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  1. Retrofit AMI

    Got meself an (nearly new) A5 Nearly perfect spec but missing AMI. Strange really as Bang & Olufson speakers installed as is SatNav. What do I need to fit it? new glovebox interior the AMI unit cable and a bit of some kind chap's time to code it with VAGCOM of course mostly interested in fitting USB HDD to have all music in one place, but I guess the Aux cable and Ipod cable might be options too. And of course what is best way to get it for right price?
  2. Beware your RNS Sat Nav

    Popped into local dealer (Huntingdon) yesterday Brand new TT-S windows smashed, seats covered in cuts, dash knackered. Sat Nav missing. Appararently the police said there's a spate of these being nicked at the moment - we're not talking TomToms, it the built in stuff RNS type, and not being done by pro's with tools but by idiots with hammers and screwdrivers. Not sure how he knew, but apparently it turned up in Poland. Hope the building trade picks up soon to give these B$ds something better to do. Be warned!
  3. How long does a full tank of Diesel last

    As ever, depends on your driving. If it's mostly city driving then 400-450 is your likely range. Longer journeys 500+ miles will be easily achieveable ... if you want to! Typ range of mpgs will be low to mid 30's if lots of slow commuting 40-42 on longer drives. Very smooooth powertrain is the 2.7TDi Multitronic Enjoy
  4. 2.0t quattro s-tronic

    real world low 30's mpg. Pretty good really considering 211bhp+ Quattro + all the other toys as ever depends how you drive it
  5. No S5 coupe on Audi configurator?

    probably updating the configurator - have seen models disappear before like this for couple of weeks at a time. As others say the configurator is not very accurate, it is outsourced by Audi to another company, why on earth they cant just link it to the database used by the factory to spec up the options defies belief. Download the pdf brochure is a better bet, but of course even this gets out of date, so then a visit to the dealer is required, but then you have to find a competent dealer ... oh dear. The only truly authoritative way to know options and combos allowed is to get the dealer to sit on Audi's archaic terminal system and spec it up that way
  6. 2.0 tfsi 2.7 tdi Real World mpg

    +1 Mook's about right there I've got a 3.0TDi and it'll easily do 40mpg, actually getting it much below 35mpg is quite an achivement unless on very short runs. 30 mpg on a 2.0TFSi seems to be what many are getting, but push it hard and you're in the mid 20's. Had a 2.7 Miultitronic as a loaner for a couple of days and it did about 41mpg on quite long runs. I would say get an extended test drive of the Multitronic though (it's no match for an S-Tronic) - cvt variable ratio boxes are not everyone's cup of tea, though they have come on a very long way in the latest 2.7TDi.
  7. New A5 Cab - dealer discount?

    hey FuzzB - you over here too? Guess that answers one question anyways
  8. ... and they do test for for both levelling and washers...
  9. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric

    Rears let go first by any chance Woppum?
  10. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric

    can't argue that one bit - just dont expect them to last brilliant fun for about 5K miles
  11. I'd say that was pretty good for a loaner. I've never managed to get that out of a loan vehicle
  12. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric

    er - last time I looked required pressure is related to tyre design,aspect/size & aspect ratio vs weight only. More likely you need to adjust the suspension geometry to affect understeer/oversteer. If you're playing with tyre pressures for road use then you're more likely compromising wear and safety than than improving handling. (I will add exclusion for track use where small changes can indeed tweak handling but then only after the suspension is setup right)
  13. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric

    cor this is a lively thread been away for a while, enjoying it fwiw I too have had many sets of PS2s and GYs. What I found with the GY GSD3s was that they were incredibly sensitive to pressure. How do I know ... apart from general driving, I too had 2 wtf moments when expected grip seemed to disappear, one of which took me straight out onto a roundabout and required an instantaneous (or get flattened by incoming HGV) change of plan and flooring it. I put 3psi into the tyres that night and they behaved perfect after. My guess is something to do with the construction, which in itself is not a great recommendation. dunno if this relates to anyone elses experience. (biggest issue for me with PS2s is their tendency to drone when part worn, which can be a real pita)
  14. you'll need a gentle right foot and within 10mph of the speed limit to get a true 40mpg, the DIS on these seems to run about 1.5mpg high, possibly bit dependent on your exact wheels/tyres. With a Tip every time you lean on the throttle it'll drop a gear and your economy will fall through the floor. I have found the A5 3.0TDi to be appx 10% more economical than my trusty (06)B7 Avant 3.0Tdi, which itself averaged 37mpg. So yes, it is definitely do-able
  15. Sportback

    sportback's only got 4 seats not 5. depends on the size of family of course ...
  16. Considering my first Audi

    good luck the irish, trouble is UK Pound dropped 30% against Euro so we get the price hike in the new year thanks Gordon the clown
  17. Considering my first Audi

    great news - nearly bought the comfort pack for this - then decided it was stupid waste of money. Happy now
  18. Considering my first Audi

    emissions of S-Tronic probably same as Manual and a bit better than Tip auto. Difference compared to Tip is that STronic when used manually will change gear exactly when you ask so can be driven more like a true manual if you wish for keener drivers, Tip will change gear when it feels like it so is more a conventional auto that will kind of change gear a some point after you ask (with paddles or lever). Technically S-tronic is more efficient as doesnt rely on lossy torque convertor, so economy should be same or even better than manual, Tip in real world will be about 10% less economical. Mirrors - the auto dip function for mirrors when reversing is only avalable with comfort pack I think. Nav - afaik the HDD nav is only included in the technology pack, the nav option on its own is the dvd one. DL the pdf brochure and read options carefully. It is often out of date but the option codes are correct.
  19. Considering my first Audi

    If you're considering the 3.0TDi Coupe - Audi are releasing the S-tronic gearbox this month. Might be worth waiting to be able to spec this as the Tiptronic option will probably cease. (or move quick if you want the tiptronic of course!) Also be careful if you are speccing the satnav as the Nav only option is the older DVD type nav unit, the technology pack gets the newer, and vastly superior HDD Nav. hth
  20. Conti Sport 2

    ...and they crab really badly on the limit, not progressive - look elsewhere, know some have had issues with GY F1s but always been good for me.
  21. bazza in a GTR...

    Gunmetal grey one of those things went past me on the Black Cat roundabout on the A1 in Bedfordshire. He went round so feckin fast I'll swear he moved the bloody roundabout. If I'd tried that in the A5 I would have been parked in the river half a mile away without touching the ground in between. That's one cool way of getting value out of your CO2.
  22. MErc Blue Efficiency vs BMW 535d

    actually I've just spooted the foot operated handbrake in the Merc. That's kak, so 70's. Now we see you're leasing, check out the latest company cars regs - they've changed again - seriously get some advice, then get some costs in. Def try out an A5 sportback if you can, and Mook is right the 535 is way the fastest car here, but is bulky around town and many would say sterile styling inside. Missus went in a friends Jag the other day, she's not into cars in any way (Seat Ibiza 1.2) and totally unprompted she said she thought the jag was horrible compared to my A5 and was glad I didn't get one.
  23. MErc Blue Efficiency vs BMW 535d

    keep us posted. Always interesting to see how folks get to their decision. I'm not a Merc man myself (audi A5) but I reckon they've freshened it up enough to be less of an old man's car. And if there is a dealer over the road ... don't half save some hassle.
  24. german one! wanted to see if coupe spec was ahead of UK there - but no, not even updated for their home market