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  1. New member needs help !

    [ QUOTE ] I guess that would be the one that Wak organised wouldnt it? [/ QUOTE ] Yes that is the one
  2. New member needs help !

    Hi I'am in the north west and have just ordered a milltek Mk5 , from amd ,and awaiting delivery i got it on a group buy {until the end of june }, but on another forum IM for details
  3. annoying rattle ...well it is my new baby!!

    try the seat belt clip
  4. My TT does this sometimes also a mate's a6 does it ,other tts have done this i dont think it is a serious problem ,but anoying
  5. momo steering wheel

    woppum sorry m8 just found you e-mail on you profile i will go and take a pic and send it to you probably tomorrow now as the wheel is in the loft cheers david
  6. momo steering wheel

    woppum you have a private message
  7. momo steering wheel

    Hi Harvey sorry not been here for a long time ,i still have the steering wheel ,it's three spoke, black leather rim ,center is black perforated leather with horn in the middle send me you e-mail if you want a pic cheers david
  8. Looking to sell Audi TT to Audi Dealer - help

    try the tt-forum there is a place to sell parts and cars.
  9. momo steering wheel

    momo daytona 3 leather steering wheel & boss adaptor taken off a corrado (none air bag )will fit most vw's £80 +p&p
  10. keyring's

    Cheers guys iam only doing S3 at the moment so no probs i can see where you are coming from ,as me being a newbi you have to see where i'am coming from ,no i will not . cheers david
  11. keyring's

    Can i just point out one or two things it's my fault not explaining ,the keyrings are home made, in my garage i do not do this as a business it's done in my spare time as a hobby thats why i cant realy do more complicated ones
  12. keyring's

    as you say A3 would be difficult to join together but i will look in to it.
  13. keyring's

    The keyrings are made from solid alli and are totaly hand made so as for more complicated one's sorry no at the moment ,only S3 ONES.
  14. keyring's

    ok first post sorted.... i'am the person making the s3 keyrings. any keyring enquiries IM and i will try to get back a.s.a.p
  15. keyring's

    Hi to you all ,this site is all new to me so please accept any i spend most of my time on the TT site there maybe delays on replies. david.