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  1. Hi, I still have the standard divertor valve on my 1.8T. It has been replaced a couple of time and this one is also starting to become a little noisy. 1. How can I test to see if it is leaking? 2. Which is the best replacement and what are the benefits? Thanks very much prt
  2. Thank you for the reply, is this the beast? FMCL007P What are the benefits compared to the standard bosch valve?
  3. idle-ing valve/valve sensor???

    Hi there Quinny, I have got a Mk IV 1.8T and it has exactly the same fault. This happened after it was serviced at a VW garage! If you rev it up when stationary there are no probs. The fault only occurs after I have been moving and then pull up at a junction etc. It is almost like it wants to cut out but then it revs up and down for a few seconds between about 500 rpm and 900 rpm. As I have owned the car for 10 years I know that this is new!! I will be going back to the garage but did you find out what was the problem?? Cheers Peter
  4. Mk IV Golf heated rear window not working

    Hi, Just thought I would give you all an update as the HRW probs. I booked the car in for a service down at Stratford VW and asked about the HRW prob. The tech said that if the rear water squirter was weak or not working water runs down the inside of the C pillar and into the wiring causing a short. I gave the squirter a good push and sure enough it was feeble, in addition water appeared inside the car oozing from the back left headlining. The pipe joins had come apart. Bingo I thought, bang on diagnosis. I stripped out the interior to dry every thing out and inspected the wiring connector blocks. Yes they were wet but a bit of work with my voltmeter suggested that the wiring in this area was OK. Darkness came and so I had to pack up for the day. Time to expose the rear window to do a bit more searching with the voltmenter. The live feed comes to the left side of the window as looking from the back of the car. 12 v on both sides of the window with the HRW switched on. I wondered if the Earth connetion was faulty that runs back from the right side of the window, back through the flexible conduit, left across the underside of the roof and back down the left hand side C pillar. No connection so I rigged up a temporary wire leading to Earth and the HRW started working. There must be a break in the wire and I eventually found it in the flexible conduit linking the hatch back door to the main car. The Earth wire was snapped in two. I have come across this before in a Rover 200 but this is a VW!!!! Shock and horror!! It seemed like a rewire was in order in this area as the other thin wires were also showing the copper conductors. Needless to say that the job is not finished as I had to go and get some wire and connectors and it got dark again but at least I know what to do now. Cheers, Peter
  5. Hi, Just noticed that the heated rear window is not working on my 1998 GTI 1.8T. Checked the fuse and that is OK. Switch appears to illuminate when pressed but is dead when the fuse is taken out. What else could it be? There is no damage to the element wires and nobody has been messing about with the rear window area. Cheers, PeterT
  6. Thanks Mook, I'll have a look for this at the weekend. Cheers, Peter
  7. Hi, I have a Mk IV GTI 1.8T and have owned it from new. I have replaced the divertor valve a couple of times when it starts to whoosh a bit on gear changes. Normally the noise goes away but this time there was no improvement when I renewed the valve. I took the old one to bits and there was a split in the diaphragm so it was faulty. What else causes the slight whooshing noise? Cheers, Peter
  8. Hi Mook, which of the pipes is the inlet pipe? Cheers, Peter
  9. Which Dealer to Service an S3 ?

    I bought my S3 from Stratford and it went for a service there too. They know that I am really fussy about my car and I could honestly say that their service is excellent. I am a bit phobic about car park dents and so they took it into the workshop straight away and even left in inside until I came to collect it!! On the other hand I needed a new tyre after picking up a big nail and so I only took the wheel to Birmingham Audi which is only about a mile away from where I live. They confirmed that they could do a 100% perfect tyre change. The wheel was returned to me with the inner rim scraped down to the metal!! They had no option but to replace my wheel. They supplied a new A3 to a work colleague with a bird poo etched mark on the bonnet due to taking off the protective plastics too early. It is all a bit of a gamble but make it really obvious where ever you go about the quality of service you are expecting and check your car really thoroughly before and after any work. prt
  10. It only took 220 miles

    A few years ago my wife was driving her one day old Rover when a brick fell off a lorry and dented the wing in a big way. Many years ago my father in law bought a brand new MG Metro. He parked it on the drive and on his first night of ownership some scrot broke in ruining the paint work on the side of the car. prt57
  11. 2007 A3 Disc Corrosion Opinions Please

    It is a known issue on more recent A3 models. My dealer (Stratford Audi) has offered to paint mine for free. prt57
  12. What gets your S3 going

    V Power for mine, luckily there is a Shell station just a couple of miles away. prt
  13. Thumbs up for Stratford Audi!

    I think it is 10,000 miles or 12 months. I have not done any where near this amount but am keen to keep the oil nice and clean. prt
  14. Hi, I took my S3 in for a 12 month service at Stratford Audi last Saturday (I don't have it on variable servicing as I don't do the mileage.) I made it obvious when I booked it in that I was looking for top notch service and that my pride and joy needed to be looked after with utmost care. Straight after booking in my car was removed from the car park and placed in a service bay to avoid other car doors opening onto my pristine body work. I had a couple of hours enjoying Stratford and then went back for the pick up. The car was parked in a spare service bay with everything sorted out. It had not been cleaned as I had requested. The staff were friendly and efficient and complimentary about the car. I had been worried about having someone working on the car after several disasters with other car makes. No problems so well done Stratford Audi!! This service was matched by Stratford VW who recently performed a service and cambelt change on my Mk IV GTI 1.8T for £200 less than my local VW garage in Solihull. prt
  15. S3 colours

    I have a red one and it looks really smart. The red, black and silver bits go together very well. More than happy!! I feel the grey ones and black ones look a bit dowdy, especially when a bit dirty. prt
  16. Hi, Just thought that I would let you know why I like not driving my 8P S3 all of the time!! I don't use it for going to work as teach in a secondary school and only last week one of the "little dears" ran a key along the flanks of 3 cars in the car park. Instead I use a Clio 1.2 with the slow 8V engine and so the S3 only comes out to play for evenings and weekends. I have been really busy for the last few weekends and so the S3 has remained locked away. Today I was supposed to be doing the garden and my wife had taken the children out for the day as nobody had wanted to help me!! The sun was shining and I thought forget the garden, there is always tomorrow, time to get out Sid the S3. I always let him warm up thoroughly and have a look at the oil temp before any right foot action. 70 miles later and Sid is back in the garage. A thrash a long quick A and B roads is what the S3 is all about. The Clio is running out of puff at 3000 rpm but the S3 is just getting going. Amazing power all the way up to the red line with that gruff deep exhaust note. I am still very impressed with the way it pulls in 6th gear let alone the lower ones. I never give it full beans in 1st or 2nd, I value the tyres too much but it is still like a rocket in 3rd. I can only imagine what a remap must be like. So there you have it, if you get the chance to drive summat slow for a while do it and then get back in the S3 again. You will remember why you bought it in the first place. Sophisticated, well put together and a very swift motor when you want it to be. Cheers prt57
  17. Why I like not driving my S3!

    The "not" was put there on purpose to make the sentence appear awkward in order to emphasise the negative. Even Science teachers like me need at least a "C" at GCSE English!! prt
  18. Jacking up your S3

    I have used the standard jack to raise the rear end of my S3 when I had a puncture. It was close but did not touch the body work. prt
  19. Faulty passenger window

    If you have the door casing off it should be easy to see the clips mentioned above. Early ones on VW cars were plastic and can snap causing the window to drop into the door. Later ones are made of metal. Scroll through this guide of fixing a VW Bora to see the plastic and matal clips. Cheers prt
  20. Cam belt confusion on Golf GTI 1.8T

    The cam belt is being changed on Friday. More garages have said that it should be done every 4 years. As the car is 9 years old and on the original belt I will be keeping my fingers crossed on my drive to Stratford! Genuine VW dealer beat my local dealer by £200 for cambelt, tensioner, water pump etc and a service. When I asked my local dealer to match the price I was told to get a quote in writing and that they might consider it. I told the service chap that if I were going to the garage I would just be getting the job done. What useless service from the garage that I bought the car from and have looked after it since new. I know where not to go if I need to buy a new VW!! Cheers, prt57
  21. Hi, I have a Golf GTI 1.8T that I bought new in 1998. I can't quite get to the bottom on when the cambelt should be changed. Last year when I booked it in for a service I asked and was told that it was changed on mileage and not age. The car has now done 39,000 miles so quite low mileage. Today I asked the same question and ws told that it should have been changed at 4 years or 80,000 miles, whichever is sooner. I am well aware of the engine wrecking potential when the cam belt snaps but if someone knows one way or the other I would be pleased to hear. Cheers, prt
  22. R32 to a S3 convice me !!!!

    I tried to like the R32 for nearly a year and nearly made a purchase. I had lots of test drives but felt the car was not the step forward that I was looking for. I have a Mk IV 1.8T and the interior seemed much more up market than the R32. The outside seemed a bit boy racer but I could have coped with that.My wife did not like the appearance but what does she know about these things! I saw lots where the seat bolsters were very worn. The sound was excellent from those twin pipes. The S3 came out and I took one out for a 2 hour test drive. I went straight back and placed an order. I have just been out for an S3 blast this evening and I still think flippin' 'eck when I bury the pedal. I think the car is like Jeckel and Hyde. You can tootle along and it is just like an "ordinary" upmarket motor. Put your foot down and it changes into a snarling beast that really leaps forward in all of the gears. Yes I miss the delicious sound of the R32 but the rest makes up for it. prt
  23. Best S3 colour??

    I like my red one!
  24. Oil for my S3

    No oil with mine either! prt
  25. What make of tyres for my 1.8T GTI?

    Thank you for the link. The Bridgestones seem to do a good job so they could be high on the list. On a downside I also have a new S3 with the Conti Sport 2 tyres on. They do not get a good review!!