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  1. Modded Zorst on R32

    To be be blunt.
  2. R32 spare wheel

    Does the run flat goo work well? Just it would seem to me that when they use it in rallies, the tire turns into a big solid lump... Anyone?
  3. cheers, I'll give it some more thought and maybe make a call this weekend
  4. Well, being none to keen to wait the 5 months odd for a new R32, I searched the web and found an online retailer that will delivery basically immediately. The car is the five door version, with cruise control and leather, and the price I've been quoted is £25,472.50 including tax and delivery. Does this seem like a resonable deal then? Or should I order the last one from the dealer down the road and wait till October ?
  5. I'm trying to brighten up my Golf, and the bumpers are looking a bit faded (they're the standard, non colour matched ones). I'm sure I've seen some cleaning stuff that gets back the nice dark colour that they used to have, but I can't remember where. Does anyone know where I can get something like this?
  6. Hey, I'm hopefully going to be ordering a nice new R32 within the next week, and have already found a dealer with one ordering slot available. From what I've been reading, R32s seem to be as rare as hens' teeth, something which I'd never even considered when looking at the car. Question is, should I high tail it back to the dealer tomorrow to get this car, or are they more readily available that I've been led to belive? Oh, and one more thing. Having read the brochure, one of the listed upgrades is a single-CD head unit. What is the reasoning behind replacing a dash mounted multi changer with this seemingly less capable offering? Thanks for the help. JP