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  1. OK, I should have read the sticky post on'swirl removal' above first... thanks Dave for the excellent write-up. I think I have both some Megs Stage One and also Pinnacle cleanser in the garage, so I think the first thing I will try is that followed by a coat of Megs NXT Texh Wax. Any other recommendations still welcome!
  2. I just got my Meteor Gray Audi A5 back from the bodyshop - it was in for a re-spray down both sides after some bar-stewards decided to run keys along both sides one evening - and the paintwork looks awful. It looks like they've taken it through 100 automatic car washes, with noticeable swirls and polishing marks down both sides. I refused delivery twice, but I've now given up and just taken the car back. While the car just still looks rubbish to my eyes, it appears they just can't see the problem and think I am making it up.. So now, I'm resolved to either do it myself, or get a 'proper' professional detailer in. I've had some good results in the past (I used to own a blue VW touareg, which I posted on here years back) with the 3-stage Meguiars product set. Would anyone recommend anything else, or am I just as well nipping down the local Halfords and picking some more of this up? Alternatively, to save me taking a day off work to do the work, can anyone recommed a detailer that covers the Newbury / Swindon area? thanks in advance for all helpful advice
  3. Uh Oh; I've only gone and done it...

    A couple of pics of the machine: Very pleased so far...
  4. Xenon 'Plus'

    Having picked up the car on Saturday, I've answered question 2 for myself. And the answer is yes. a short press of the ESP button turns of ASR, a long press turns off the complete system.
  5. New Car Treatment

    Is a pre-soak really that good? I'm only sceptical because I'd never really seen anyone talking about it till very recently. I take it this "snow foam" stuff is the best (does it not remove the wax already in place)? Read some reviews on that Jetseal stuff and seems worth a go so have ordered some (so thanks for that tip..).
  6. New Car Treatment

    I'm just about to take delivery of a new Audi A5 (Meteor Grey) and am wondering if I should have any paint treatment applied? My current Touareg has had Permagard applied and my previous Boxster had a regular 6-monthly Zymol treatment. As a new dad, I don't have hours every weekend to re-polish and wax the car (although always happy to top off the wax if it's quick), so I'm looking for something with a pretty decent longevity and something that will afford some protection against swirl marks etc. Any advice much appreciated.
  7. Xenon 'Plus'

    Did a little more digging of my own. According to the depths of the website, 'Xenon Plus' is included with the adaptive lights (on the A8, at least): Doesn't mention any special hi-intensity mode, though. Althought AudiWorld mentions the following: "At speeds of 120 km/h or higher, the dynamic headlight range control raises the light cone slightly to illuminate a longer stretch of road ahead for motorway driving."
  8. Xenon 'Plus'

    In a magazine review of the S5 I read, they mentioned two features which I'm interested to learn whether made it to the UK production models: 1 - Xenon 'plus' with some special hi-intensity mode over 70mph? 2 - Two-stage traction control, where you can opt to disable ESP only, or the whole shebang. Anyone know if these actually made it to UK A5s and S5s?
  9. Uh Oh; I've only gone and done it...

    Just shy of £43k list price, according my calculations. Since I'll be putting a private plate on it, the 07 registration doesn't bother (especially since the total mileage is nice and low).
  10. Deposit placed: 3.0 Tdi Sport, Meteor Grey with black Valcona Leather Goodies: SatNav DAB Radio AMI iPod interface TV Heated Seats Adaptive Lights Interior Lighting Pack Parking Plus Auto mirror, lights, wipers Bluetooth phone kit Aluminium Trim 19" Y-design wheels £38k for an ex-demo with 2,900 miles....
  11. How NOT to review the R8

    Considering you can buy a new Carrera S in Portland, OR for less than $95,000 before tax, the price quoted on the Forbes site doesn't sound too unlikely. Bloody yanks and their cheap cars...
  12. A5 S-Line?

    Another question. promotes an A5 S-Line, but can't find any mention of it for UK cars. Does anyone know if Audi will accept a UK order for an S-Line car (I managed to order German-only options on my current Touareg)? thanks
  13. Colour Trouble

    Thanks JC - I think that is indeed Garnet Red. Having had dark coloured cars for the last ten years, I'm no stranger to car washing. But as a new dad, I simply don't have the time to spend hours every weekend like I used to! I agree a plain light silver would be easiest to maintain, but personally I think other colours show up the A5's lines better.
  14. Colour Trouble

    Having trouble choosing a colour for my new A5 Sport and thought you might be able to help. Want a colour that doesn't show up dust and muck five minutes after I just cleaned up (so that's black and meteor grey out). Want a colour with a little character (so that's ice silver gone). So am left thinking either Garnet red or the Sahara silver. Has anyone got any photos (found some sahara silver on the used car search, but no garnet red) or opinions? Oh - and wheels. On the configurator the 18" Sport wheels look a little puny, but what are they like in real life? Are the 19" a 'must'? thanks!
  15. 535d - a good buy?

    Am looking for some advice from 535d owners. I currently have a VW Touareg 3.0 TDi, which I think is a great car, but I get bored easily and fancy a change. Saw a mean looking 535d sport with the M bodykit at the local dealer and am very taken with it. I'm interested to hear what people think of the overall performance and handling - specifically from any owners who are used to more powerful smaller cars (Scoobies, S3s, M3s etc). Is the 535d a credible 'grown up' family alternative to a hot hatch? Also, has anyone treated their 535d to the Superchips (or similar) experience? Performance stats look pretty impressive after the upgrade... Help, I can't decide!