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  1. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Can someone tell me how this works? How come that while feeling tired after a heavy night last light and carrying a niggly foot injury that's giving me major jip, I smash my PB for 10k? Beats me?
  2. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Also walking 25+ Km a week must be having a positive effect on fitness
  3. Peugeot

    The 918 RSR is just a showcase for the Hybrid powertrain. The real Porsche LMP1 racer will look a lot more like the Audi/Toyota but it will be a Hybrid not a diesel. We won't see it before 2014. But one thing is for sure Porsche do not like to be beaten at Le Mans and they wouldn't be coming back if they didn't think they had a chance of winning. Kh3A1ERsvY4 Let's hope they can produce something along the lines of the 917 (just listened to that flat-12 air-cooled lump) resu77vBKm0
  4. Peugeot

    Porsche have this covered - 918 RSR+++ Full Hybrid racer. I bet it sounds good nevertheless.
  5. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Friday weigh-in: 69.6Kg down 1Kg or so. First time under 70Kg, first time under 11st for over twenty years. Last time I was this slim I was at Uni Couple more Kg and I will start to look at building muscle mass - looking forward to that phase
  6. Peugeot

    I'm looking forward to Porsche coming back
  7. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    You're right to take it slow. When I first took up running a couple of years ago, I went too fast/far too soon and ended up with all sorts of niggles (knees, ankles, IT Band etc). I had to go back to shorter distances and build up slowly. Have been fine ever since .
  8. Tesla Roadster

    City Road this morning. 11 plate Tesla Roadster in a dull orange bronze colour. Had TESLA emblazoned down the side to ensure no-one mistook it for an Elise
  9. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow. Weather looks to be set fair. Did a nice 10k this morning. Might go a little further tomorrow.
  10. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    What a lovely day for a run
  11. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    I agree in principle, although it's a process for me. I'm fairly slight in terms of muscle mass. I've tried to put on muscle whilst losing fat before and it hasn't worked for me (I just put on weight) so this time I'm getting rid of fat first I feel great and I'm still heavier than I was in my twenties when I was properly fit. I've also just read that my Body Fat Monitor is known to overread by up 25% which would make sense.
  12. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    I'm only little (5' 9") 70kg is "ideal" weight for my height apparently. Going for 67.5Kg because the lighter I am the faster I can run. I am going to look at adding muscle mass later in the year but for now I'm concentrating on losing fat.
  13. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Friday weigh-in 70.2Kg (Down 0.6 Kg/this week 2.0Kg/total) 19.5% Body Fat Pleased that I've lost a pound or so this week considering I've not been able to do as much exercise as I would have liked. Need to get below 70kg and 11st for next week!
  14. New look Mondeo anyone?

    Looks nice with an Aston badge
  15. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Weighed in yesterday morning 70.6KG - down 1.6KG - have shifted most of the Xmas excess. Also managed to get out for a run a couple of times, despite having cold and the weather being shi!tty. I hate running in the wind