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  1. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I turfed out approx 200 vhs cassettes of films today from a wardrobe. I am massively looking forward to watching some of them, especially ones which i recorded on long play behind something else. Should look, erm... stunning.
  2. F1 2017

  3. New RS5

    Too late. Split the difference and plumped for a 6! I was afeared (proper Devonian there!) of going down an E90 M3 road, M tax on everything and 'teen mpg vs slightly more £ on newer M-lite with warranty, better mpg etc. Its built too, and on its way to carrier.
  4. New RS5

    Im still yet to own a V8.
  5. M135i

    Indeed. . Build status 5055 today.
  6. M135i

    I also took an R out and thought it was for sure the car for me. In the end, VW made the decision by closing the orders just as I was ready to go. Mate of mine suggested the M140i and that was that. The only thing that should have been a dead cert for me was the new Type R, but new Hondas and 'deals' seem non existent, and I wanted an auto box for a change, and heated seats, and ummm, more than 4 cylinders for the first time ever . I had a little moment today, wondering if i'd made the right decision. Looked through hundreds images of all the colours wondering if i should change from red to blue, or grey, or or the end i found a stunning image of a red one and decided I made the right choice. I also watched several YouTubes of them, one with it doing an acceleration and top speed run down the autobahn vs a new Focus RS. The M seems to have the legs, especially at the higher speeds, the ones i'll never reach anyway! 4 weeks (hopefully) to go now. Getting excited.
  7. San Francisco

    Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39, Sea Lions and stuff but mainly the Sea Lions. GG Bridge Alcatraz? Lombard Street. Tram tour.
  8. 2017 Fitness Thread

  9. 2017 Fitness Thread

    And you did that out of choice, for, like... pleasure..?
  10. The Grand Tour

    Ok, so up until now, its been fairly shit, especially last week. However, IMO, the two part Namibia special has redeemed it quite a bit. I've actually watched them, not just had them on in the background whilst fiddling with my phone and enjoyed a few genuine lol moments. . Much better, now keep it up. B+
  11. Mercedes W123

    I ain't gettin' in no Mercedes fool.
  12. BMW M2

    More pics needed.
  13. Tada!!

    Well, ive only gone and done it, after four weeks of procrastination. Merry Christmas to me, collection for end of March hopefully. If red on blue is Superman, what's red on red? Bloodbath? The wait begins.
  14. TSN facebook

    Who you calling a tiny clique?
  15. SPOTY

    Rachel Atherton get a mention? Most people won't have a clue who she is. To say she's utterly dominated womens downhill mountain biking is understatement of the year.