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  1. The Caterham Build

    What he said. Car right way up and a cup to boot, well played P.
  2. WiFi extension

    I tell 'ee, flawless they be.
  3. WiFi extension

    MrMe in shock Devonian reveal..
  4. The £1k mobile phone

  5. The £1k mobile phone

    Ive been sim only for a while now, got a good deal last year with EE which still suits me fine. I've not had an upgrade on a contract since pre iphone days i think. Bought my S7 Edge used (new) from ebay and it's still great to be honest. The trend (on contracts) seems to now be little or no upfront phone cost but much higher monthlies, £60+ .
  6. Discuss. I remember seeing a bill for a £1000 phone once, sometime back in the mid nineties i think. It was a teeny motorola StarTac. My bosses brothers went halves on it for him for his birthday. I remember getting it lent to me one day, when i was taking his son to the hospital. It fitted nicely in a shirt pocket and weighed next to nothing unlike my Nokia 2110 at the time. Now we have the iPhone X. Hmmmmm.
  7. The new TVR Griffith

    What they said.
  8. I'm trying to work out if there's a wonderful irony to that statement and, if so, whether you even need a new one...
  9. Bizarre Story

    If 'the dancefloor is where she's at', why did she remain seated the whole time? She's managed to take every stereotypical cliche rap phrase and string them incoherently together. Twat.
  10. Cars. France versus Austria

    F50 in Kitz for me. I spazzed so hard when i saw it.
  11. Carwash Spots

    Drop a what? Chamois? Is it the 80s again?
  12. F1 2017

    That was very funny.
  13. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    Thanks for posting that, I thought mine wasnt working properly!
  14. Audi Power vs BMW

    *goes to look for aftermarket exhausts*
  15. Aaaaaaaaaaannnd it's gone. 7 years, 2 months or so and many many grin inducing miles were had and now it's the first time there hasn't been a Type-R on the drive in 12 years, 14 actually if you don't count the minor indiscretion with a certain Frenchie for 9 months. They came to pick it up driving an Integra Type-R which took me back, they both looked awesome sitting there on the drive. Oh well, life moves on and so do cars.