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  1. Anyone looking to sell a C4S?

    Just sold my 986S and am desperately looking for grey or black 996 C4S, black interior, Bose, Xenons, sports exhaust, sat nav, "52" onwards, less than 45,000 miles, budget £29,000. Does anyone know anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. 996 C2 or C4S?

    Thanks guys, that confirms what I was thinking. Andrew, if you could pass on my email address to your mate, it's If he has pictures etc, that would be great. Also, thanks for the advice on the Anniversairy. I have had a silver Boxster and a silver Boxster S so I would prefer black or grey but for the right car, you never know... Cheers guys.
  3. 996 C2 or C4S?

    Ha, I kind of assumed that the fuel consumption difference between a turbo and non-turbo would be pretty big and I don't need that kinda power anyway. I have owned a couple of boxsters and am used to sh*t fuel consumption, what I wanted to know was the resale desirability and characteristics of the two cars from people that have owned either one or both preferably? Thanks
  4. 996 C2 or C4S?

    Hi guys, I am on the cusp of selling my 986S and am looking to spend £25,000 - £28,000 on either a C2 or a C4S (both 996 of course). Having scanned the internet every day for a month, it has become apparent that the C4S is approximately £2,000 - £3,000 more that the C2, for similar year and mileage. From what I can see, my budget affords something like a 03/53 with 45,000 miles approx (C2). On the one hand I admit that the C4S looks a lot beefier and has the better brakes. But on the other hand, I'm not a fan of the extra weight 4WD brings to an engine thats output is the same as a C2. I was just looking for some advice on what people think is the safer bet? I am not interested in a convertible, targa or a C4 and a turbo is not of interest either (mainly due to mostly town driving and fuel consumption). I intend to keep the car for at least 18 months and this being my first 911, I want to make sure that I invest wisely now, as this is all my own money and I don't wanna be stiffed when it comes to resale. Thank you!
  5. 986 S query...

    In case anyone has a similar problem, it turned out to be a wheel bearing.
  6. 986 S query...

    Hi guys, Just bought myself an "03" 986 S and am delighted with it. Well looked after, 1 pervious owner, only 27,000 miles, FPSH etc. I have a slight issue though and am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it for me... When driving, at about 25/26mph, from the drivers side of the car I can hear a high pitched whining/whirring noise. When I go below the aforementioned speed, the noise stops dead!? I have, at about 35 mph turned the engine off and just cruised along and the noise is still there (which obviously leads me to believe it has nothing to do with the engine). I took it to Porsche and lo and behold, the noise wasn't there that day. Anyone got any ideas? Wheels bearings, I dunno? Help?!
  7. 996 Help Please...!?

    Thank you for that. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. :-)
  8. 996 Help Please...!?

    Hi guys, I currently drive a Boxster and turn 25 in January, so am thinking it might be time to take the plunge on a 911, as prices have come down so much! My budget is limited to around £20,000 and for that I can seemingly either get an X/Y 3.4 with 45-60,000 miles or an 51/02 3.6 with circa 60-80,000 miles. I prefer the look of the facelift model but my biggest concerns are the eventual resale price and running costs. Am I better off getting the older less mileage model or the newer higher mileage model? Is there much difference in mpg and performance between the 3.4 and 3.6 engine? I dont really care if it's coupe, targa or cabriolet, my only stipulation is that I'm really not the biggest fan of autos... (for driving and fuel consumption as I do a fiar bit of town driving) Any help would be really really appreciated as I need to make sure I invest my money wisely... Thanks in advance, Phil
  9. Bose - HELP!?

    Yeah, tried fleabay, bugger all on there. :-(
  10. Bose - HELP!?

    I have a 2003 Boxtser with the BOSE system and my amp has either blown, or just stopped working. There is no sound coming out the speakers but the unit works fine. Had a specialist out who seems certain its the amp but due to fibre optics in the system etc the replacement amp must be the same as the current one. I am NOT paying the £500-£700 Porsche quoted me for a new amplifier, so does anyone know of a place where I might be able to pick one up second hand at all? If can get a used amp for the right price, I'll even pay a reward to whoever can help me. Thanks in advance, Phil
  11. Litronic headlights

    Just bought myself my first Porker (as per the previous post) and the only option it didn't have that I wanted was Litronic headlights. Just wanted to ask your opinons guys, on whether it's worth retro fitting to the car and if so, the cost? It's by no means a necessity, I just think they look pretty cool! Thanks in advance, Phil
  12. My first Porsche

    A few pics of the new car. :-)
  13. My first Porsche

    Hi everybody. I bought my first Porsche about 2 hours ago, so just wanted to say hello really. Already loving it... :-)
  14. B6 S4 Saloon for Sale

    I'm with Bell. Anyone know of a cheaper one? They were very good on the S3 to be fair. Only charged me £900 fully comp with 1 years no claims. Can't believe how much more the M3 is on insurance to be honest. I know it's a group 20 but still...!
  15. B6 S4 Saloon for Sale

    Yeah, I'll give you that. Very nice. If I wasn't 23, I'd possibly take you up on it. Was contemplating upgrading to something similar (an M3) but even with 2 years no claims, it would cost me £2,400. :-( It sucks being young sometimes...