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  1. MID Insurance database link

    Point of note.... It will only tell you that the car is insured, but not if the driver is actually insured to drive the car....
  2. Portchester Meet ....

    Could be up for Sunday (Thats what I voted)
  3. *** STOLEN *** VX220 Race car

    Attn Mods: Perchance a sticky please
  4. *** STOLEN *** VX220 Race car

    Last night from the back of a race truck. Obviously its pretty unique, if anyone hears of anything being offered can they contact me directly? Also stolen were a variety of race parts including a unique to the VX220 4 branch manifold. Any information, please contact John Thorne of Thorney Motorsport on 01908 238 798
  5. VXR8

    Well, as the OP said, why haven't we had much comment... In my opinion, the car has no identity.... it looks too NORMAL... a high-end exec-wagon with a big engine... The Monaro on the other hand had a distinctive profile and looked different from anything on the road....
  6. Brighton Meet 2nd June

    [ QUOTE ] If I didnt know any different I would have assumed that this was a pic taken in a local dogging car park. I mean look at Robin's stance......caught peering through the windscreen of the R32....but looking at what....and what the heck is he doing [/ QUOTE ] He's "jacking" the car up...
  7. Brighton Meet 2nd June

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] And this afternnon ladies and gentleman, Mr Pliers is modelling this season's range of casual yet chic day'll note the carefully positioned polo shirt, those easy fitting (and yes easy off gents ) three quarter combat style trews and the funky two tone trainers. This really is THE look for the man about town who wants to be noticed. It will take you from day to evening in one easy swoop...Available in Sizes S - XXL [/ QUOTE ] The R1BLUR range - The new look, for the new man....
  8. Brighton Meet 2nd June

    Hey guys, Great meet, lovely sunshine, just what was needed to show of the Boss's shiney new detail. Lottie, glad you enjoyed the ride out, it was actually quite a laugh watching you to hang on, keep the skirt down and the hair in order, it seemed like you didn't really know which one of the three was a priority - and guys, yes, she was screaming like a little piggie all the way round. Thanks also to Rich for the ride out in the BMW, apart from me squashed feet.... car was a beaut and handled well, even with the ballast in the back. Looking at the pictures, it seems I missed some befores and afters... but hey, busy life me, had to shoot up to Santa Pod for PVS. Anyways, hope to see you guys around soon, and lottie, I expect to see the s/c on yours.
  9. Brighton Meet 2nd June

    Will be a late arrival guys and gals, probably not in time for is getting a full buffing as I type, dunno when he'll finish, but as soon as its done,I'll drop down, after all, its only 10 mins down the road from me. Warning: Make sure you got yer sunnies on, my detailer is good.
  10. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    [ QUOTE ] Nooooooooo , where Chris ? [/ QUOTE ] Corsa-C, via VXR-O/L
  11. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

  12. S3 - 2001/Y - Wheel info Required

    Good enough mate.... cheers
  13. Can someone tell me what the PCD/Offset is for an S3 2001/Y Someone is selling some alloys and wanted to know if they would fit (not the Monaro) Cheers....
  14. *** STOLEN *** VXR MONARO - 04 SILVER

    Cheers for the Edit Daz....