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  1. I'm back in a BMW!

    Forgive me it's been a long time..... I first joined tyresmoke in 2004 when I bought my second Audi.....then another A4 followed in SLine guise which I sold in 2009 for a new Land Rover Discovery the time big 4x4's were on their knees and the price was stupid. After two trouble free years the same dealer bought it back for the price of a good curry less than I paid for it.. And back in a brand spanking new 320d touring in deep sea blue stacked with options. I played with a Mercedes and another Audi before buying and the BMW is still miles better... MPG has gone from 22 in a Discovery to 50+ in an instant...ever heard of permagrin?!
  2. Route Planners - Sidcup to Staples Corner

    Why on earth would anyone want to go to staples corner? I assume you are being routed via A406....that will be fun in the rush hour!
  3. Whos Awaiting a new car March 1st?

    Have an 09 plate Discovery HSE to pick up on Mach 2nd having sold the Audi 2 weeks ago
  4. Whats It Worth

    Well I've got nearly the same as you but with 20,000 miles and on a 56 plate and that's worth £12500 against a Q5.......If you get more would love to know from where...
  5. Lexus 48 hour test drive !

    Now I didn't say that I particulary liked the looks or that it would sit up straight in the company of BMW, Audi or Land Rover but it seems the depreciation of buying new has been taken care of............and we all know that if we walk in without a trade in they will gladly give away their first born....... Maybe I might buy one and leave the final invoice in the back window.... I know the looks aren't to everyones taste but apart from that what's wrong with them?
  6. Lexus 48 hour test drive !

    Just to sort of get back to subject of the thread, had a very nice salesman from Hatfield Lexus ring and offer me a RX 400h for the weekend, gladly accepted and now looking for nice hotels within 100 miles of St Albans (200 mile limit) He said they were quite busy with test drives but gave me some dates at the back end of January. Now as it happens I'm in the market for a 4x4 so I'll enjoy driving it, and as the Q5 is hideously expensive for a tall A4 I might just be tempted especially as a near £10,000 discount is there for the taking....
  7. groaning steering on a B7

    Didn't even bother changing pipes...........just a whole new rack at £1000 plus I understand
  8. groaning steering on a B7

    It has had been groaning since nearly new on left hand slow turns (reversing off the drive is a good example) went in for it's first service at 17,500 miles and it was changed on warranty without a quibble.......came back in a shocking state alas whilst it drove straight the steering wheel was off's just starting to groan again 1000 miles later.....not impressed
  9. groaning steering on a B7

    I have a 2006 140 Sline Avant and had a whole new rack about a month ago....came back to me with the steering wheel offset and now it has started to groan again.......Last Audi I'll be having at this rate sadly...
  10. If you were in any doubt just how bad it is getting for car manufacturers have look at the link below to the SMMT and download the report. Makes for some very interesting reading, both BMW and Audi down 12% in one month. Mini is down 40% and Landrover 60% and there are some that are a whole lot worse! SMMT - Detailed Article So despite dealers telling you how they are 'bearing up' I reckon some big names will go to the wall in the Christmas period.......
  11. Adding 2 stroke oil to a tank of diesel

    The follow on from the original thread has reached a Range Rover Sport forum, def worth a look RRSPORT.CO.UK • View topic - better response and no is on
  12. Wondering if anyone has thoughts/views on the attached thread, seems adding 2 stroke to diesel has advantages - View topic - 2-stroke oil and diesel
  13. A4 Valuation please

    I was about to buy a new Landrover Freelander HSE auto with Xenons, list £35, price £27,900 My trade in has screwed the cost to change so it aint going to happen... Oh to know where this will all lead...........cos it isn't going to get better for a long while...
  14. A4 Valuation please

    Looks like no new car for me this Christmas then, or for that matter next spring. I'm all for a challenge but the trade values are far too low to even think about buying a new one. No doubt very quickly people like myself will look at trade in values ans decide to keep their present car.....which in turn means dealers will suffer and go under. Tradditional fleet sales must be declining too.....Wonder who will go under first
  15. A4 Valuation please

    Gents, Still after a Glasses or similar value for my car if anyone has a guide handy Thanks