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  1. F1 2017

    That was very funny.
  2. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    Thanks for posting that, I thought mine wasnt working properly!
  3. Audi Power vs BMW

    *goes to look for aftermarket exhausts*
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaannnd it's gone. 7 years, 2 months or so and many many grin inducing miles were had and now it's the first time there hasn't been a Type-R on the drive in 12 years, 14 actually if you don't count the minor indiscretion with a certain Frenchie for 9 months. They came to pick it up driving an Integra Type-R which took me back, they both looked awesome sitting there on the drive. Oh well, life moves on and so do cars.
  5. Replacing the wife's car v1: which 5+2?

    Another vote for an S-Max. We looked at the Grand CMax as well but found it too small also. When in 7seat mode, boot is useless and whoever's in the back two seats has their heads virtually on the back window. I did like the middle fold away seat though, very clever.
  6. Bloodbath....

    So, just over a week in, here's my thoughts. Love it. I took the FD2 out last night, as a time waster came to look at it , gives a good opportunity for a back to back assessment. The Type R has the edge on feel, probably a given, but you really do know everything that's happening underneath you. I know exactly where the car is going and how much grip (lots) i have. On the flip side of that, you feel EVERYTHING, every last little bit of grit, change in surface, so jiggly and bumpy is the ride on the stock suspension. I've not yet gained the confidence in the 1er though the corners, it's just a bit 'numb' in comparison and you can't quite get a handle on what it's doing through that oh so feelsome chunky wheel. Seats are great for standard, didn't spec electric or lumbar which i was worried about but as it's only me driving, I seem to have got it just right and even with my glass back, i've yet to feel any discomfort. Driving position seems great, bolsters squeezing me in, visibility is better than the Civic with the screen closer, less dash out in front and a smaller A pillar. The gadgets and tech are a little distracting but that's coming from pretty much nothing so to suddenly have DAB, nav, bluetooth, streaming music, USB, iDrive and all that stuff is like oooh, look at all this shiny stuff with pretty pictures. The power. Oh the power. Even being all 'running it in' sensible (which the dealer said there is no need to do...) it's incredibly quick, almost shat myself the other day trying Sport+ and the paddles.Still glad I picked the auto box, first weeks commute was a dream in comparison, even like the stop/start. I'll continue to keep it reigned in until I've hit the 1000-1200 mile mark. Brakes seem good, not used them in anger yet like i would late braking in the Civic but I reckon they're more than up to the job. Still very pleased with the Bloodbath spec. Took a couple of pics whilst out and about. Pulling out the entrance to where i was and driving up the road, the exhaust was growling and crackling, sounds so good. Mperformance black grills and AutoID carbon mirror caps were fitted on day two. More mods in 24hrs than the Civic saw in 7 years.
  7. Bloodbath....

    Thanks. And yes, coral interior, hence the Bloodbath moniker. Much better name than calling it 'Lobster spec' imo
  8. Bloodbath....

    Just been out for another 60 miles, it's ummm, a bit quick
  9. Bloodbath....

    Dexter spec
  10. Bloodbath.... here.
  11. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    Sorted. So Flux wanted circa £2k to insure the 1er. Plus, £138 to put the Honda on a temp policy. However, they only wanted £58 to remove my NCB from the Honda and keep policy as is until sold. Insured the 1er with esure for 446 inc business cover, protected NCB and legal cover. Insurance, its a ****ing minefield of pot luck/bullshit.
  12. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    Too right. JDM y0! Imports appreciate the more you drive them/polish them/look at their reflections in shop windows whilst laughing at the compromised suspension design on the UK equivalent.
  13. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    1er is a buyer not a leaser but I'd already decided not to part ex with them, they'd never give anywhere near the 'market' price for my car.
  14. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    So, called Sky on the way home, spoke to a nice young chap who understood the whole deal and said, two minutes whilst I speak to someone else. When he came back he said "Umm, sorry to tell you but you don't actually have a policy with us anymore." Dafuq? "Yes, you moved to our biggest competitor" Shit, yes i did. So, he laughed, I laughed, and then i had to ask him who that was as I couldn't remember who i insured the car with. I tell you what, i'm ****ing useless sometimes. Anyway, it as Adrian Flux, called them, explained situation, got passed around a lot and then promised a call back tomorrow. Hopefully this can be resolved easily. Three days to go....
  15. Help! Shit! Car Insurance, two cars...

    Cheers Ian. Renewal with Sky is not until September. Back in Jan or Feb, they quoted me just over £1000 to change to the 140i. All the other quotes via Confused etc are coming in at mid to high 400s. Couldn't get through to Admiral tonight and Sky had closed as well. Will try and get hold of them tomorrow and see where I stand on the NCB. Hopefully, the FD2 should sell fairly easily, but no guarantees. Posted forums ads last night, already had my first "What's your lowest price for cash mate?" text this morning. Just done an online quote with BMW and that came in at £568.