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  1. Enabling Come Home Lights

    Not sure.. my FL uses the fog lights, and can't remember what the PF used. Though they both had auto lights
  2. Enabling Come Home Lights

    Pretty sure they're enabled through the MMI menu rather than VCDS, or at least it's always been listed in my two from 0770 through to 5570.
  3. AUDI A8 3.0 TDI battery power management level

    There is a battery management software update from Audi which can fix some of these funnies.
  4. Pagid used to be good, but the last set I fitted to both my A8 and the wife's XC90 haven't been too great. They work, but aren't so good for spirited driving.
  5. Odd light warnings and condensation in cluster

    Simple answer is... yes. I think the front lights are a bit more fiddly but not 100% sure of the differences between the D3 PF, FL1 and FL2 as it had two facelifts, but the rear lights are definitely the same shape all the way through.
  6. Odd light warnings and condensation in cluster

    I think there's quite a bit of trim to remove to get to the cluster screws.
  7. Odd light warnings and condensation in cluster

    You may find that the cluster has loads of hairline cracks in the lens, that's how the water is creeping in.. Usual cure is to replace
  8. S8 show

    Problem is that it looks just like an A4 or A6 now.. Still a great car to be in though.
  9. Transmission Mount Valve Error???

    You'll get extra vibration, and it'll cause extra wear and tear on driveshafts, etc.
  10. Disabling Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    It's likely to be in the coding for the central module (07).
  11. Buying a used 3.0/4.0/4.2 TDI A8....Need advice

    The D3 has a fairly solid gearbox, so no worries there. I'd avoid the 4.0.. The engine can have a few expensive problems. 4.2 is great (that's what I have), but the 3.0 is no slouch either. Spec can vary hugely between cars, so get decent pics and a copy of the build sticker and put the codes into one of the online checkers.
  12. 2004 A8 MMI software update help!!

    You should be OK in a 2004 car unless someone has retrofitted bluetooth (but I think that needs a newer version anyway). The 5570 version should update from any version of the software. But do you have access to the 'secret' menu to start the update? If not, you need access to VCDS to turn that on too.
  13. Storing my phonebook

    They should sync automatically when the phone connects.. Though it can take a couple of minutes. Make sure the bluetooth permissions are correct on the phone to allow it to see the contacts list.
  14. A8 Engine ECU

    Checksum error sounds more like a bad map to me, though it could be a faulty memory block, but that would probably generate a different error. A trip to Shark to get a decent, tried and tested map on it would be the best route.
  15. A8 Engine ECU

    It's A8parts Though I'd double check with another garage and see what they say on the ECU.