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  1. Speaker Size

    had a quick look on the net after i posted that...and accoring to some american site they are 17 front and back and yes you doo need the adaptors from hellfords unless you are going to make your own. what i plan to do is use infinity speakers with own tweets and crossovers. Will let you know how i get on as the car has gone back in cus the speedo isnt working and i get a lose of power around 3000-3500 so looks like a MAF of DV gone, at least i hope thats all it is
  2. Speaker Size

    What up peeps,not been on for a LONG time with cus of new job and lack of time etc... just a quick question anyone know what size speakers a golf mkiv would have front and back Cheers in advance oh and a happy new year to all
  3. BP Ultimate?

    not tried it yet but there is a garage down the road from me that sells it bit fecking pricy though and 81.9 p a liter, dont know if it would be worth trying some at that price
  4. Sanctimonious tw@t!!

    Feck me been away for a weekand Ari has lost it... Although i d agree with pretty much all you say apart from the hyndia pop, my old man has one and he dont hang about and yes he is over 50 but every thing else is spot on mate
  5. Got my car back!!

    Good to hear mate have fun again
  6. Midlands Meet

    i would be up for it, if you can deccide where and when
  7. How long ...

    the dealer i used only needed 24 hours to get it ready which i was very impressed about rang them up the day befor i went in with the money and it was ready, even befor i had paid
  8. VAG Group 1.4 16v 75bhp engine

    Nice find i only have a 1.6, havent had a chance to have a look through but still a good find
  9. Koni shocks and H&R springs

    i belive 35mm becuse thats what i have fitted but only with the standard shocks
  10. TVR + Heavy rain = really really brown pants

    [ QUOTE ] I mean if i can crash an audi s3 quattro on ice i'm pretty fecked. [/ QUOTE ] nuf said
  11. am going to get my suspension finished off and get some shocks sorted, and possibley an S3 strut brace, other then that what other sort of things should i consider. list of stuff i have done so far... <ul type="square"> [*]S3 alloys fitted [*]Springs changed to ebaich [*]New head until fitted [*]Speakers front and rear [*]MaxFlow induction kit fitted havent got a sub sorted out as of yet but that can wate, am quite happy with the standard one. any suggestions would be greatfully recived Cheers
  12. 03 A4

    Spotted today in granthem FX03 1.9tdi in black looke very nice
  13. Reinstall XP / Ghost

    It *SHOULD* just reinstall the image on the pratition you choose, however dont take my word as havent used xp much, but this is how it works on 2000 Cheers
  14. Got me a job so what mod next????

    I know you had got one fitted, where di you get if from and how much did it set you back if you dont mind me asking, what would you do first the shocks or the strut brace? Cheers
  15. Any one heard of this????

    sweet have got an induction kit fitted and you can just about feal the difference (not any more as i have got used to it) revs better puls all the way to the red line and the throttle response is vastly improved. NoS would be interesting, but i know its nevr going to be *fast* cus its only a 1.6, plus not sure how long i will ne keeping it. Only a year or 2 so i have got 4 years NCD built up and get somthing bigger, thanks for the suggestion though cheers
  16. Any one heard of this???? If anyone has heard of this or done it does it work as well as they clame, if noone has done it do you think it would be worth £3.99 to find out Cheers
  17. Got to love that meguiars

    Went out at 7 to wash my car today haveing not gotten home until 6 and have just finished. and have to say it looks even better now then when i picked it up from teh dealers. the gold class liquid wax went on even eaiser this time it has made the colour look even deaper and the shine looks alot better too, cant take any pics cus my bloody sister has nicked my digi cam and by the time i see her again it will be covered in dust, but still am well impressed
  18. Any one heard of this????

    LMAO just had a look at some of hie responses, and all it is is a fecking 3p resistor(sp) and a cable tie must admit good way to con people out of money, dont see how a resistor can be called a "drap strip mod chip" cheers
  19. Any one heard of this????

    the first one has 99% i think and the second is slightly lower, the first one doesnt consist of a chip and is very vage(sp) on how it works unless i missed something, the onyl reason i was looking at it is cus i only have the 1.6 A3 so limited with what i can do and 20+bhp sounded to good to be true. thanks for your input cheers
  20. Any one heard of this????

    Just found another one as well this one is £7.99, offers the same clamed incress in bhp and comes with a piggy back chip that you place inbetween the ecu and on of the fule sensors i think it said should point out these wont work to tractors or turbos cheers
  21. Got to love that meguiars

    Just had a bloke in a dark blue M3 drive past my house and stop too look at my car just as i was going out to it. Asked if it was my car, then said "how the hell did you get it to shine like that? i spend hours every weekend and mine has never looked like that!!!" told him if he took me for a spin in the M3 i would tell him. So he did and i want one, scared the sh$t out of me never been in a car with rear wheel drive and boy could this bloke drive, so ended up giveing him one of the booklets bushy sent me.
  22. for reason i make more sense when i have got a hang over
  23. [ QUOTE ] Why would you want them?? [/ QUOTE ] was thinking the same but each to there own, i am sure some people wouldnt like some of the things i want to do to my own car its all about personal taste Cheers
  24. zymoled today

    very nice dude its lowered now as well, almost mad a heart attack though a chunk had been taken out of them but it was just a lump of cow sh*t got your new car yet
  25. zymoled today

    i used some of this before i changed to meguries and i have to say found teh oppisite though meguries gave a better shine and finish and found it eaiser to apply and take off each to the own i suppose glad to hear your glad with it