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  1. just curious: VW Passat?

    Remember that the Passat is really an Audi A5.I have had excellent service in North Yorkshire and I didn't buy the car here.
  2. So much for new technology!

    The car went in on 1st April (April Fools Day)and they have changed the alternator and drive belt.It would appear to have done the trick, not a bleep since.While the car was in I asked them to look at the boot(trunk) gas struts as the lid seemed stiff to lift.They said that the struts are OK and the hinges are tightening up.I suggested some lube but was told that they had ordered new hinges.I tried some oil and it did no good whatsoever.At least after a year of ownership it has finally stopped telling me that the alternator is faulty!
  3. So much for new technology!

    Isn't modern technology wonderful.My 2003 Passat TDI PD130 has had intermittent 'Alternator-visit workshop'warnings from new.These warnings sometimes don't occur for days and then on occasion occur every 10 seconds for miles.They changed the battery and the alternator but the warnings persisted.I even thought that the problem was due to my towing electrics,in particular the split charge relay excitation.Guess what,VW technical say that the spurious indications are due to static discharge from the alternator drive belt upsetting the electronics.A kit of parts is on order to rectify.I shall post the outcome.Life used to be real easy when you could mend it with a rock and a pointed stick!
  4. Marvelous MPG

    2003 Passat PD130 has averaged 48.6mpg over 7000miles.Best 61mpg and worst 32mpg with the caravan in tow.
  5. TDI Confusion

    The year that Jastony was interested in, the 4cyl Passat TDI was available in 100,115 and 130bhp form.The V6 was 150bhp. The current V6 is 163bhp and the W8 is 180bhp but is available in 4motion only.I think that's coreect.Any more offers.
  6. TDI Confusion

    I must add to the above.At least not in 2wd config.Sorry
  7. TDI Confusion

    The B5.5 Passat is available in 100,115 and 130bhp 4 cylinder TDI form.The 150bhp version is the V6.VW do not make a 163 or 180bhp Passat.
  8. passat/audi a4 comparision

    Hi, I have an SE TDI 130 Passat and love it.A relative of mine has had A4 and Passat.At the moment he has the A4 and can't wait for his next company car change to get another Passat.A quote from UK motoring press 'The passat shares the front end of an A4 and the back end of an A6 and is arguably better than either!'
  9. I have a 2002 Passat saloon and have bought an OEM boot CD changer on ebay.My car does not have a mounting bracket and my dealer wants £120 for mounting kit and trim panel.A guy on ebay has a bracket for an Audi A4.Does anyone know if the Audi bracket would fit or could be modified to fit the Passat. Thanks, Frank
  10. 150bhp 4 cylinder Passat?

    The whole point of the question was to avoid paying silly money for add ons, and hopefully retain warranty, as I believe has been the case with some Audi dealerships so long as the car is returned there for servicing.
  11. 150bhp 4 cylinder Passat?

    Hi, please excuse this post if the topic has been covered before. As you will all know the Passat is only available with a max BHP of 130 in 4 cylinder config. whereas the Golf goes to a max of 150BHP.What is the difference between the 2 engines.Is it simply a re-mapping job and if so, has anyone enquired about having this done. I also read in Diesel Car that one tuning box manufacturer states that all VW TDIs produce more power and torque than specified. I am certainly impressed with my TDI PD 130.