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  1. Yeah I think it does, but I haven't been out and about in any traffic jams yet to see if it re-routes me! Too much work and no play! Anyone else know?
  2. Hi oxfordlad, I looked into buying the teleatlas disc last year but apparantly it doesn't help the TMC situation. Although the other day the unit tuned itself automatically to the TMC channel. This has happened a couple of times since... has anyone else had this? (see attachment)
  3. GTi Turbo..

    [ QUOTE ] I used to spend my youff in a Nova 1.3SR. All 5 of my mates had them, 1 silver, 1 black, 3 white ones!!! [/ QUOTE ] Been really busy latley so not had time post anything- But the Nova SR thing caught my eye I had a black 1.3 SR 10 years ago when i was 18 and definatly remember looning around bends at ludicrous speeds having loads of fun Back to the subject though- with insurance being such a pain I've always tried to find quicker cars that are cheaper to insure than you would expect. E.g When looking for my last car I found a 150 bhp Mk4 Golf GTi was the same price to insure as a 210 bhp Audi S3! Must be because they both have the 1.8T engine... and both quotes were cheaper than a Golf Mk4 TDi 130
  4. Probs with cooling fan

    Not had many probs really- Just the steering rack creaking, which needed replacing. The cooling fan thing and this rear wiper problem. No problems with rust or bodywork though, hope you get it sorted out. Keep us updated Neil, just reading previous post and realised its not your car thats rusty its new black gti's! A few too many stellas doesn't help my reading hope you get it sorted too!!
  5. Probs with cooling fan

    My rear wiper seems to have a mind of its own too- it mainly comes on by itself when you first start the engine regardless of where the wiper stalk is ... I hadn't thought it could taken in under warranty. Thanks for the idea :
  6. Probs with cooling fan

    I had the same problem, the fan comes on even though the engine is stone cold.( Everyone around you thinks you've been driving at warp 9 its so loud! ) The dealer said the cooling fan had to be changed... Which they did and I haven't had any problems since. Hope this helps
  7. Newbie Sat Nav Question

    Hi jonnyv, welcome to TSN! If you need the latest one -the "C" suffix is 07 Model year i think. Then that Satnav looks like a good price to me. I payed £460 off EBay but didn't get the DVD disc which turned out to be £200 from VW! (Can't make back up disc either) I've used that ebayer before and they were 1st class. So his satnav units should be spot on. About the DVD, TV, Playstation option I thought about it but didn't get very far due to lack of time. This site was as far as i got but seems like a good starting point! Hope this helps
  8. Running GTI on 99/100 RON...

    I don't think alcohol is my golfs friend then... I filled up with the tesco 99 ron once and it seemed a lot less responsive than either BP's 97 ron or Optimax 98 ron fuel
  9. Wheels/Tyres..?

    Putting it that way Ady I recon you're right, I am always worried that they will get marked one day. Roll on october!!
  10. Thanks Red, I probably did take it a bit personally because i'd gave them my hastle free custom for several years. oh well its her 25th in january, then i'll have one less excuse not to have the remap
  11. Wheels/Tyres..?

    I originally wanted a GTi with 17's on as i was worried about how easy the 18's would scratch and Damage. Also I thought the 18's looked a bit 'Bling' For instance about damage I see lots of the Audi 9 spoke alloys badly kurbed and scratched as it seems the tyres are narrower than the wheel itelf meaning if you were to touch a kurb parking or at low speeds the wheel would touch before the tyre- a problem i've not found with the GTi's Wheels as the tyres seem to sit squarer and offer more protection for the rim against scratches and marks. Over all I'm really glad I've got the 18's now as i think they finish the car off perfectly...... And don't look too 'Bling' anymore either
  12. Seems daft don't you think Red? I dont recon £50 is unreasonable for such a big upgrade. Yet She is 24 with 5 years no claims and they wouldn't even quote! I mean you're not gonna let anyone you don't trust to drive on your insurance - Its definatly one of the reasons why i haven't wanted to chip the Golf.
  13. The Insurance on a chipped car wasn't too bad for me... I had my Audi S3 Chipped to 250 bhp from 210bhp (11 - 19% more power) And it was less than £50 extra with direct line. All though they then wouldn't insure my girl friend until she was over 25. No kurbed alloys then!!!
  14. GTI = W*nker Magnet???

    I hear the 318's gain about 10 bhp from a remap too - Move over M3!
  15. So would this tempt us!!!

    Yeah it is 26,995k on audi uk's website... and looking very nice too!