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  1. is it too tricky???

    miles away!shoulda gone under my first thread...
  2. is it too tricky???

    l reg golf gti.still wont start off key,only chugs.no engine managemant light.will bump off.no ideas boffins??i <font color="red"> </font> <font color="pink"> </font> dont!!
  3. HELP!my vw golf gti wont start!!!!!

    had a good look for this crank sensor,problem is,i cant see anything at all behind the oil filter.plse help!!!fudd
  4. HELP!my vw golf gti wont start!!!!!

    great,thanks for that info.much appreciated,ill try have look.
  5. HELP!my vw golf gti wont start!!!!!

    did your car have the same symptons as mine does?the chugging etc?regards,fudd
  6. HELP!my vw golf gti wont start!!!!!

    thanks,do you know where i can find the crank sensor on the car please?
  7. Hi everyone.looking for alittle help, my L reg 150k, 2L 8v golf gti wont start off key but will bump start.when i turn the key,i can hear the fuel pump working, the engine chugs,(like its trying to start with no fuel.)have changed over the throttle potensiometer.but no change,i am not a car boffin, just a normal lad looking to boffins for help and advice. thanks. <font color="black"> </font>