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  1. 2001 passat tdi flywheel?????

    hello to all havent been on here for a while as i havent owned a vw but im going to look at one on sunday and need a bit of advice its a 2001 passat tdi quite well specced with 150k 12 vw stamps in book and the guy said hes serviced it himself, plus had the cam belt water pump wheel bearing and clutch quite recently (according to the guy i might add) he also mentioned that theres slight vibration when driven hard, after doing a spot of googling im thinking it maybe the flywheel, the guy thinks its an engine mount if it is the flywheel what should i look out for when test driving it? could it be that the engine mount is causing the vibration? and lastly what do you guys think? thanks in advance for any help
  2. thanks benjie i picked it up this afternoon couple of niggly things, temp gauage has a mind of its own but never goes over half way, could do with a couple of shocks on the back, and the dreaded door drop and if im being really really fussy the cup holders are broke lol i think it was a good buy full history mainly vw, mot tax, 1 previous owner goes really well just on the hunt now for these parts
  3. my mates just offered me his golf, 2000 - w-reg 3 door 1.8t. 1 previous owner mot 113k (not sure if theres history with it) done a check its come back hpi clear he said mates rates £2000 but ill try and get a hundred or 2 knocked off he has told me some problems can you tell me if this is normal, doors drop slightly when opening and the airbag light is on
  4. hiya folks not been on here in ages, well since i sold my passat 3 years ago anyway i currently own a 2002 zx6r which a guy wants to swap with his golf gti, its a 2001 y-reg 2.0 3 door in black a few things wrong with it but my zx6r isnt perfect either was dropped at very slow speed but still a fantastic bike ive only just got back and i know i commited a cardinal seen by seeing it in the dark. but i got a busy week ahead it was the only chance i got. anyway the faults he said someone dented his front wing drivers side so it has a replacement, also the passenger one has been changed, the doors make a funny noise and if i remember rightly the drivers door dropped ever so slightly when opened, has 125k on the clock with a bit of history 6 previous owners, the eml was on, the engine pulled great but made a noise as if it was running on 3 cylinders but it wasnt it was firing on all 4 and the clutch seemed to bite near the top...........wow the more i right the more im telling myself to run lol any advice or tips
  5. hiya folks, just a quick question on behalf of a friend he has a 2001 (y-reg) golf tdi (115bhp model) the other week he had the head gasket done by a local garage of his, when he got it back he said the car is juddering badly, he took it back to the mechanic he couldnt find anything wrong, so he took it to VW and they said the head shouldnt have been skimmed so he needs a new one. Are VW right? what else could cause this juddering? any answers greatly appreciated cheers abz
  6. air con problem

    ive been screwed then cuz the guy said if i want a reciept i have to pay VAT so he did it on the cheap and i paid cash = no VAT no reciept.......oh i will never learn
  7. air con problem

    hiya folks im new new here so go easy please. ill start by saying i found this sight very helpful a while back when i had a problem with my 2001 passat (it wouldnt start when hot) a mechanic told me it could be a number of things which he was gonna change, but i looked on here and some people had a similar problem which turned out to be a collant sensor, soi youve saved my hundreds already..... ok so now to my problem, i had the air con regassed, but when i set the climatronic to low it doesnt blow cold air like it should, the air is cooler but only like a car with no air con, any ideas what it could be?? any help will be greatly appreciated cheers