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  1. second hand forester

    Thanks lads have put a deposit on one ,2002, silver, sunroof , air con , cruise,heated saets, clifford alarm, 41k miles, and as u guys know ,it goes like hell!!!I CANT WAIT.
  2. Hi lads imthinking of getting a second hand 2.0T forester and was wondering if you guy knew of the comman faults and things to look out for??
  3. Help!

    Hi all its a whiile since iv posted and heres my latest problem!! Iv got a mk4 GTI 2000 with 86k miles.its devoloped an anoying rattle on tick over.It gets louder and a lower pitched sound when the revs rise but it dissapears above 2k revs.Timing belt was done at 60k miles but it sounds like the rattle is coming from behind the cover of the timing belt.Could it be a worn tentioner or am i way off?? Any ideas from u experts would be most welcome .Thanks
  4. good deal?

    hmmm another possability ,thanks caddy i will look into it
  5. 1.8T or TDI

    Great info thanks mate i think i will look into an import even with the import duty it will workout around the same money as buying over here.
  6. 1.8T or TDI

    Wow nice info man thanks ,and nice to see another Irish man on here theres not enough of us on here!!I wud luv a Quattro but there are not a lot in the 2001/2002 bracket.No hurry anyway as i need to sell the Golf first!
  7. halo

    Yeah 7/10 would be my rating also.Totaly agree that the hype ruined the game release
  8. 1.8T or TDI

    realy good advise as usual lads thanks v much,I think i will look for a TDI 130ps and get her remaped to around the 160 mark. Any one know how this will compare to a mk4 GTI with 150bhp?AS much fun and handling?
  9. 1.8T or TDI

    Cool Thats what I was kinda thinkingnow next question,whats available engine wise and what power do they put out compared to 1.8t as that what im used to with the golf.?
  10. 1.8T or TDI

    I wish!!
  11. The new toy

    Thats a cracking looking motor mate
  12. 1.8T or TDI

    Hi again just wanted to dip into ure wealth of knolage again if u dont mind. Am 99% certin now that i want an A4, probably 2001 and will probably be up there milage wise around 90 to 100k,so the question is 1.8t petrol or diesel??andif diesel what one??
  13. halo

    and wot were the results six months ago??
  14. good deal?

    Thanks Mook, thats what i thought about audi's fairly bulletproof.With my golf thats been the case anyway. food for thought me thinks!!
  15. halo

    Totaly agree maybe we should start a poll: Who was massivly dissapointed in Halo 3?? I would say the results cud be surprising!what u think??