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  1. hi you will have to get in to the boot from the back seats and remove the boot trim then release the lock manually make sure that you remove the torx screws holding on the trim they are in the hand holes then pull it off finally remove the latch when open and replace it with a new one
  2. 2002 passat door not opening

    hi you need a new door lock asap try to get the door open by tapping gently on the door skin below the handle whilst operating the locking then get the lock unit replaced or otherwise if it packs up in the locked position you will have real probs getting the door open
  3. hi there i think that the g71 sensor is situated in the turbo pipework after the intercooler and before the egr valve this checks the boost pressure if this is faulty it will tell the ecu not to enegise the n75 valve the car is effectively in limp mode hope this helps
  4. SEAT Leon TDi Mk1 (2003) P.O.W.E.R problem.....HELP

    hi you have a turbo problem the vanes are sticking you could try aproduct called inotec but the best way is to remove turbo and strip it apart and clean the vanes hope this helps
  5. A4 Avant 2003 rear wiper motor

    hi i think the problem with your motor is the switched feed is missing check the loom for broken wires it will allways go to the park area because it will have a live feed with the ignition on hope this helps
  6. Sharan tdi auy

    sorry i didnt get back to you sooner but i have been on holiday the turbo is a garret and the no on it is gt1749v 038253019d i would be wanting about £150 for it as it is in good order
  7. Sharan tdi auy

    hi there are 2 types of turbo fitted to this engine one for the early mod and one for the later models you can tell the difference by looking at the manifold casting where it bolts to the support bracket on the engine block on the early one the bolt hole runs parallel to the block whereas the later one the bolt hole is facing the engine block to be honest you can fit any as long as you have the right support bracket also if you are looking for a turbo i have one for sale in very good condition if your interested let me know
  8. golf gt tdi limp mode problems

    hi i think your problem will be the turbo vanes sticking you can check by seeing if the actuator lever moves freely if it is hard to move then you need to remove the turbo and strip it down to clean it hope this helps
  9. EGR valve vw caddy

    hi if your engine code is BDJ then there are 2 components in the egr circuit 1 is the egr valve part no 038 131 501c 2 is the pressure converter valve patr no 1j0 906 627c hope this helps
  10. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    hi debbie sorry to hear that your cars not fixed sounds to me like the garage where you have taken it hasn`t got a clue you could have had a good secondhand engine fitted for half what you are expected to pay i wouldn`t pay and tell the garage that you will take them to small claims court if they insist on all the money going back to your probs if the compresions are low then its either a bore or pistons problem or cylinder head/valve problem any good mechanic should know this hope you get things sorted let us all know how you get on
  11. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    hi debbie snowdonc could be right and the egr valve could be faulty they could try blanking it off and see if the car preforms better still think that the lack of power could be down to a turbo problem although the garage should see some boost fault logged in the memory are they using vagcom? may be better if you let a vw dealer look at it with their software could also be something silly like a blocked up cat or exhaust box
  12. oil level rising

    cheers thanks for the info i will check it out i had some oil taken out and i have been monitoring the level for a few days now and it seems to be ok at the moment so it may be that last time that i put some in i may have overfilled it will keep you posted
  13. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    hi debbie if i was you i would tell the garage to check out the turbo eg the boost and all the vac lines for leaks or not connected also make sure that the actuator on the turbo is not sticking as the vanes my be stuck and putting the car into limp mode hope this helps
  14. oil level rising

    thanks for your reply the water level is fine and there is no sign of any in the oil also the car runs ok so dont think there is a head gasket problem have been told that it could be injector seals or the tandem pump leaking any views welcome
  15. oil level rising

    hi all i have a prob with my passat sport it is a 2002 103 tdi whats happening is believe it or not the engine oil level is rising it is not water so i am thinking that diesel is getting into the oil from somewhere any advice is welcome the car has full dealer service history