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  1. Clay Kitten Shooting

    Get them Kitties ! Level 5 after 3 go's. Clay Kittens Chas.
  2. Escape.

    Pretty Tricky. Don't post here that often but sometimes come and have a gander at the jokes and lounge room. Thought you chaps might like a go at this. 21 seconds is my best after 5 or 6 go's. Escape Chas
  4. Pirelli Calendar for Ari

    be-jesus ! truely amazing...... as Ralph from the Simpsons once said, "Gross, yet strangely compelling".
  5. Best Hands Phone Free Kit ?

    Thanks for al your inputs. My phone is an old Nokia 3210. I know !, its a dinosaur of a phone but it works just fine and I like it. mattcony, you say you do this for a living and Manchester is your main area ! Well thats simply splendid, sent you a message. Cheers. Chas.
  6. Anyone have any opinions on hands free kits for cars. Seeing as its going to be illegal to even hold your mobile when driving after 1st December I am going to get some sort of hands free kit installed. As far as I can tell there are two types : 1.Cheaper, plugs into cig lighter, doesn't look as good probably. How does the speaker become amplified with these types ? 2.Proper kit installed. Mosre expensive. How much ? The former would be my choice if there were any decent ones. However all the ones I ever see in shops look I'm really into the ones which turn down the radio and have the voice come out of your stereos speakers but these cost more don't they. Anyway, I'm rambling, anyone got any thoughts... ?
  7. Gadget of joy?

    Extreemly sexy peice of kit. Had my eye on one of those for some time now. Heres some more info on it : Sony announced new details of the PSX system. PSX will come in two different versions. PSX Model DESR-5000 will retail for 79800 yen (US$718), which comes with a 160GB hard drive; and PSX Model DESR-7000 will retail for 98000 yen (US$882) will come with a 250GB hard drive. Both versions will have the same functions, except different size hard drive, and colored logos. The PSX is targeted an entertainment terminal, which can connect to broadband network, record DVDs and TV, as well as receiving satellite broadcast through the built-in Satellite TV Tuner. Sony also announced the PSX will come in 3 different colors in future: Blue, Yellow and Red. Here are some of the key features in PSX: * DVD-R, DVD-RW recording. DVD+R and DVD+RW recording will be support through software updates. * Store DVD videos, music and downloaded contents on hard drive. * Built-in video and picture editing software * Able to play games and record videos at the same time * Fully compatible with PS2, include online games such as Final Fantasy XI * New Remote Control which is not compatible with PS2 remote control * 1 USB port, 2 PS2 Memory Card slots, 1 Memory Stick port, 2 controller ports Joy !!
  8. Can anyone point me in the direction of some decent sat nav systems for installation into my a3. been thinking about this for a while now. I was going to chip my car but I've chicken out because its still dead new and warrunty etc. Anyway, I still have the cash so thought I'd spend it on something else for my car and this seemed like a pretty wazzy toy. Needs to look the bollox and not like some cheap effort. Any web sites or specific products anyone could point out to me would be great. Chas.
  9. Pimp Interior

    Serious pimp mobile interior !
  10. The new Golf MK6................

    I quite like it. I like the addition of 1/4 light windows (not sure how you spell that) at the back. Is it longer cause it looks it with those windows ?
  11. Vote Arnie !
  12. Peturbed

    Well guys seems like chipping is indeed the way to go. However my car is still fairly new - '52 reg and I really really don't want to lose the warranty on it, and as such this is the only thing that is now holding me back. I read/hear conflicting arguments about whether or now dealers will be able to tell if the car is chipped or not. Revo state on their site that dealers or insurers cannot detect the chipping (big disclaimer underneath lol). I understand that the chip isn't even touched and that it is just re-flashed or something via some port which all sounds well and good, but if the dealer checked the chip itself then surely they would be able to tell. ie different code on the chip, bios or something. What would you do ? Another 1.5 years seems ages to wait until the warranty runs out. (assuming that it is 3 years, come to think of it I'm not even sure of that)
  13. Peturbed

    Found a place in Manchester that does Revo chips. So I'm gonna get the "2 hour trial" to see what its like. (I thought it used to be a 5 hour trial). Anyhow, what do you lot do when you put your car into an Audi garage for its service ? Do they tend to notice that it has been chipped when they service it ? Could someone shed some light on this sibject as its my main concern with getting the car chipped. (I may or may not tell the missus - depends how brave I'm feeling)
  14. Peturbed

    Yeah, well, I've been thinking about a chip ever since I bought it. I wanted to get used to the car first though and run her in a bit. Two things holding me back getting it chipped and I'm sure you can relate to at least one of these. 1. Money - Will need to save pennies, but that ain't such a hard one 2. (the toughy) Her indoors - Simply does not understand the importance of speed. And certainly will think it a waste of money chipping my car. Do I tell her or don't I ? She has only actually ever driven the car a couple of times since I bough it so I reckon I could get away with it. Heres an example conversation of me and my missus : me : OK, saying money is no object dear, I can't decide if I'd have an S3 an RS6 or one of the new 3.2ltr A3's. I quite fancy the RS6 myself. her : Why do you need a 3.2 ltr engine ? Whats the point of being able to go that quick when the speed limit is 70mph anyway ? What about the environment ? You drive fast enough as it is, you'd only go and kill yourself. (personally I thought I drove quite sedately compared to when she isn't in the car) One quick question I have is with the Revo or AmD remaps, (the "cheaper" ones) you can just reset it when you want right ? for your sevices and such. I'm in Manchester and the closest place I can find which does the Revo remap is in Preston, so I think I'll have to take a trip over there to get them to put the 5 hour test on it o see how it feels.
  15. Even Monsters Cry uhmmm.... I'm frightened....