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  1. 320D starts and stalls

    Hello Ben, thank you for your post and offer of help. I will PM you. We returned the following day and disconnected the EGR to vent exhaust and the vehicle ran without stalling, hence a blocked DPF was diagnosed. I have since contacted DPF Cleaning who are performing their service on Monday 8th August. I am interested in observing this repair.
  2. 320D starts and stalls

    Hi, i would normally be browsing the Audi sections being an Audi tech - however i have a 2008 320d issue. The vehicle starts fine, no issues - will run for around 4 seconds and then die. it will start immediately after and repeat its fault. Generic fault codes P3263 and P14A1 originally recorded the P14A1 returns after the error deleted and restart has occured. P14A1 translates to BMW code 4010 (AFAIK). It relates to 'Exhaust Gas Back Pressure Sensor'. I am unable to positively identify what P3263 relates too. I originally suspected a blocked DPF, as the symptoms reflect that being a possibilty. I will be returning to this vehicle tomorrow to investiagte further, however my diagnostic software (VAGCOM) will only allow me limited functions with the BMW software. Any help, thoughts etc will be greatly appreciated.
  3. VW specialist East London/Essex area

    We are a mobile Audi specialist who would be happy to help you out, we operate from Dartford, Kent. We do cater for VW when required. Contact 0800 357 9077 or Dean 07906 581394 Adam 07834 702354 service@4rings.co.uk 4 Rings Ltd Although we are not in the business of giving away business it is worth mentioning there is a VW specialist based near Bromley, Kent called Autocure run by a guy called Richard. BUT i dont have the number :o/
  4. Breakers and Suppliers in Sidcup

    Looking at the date of your post i guess you have already purchased your gearbox, and my post is now of little use to you! However although i have not dealt with them myself, i know of a few people who have and had no issues. As far as i am aware they are a fairly long standing business.
  5. How about trying APS? Im not positive (apologies if im wrong), but i thought the APS guys were from the original AMD. If so, they may have some original info http://www.autops.co.uk/ 01280 840491
  6. Dean Hill - Audi Tech

    Thanks Dal, keep me posted on the outcome. Golfer - Sorry but no, all my tools/equipment and experience is built around AUDI i dont have the proper software for BMW diagnostics so i feel i would'nt give a service i would be completley happy with. There are PLENTY of BMW specialists around im sure someone on TSN would be able to give a decent recommendation. I appreciate the enquiry though, many thanks - DEAN

    There have been many issues with Multitronic boxes, but i think it is likely to be an ECU fault in this case. You must have the vehicle fault read, this will 'hopefully' narrow down the fault. A common cause of the PRND light flashing is a faulty multifunction switch - this is housed in the ECU
  8. Audi Specialist in the Windsor Berks Area?

    [ QUOTE ] Dean at 4Rings did mine (TT : service, cambelt, ARB etc) and I live around 8 miles from Windsor. Drop him a PM as he frequents these parts [/ QUOTE ] If you still require assistance: Call 07906 581394 e-mail service@4rings.co.uk Dean Hill 4 Rings - Mobile maintenance for Audi cars
  9. Dean Hill - Audi Tech

    Thank you Liaqat - Apologies to anyone who has tried to schedule before crimbo without success, we should be back to normal lead time in January. Will se you then Hopsta!
  10. Big Thanks to 4Rings

    It was good to meet you on Thursday Kite, thank you for your feedback! I still cant believe the rain held off throughout the repair!
  11. No i didnt. Many thanks for the above - ill try it. I am particularly pleased you have responded as i have heard many good things about you from fellow TSNers. atb - Dean
  12. i have fitted a mfsw and DIS stalk to an 05 A4 2.0TFSI a little while ago. All works ok. However, today i coded the steering column control unit for phone operation via MFSW. but it doest work. The phone connects via bluetooth no problem, but the MFSW does not respond to it. The code i have entered is accepted by the ECU, I have coded The ECU for MFSW with radio and phone control. Can anyone help? Please!
  13. 52 plate S3 For Sale

    The price for the S3 is £10,500 Apologies for not posting price in original post.
  14. 52 plate S3 For Sale

    [ QUOTE ] Well I think you should find out the price and post it. The post was your way of helping him, so why should anyone have to contact your mate for the details? By not having a price, 90% of any interested purchasers will just ignore your post. What a waste of time, an advert without a price.......... For a decent 'average' S3 02 I'd benchmark the sell price at about £11.25k with reduction for pitted face, wheel scuffs and any bumps to bodywork. [/ QUOTE ] Hey, i dont mean to make things difficult for people. The seller is a customer i barely know. He did not give me a price to post. If someone is genuinley interested i am sure they will contact the guy. You are right, i am helping him so it may of been a good idea if he had given me a price to post. But that not being the case i cant. I do apologise if there has been missed opportunities due to the lack of information. If i get a price, ill post it.
  15. How Long To Do A Cambelt, Water pump change etc

    [ QUOTE ] Hi, I need to change the cambelt, water pumper, tensioners etc on my 1.8T. How many hours does it take them to do it ? Im trying to see if I book well in advance if I could get it done on a Saturday morning, couple of garages near me do a 9am to 12pm and 9am to 1pm. Unfortantly no local garages and cant take time off work to get it sorted a just started new job. [/ QUOTE ] Where are you based Motormouth? We are a mobile specialist which maybe able to help your situation. We are based in North Kent but cater for the areas around the M25.