 Cerbera? AJP engine............
  14. what colour is Hell Red?

    excellent! I await your response............
  15. what colour is Hell Red?

    bought the car 98R - 30k miles - £17k - absolute minter - 4.2 bright red, grey hide with red carpets - picking it up tomorrow night :-) so will i be able to put it on the club stand at GTI International? Cheers