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  1. Almost 3 years old - What would you do?

    Keep it. I faced the same situation. My car is 3 years old too. Lovely condition, as a B6 a much nicer front end Warranty expired - so I started to use a local friendly indie for discs/pads etc. Didn't extend the Audi warranty. I did however buy the Audi/RAC breakdown cover - reduced rate for the year. This rate can be had for an Audi up to 5 years old (RAC told me) I did look at changing, but the cost to change, plus there was nothing that really grabbed me and persuaded me to move from the A4. Just had my car serviced with the stealers, had a B7 courtesy car for the day. Identical interior, with that beardy grille going on . I'll wait for the B8!
  2. Whoops! Is this a write off?

    Sorry to hear about your accident Paul. Glad everything was sorted out. The Forrester is a great Q car. Nice one!
  3. 25,000 pluspoints.......

    Nectar can be good for magazine subscriptions/shopping. Never tried the flights. Bit more reasonable points to amass than Shell
  4. Is there still a stigma attached to owning a Skoda

    For the public at large, it is the name/marque they would go off. Badge snobbery, unfortunately, is rife.
  5. Is there still a stigma attached to owning a Skoda

    I think it's similar to an analogy with Alfa-Romeo. We know they're great driver's cars but would we want to own one? I think it's a similar position with Skoda: great value, good cars now but would I like to tell people at parties that I drive a Skoda?
  6. Rally drivers wipes out spectators and dont stop!

    Where did it happen - Romania?
  7. 25,000 pluspoints.......

    [ QUOTE ] Petrol points though - jeeeesus, doing 35K miles or so a year I should have registered years ago - I'd be retired now in St Tropez. [/ QUOTE ] I very much doubt it - you haven't missed much
  8. 25,000 pluspoints.......

    The V power pluspoints scheme is very poor IMO. I know I have a card and tried saving up points and I do 500 miles a week! I think BP/Nectar is a little better.
  9. 1.8T MPG

    [ QUOTE ] Mine seens to be in the 33-34 range most of the time......lots of 40 and 50mph limits on the school run. Its a 163 1.8T. C [/ QUOTE ] My fuel tank must be leaking...
  10. 1.8T MPG

    Just wondering what other 1.8T owners were getting in the way of fuel economy? I don't seem to better 32mpg, even on long motorway runs. Maybe I need to ease up a bit!
  11. I only went in for a service...

    Yes, I knew that one Just wondered if there was a way to know visually if the pads are on their way out and just what I'm looking for. I presumed that it was better/safer to change pads/discs before the warning light comes on - a bit like oil? Or maybe not...
  12. extended warranty when buying used???

    It's also possible to buy only the breakdown cover from Audi Assist.
  13. UK Insurance groups expand to 50?

    I think you basically double your current insurance group. Although there are some changes where cars have moved up/down ins groupings.
  14. I only went in for a service...

    [ QUOTE ] the discs and pads, are a handy job. how big a lip is there on the out edge of the disc? a good idea is to always get a second opinion [/ QUOTE ] Could you explain how to tell if your discs/pads need replacing! I have been told in the past and I've forgetten. Forgive my incompetence
  15. Advice pls - A4 S Line Petrol or Diesel ...?

    The 1.8T engine isn't the greatest in the world but as has been said above is perferctly competent. It certainly isn't noisy, in fact I would like it to purr a bit more! Whilst the engine has been in use across the VAG range for a while and higher bhp cars are on offer, as a used buy it can be good value. At the end of the day 163/190 bhp ain't bad at all for everyday driving.