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  1. Power washers and stone chips

    Recently got to spend a little time with my VW GTI. I've just bought a 10 L/min powerwasher and a RO polisher. I snow foamed, clayed and tried XMT360 for the first time. Couple of things I noticed: - more stone chips than I thought I had. I don't think they were just more noticeable, I think there were more of them, both small pinhead size and small/med size ones. So can a power washer exploit paint damage of existing chips so they enlarge and can they cause new chips where paint has been weakened by stone strikes? All chips / new chips were on the bonnet. - swirls had been sig reduced but were still there. XMT was described as as being able to remove minor swirling with a green pad, as I applied it with a white CCS pad should I try again with a green light cutting pad or change products to a dedicated polish?
  2. Power Washers

    Purchase made - kranzle. 10 ltrs/min Chosen as warranty runs for 3 years, (think brass pump head has 10 year warranty) Exchange rate to australian dollar made it extra attractive. Thanks for all posts, next purchase de-ionizing filter.
  3. Power Washers

    Seems that most people use them or want to use them. I fall into the second group, but every online forum quote seems to praise them then mention that they have 2 in the back shed broken! Is this the general experience of everyone here? What are the recommendations? And whilst I'm here what brand of foam gun is preferred? (Also can't be believe I'm only a ford Ka) Thanks for your thoughts. James
  4. Couple of clay questions

    Coarse, aggressive, fine, superfine - What's the deal. The clay rolls over the surface and picks up the embedded dirt. Will one clay only pick up the big bits of contaminant whilst another removes the fine debris. In which case should I be using a series of clays? And, whilst I question clays, what prevents the dirt within the clay scratching the painted surface. I like to think of the dirt immediately being sucked up into the clay, and being prevented from touching the paintwork again. But is this the case? Long time since last post, kinda liberating to be out again.
  5. Name this noise - vw can't

    Car is 3 years old, production year 2006. Rubber ball in plastic bottle - sounds pretty close to this. Will quiz dealer further, and post any results. Thanks.
  6. Front right of car, 'Jangling', low-medium volume, noticed at low speeds when car drawing up to lights or after speed hump, especially when clutch depressed. Has been around for last 3-4 months without warning lights appearing, or combustion of car!, perhaps getting a little louder if anything.Oh yeah its also really annoying. Local dealer has seen the car 4 times, steering rack replaced under warranty but no change in noise. Last visit went for a ride with technician who seemed pretty sure it was suspension bushes, but when car picked up after 'extensive road tests' this was discounted. They have sent a diss (?) notice to VW australia for further diagnosis. What do you reckon? Advice wanted before they begin to randomly replace engine components.
  7. Miltek vs APR rsc

    Jon - Thanks for the info. Baby Capsule - translates to a stage 1 childs car seat. It suits a new born, rather than a proper car seat that requires your kid to have good head control. (I can feel the slippery slope of modification approaching though, and a I think within 6 months i'll have the full childs car seat). OK, I concede this may not be a real modification. Milteks - No noises from the installation? No problems with its fit? This was the main point raised by the garage that did my cars re-map. They were very pro APR. - Couple of terms you hear used with this mod:'Breaths better', 'Opens up' etc, does this mean smoother power delivery? Or is this purely defined by the design of the engine and not its peripherals. Carbonio CAI would be the direction I would probably head. Seems to have been used by plenty of people, without the discussions that K&N provoke; and it keeps the cars original appearence unlike the EVOMs.
  8. Miltek vs APR rsc

    Recently had the APR remap and love it. It took the car to an agreable 252 HP, (if you believe the blurb). After nearly 2 years of owning the car it had become a little predictable. This def freshened up the drive. I have since modified the car with a baby capsule, but found this makes the car go no faster, in fact apart from the occasional unaccompanied trip its now drives a lot slower. I am definately not looking for more top end grunt but would enjoy a smoother power delivery. Would CAI and new exhaust provide this? I was recomended APR exhausts over a Miltek on the basis of its fit. Has anyone had any knocking, vibrations etc from the Milteks compared to OEM. (Also after reading all the Miltek threads has anyone actually got anything other than a Miltek). And do they sound similar? Cheers
  9. Door LEDs and pinging sound!

    Cheers, you would be suprised how worried I was about both ! Love this site.
  10. Two questions: 1. What are the red LEDs in the door for? They are positioned on the top sill, where a conventional door lock would be. Seem to glow and not glow of their own accord. 2. Rear left brake light occasionally stays on after car is locked, to accompany this an audible chime is heard. All lights are off, and handbrake on etc. The light stays on for at least an hour and the light can go off when the car is again parked after a short drive. Whats happening? So is the car haunted, or am I missing some pages of the owners manual.
  11. Alloy Repairs

    Have searched the various threads for alloy repairs but they dont descibe the actual process. Are the curb marks sanded smooth, and/or painted, or tapped with a magic wand. What can I expect?
  12. Alloy Repairs

  13. Orange Peel after panel work.

  14. Orange Peel after panel work.

    Paint protection was applied 3 weeks previous to the respray, not after. I believe 6 to 8 weeks should be left before re applying the paint protection? If I do return to panel shop, what is the industry standard I should expect. Can the paint ever be as per factory? The paint is a metallic black pearl, vw GTI style. And how easy is it to botch wet sanding? I have no intention of doing it myself, but I dont want to open a can of worms if this will also be prone to problems. And how do I tell if the peel is in the paint or lacquer layer?
  15. Orange Peel after panel work.

    Picked up my car from the panel shop today. Repair work had been completed to the left front and rear 3/4 panels and doors. The damage had been largely superficial, mainly scuffing to the paint and shallow grooving from a 4WD bumper at low speed. I have noticed that a dimpled orange peel pattern on the resprayed panels is present on direct view and reflection. Can this be polished out? Is this in any way due to the paint protection applied the day before? Thanks