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  1. oil top up

    Mine drank it for the first 5000 miles but now uses very little. I've only had to buy 2 bottles in 18000 miles,tho' the car had the oil changed at the 16000 mile service.
  2. VW assist....

    Thanks for the assist-ance(sorry,couldn't resist it!) I've no intention of driving my car in europe,so I'd be paying for something I don't need and the details say VW will take my car to the nearest VW approved bodyshop/VW dealer in the event of an accident. If it breaks down,I want the car at the dealers but not if I crunch it. Someone drove into the back of my MK3 and I had to argue with my insurer because I didn't want the car going to their recommended body shop. I KNOW I've got the right to have it taken where I want if I dunch it,but I've got visions of a guy with a flatbed & instructions from his boss to take it to VW despite my wishes because that's their policy & I agreed to it in the small print. Further thoughts please??
  3. VW assist....

    Petsy,it's just me & the mkv. Does that mean I should renew it?
  4. VW assist....

    Had my import approaching a year(& 18000 miles!) now and was amazed and horrified to get a letter from VW telling me VW assist is about to expire,do I want to fork out for more? I know that as it's an import I get 2 years warranty and just assumed that VW assist would run with it. It appears to be the RAC dressed up as VW anyway,so what's the advice? Any benefits in paying for VW assist or should I just rejoin the AA? As usual,I'm confused...
  5. Oil consumption.....

    Mine seemed to drink it whilst running in,since when it uses very little-13500 miles and I'm about to buy my 2nd litre of top up oil.
  6. First service-confusion!!!!

    Thanks all-It's reading service in 1500 miles!! The dealers say I need the inspection service,is this correct? I'm gonna get quotes from dealers in Leicester(near work)mansfield,newark and nottingham and post the results on here-any further advice? Big ta!
  7. First service-confusion!!!!

    Sorry,but despite poring over the manual for hours,I'm obviously missing something so here goes... My import arrived in November and I have a long daily commute,the car's now done 13500 miles(!!!) I know it's set for set for longlife service 'cos I asked the nearest dealer when buying oil-and I wanted to check VW.had it on ETKA. My questions are: How many miles usually to the first service if the car's on longlife? (The service indicator WILL flash on,won't it?) ££££ how much usually? What's it involve? Mebbe I'm slow but the ''variable'' bit's thrown me!!!
  8. Had my speedo reading 130
  9. Anyone for a leather manual holder?(again)

    [ QUOTE ] by any chance did you get the iPod supplement included that you don't need? [/ QUOTE ] Nah,sorry Petsy
  10. I've gone from waiting an eternity for a manual to now being the proud owner of 3! VW uk sent 1 of them,Simpledeal(importer) the other & the car came with a Dutch version. They're all in a leather binder & as I'm keeping 1 in the car,1 in the house,I'm willing to swap the binder from the Dutch version. I'm not 100% sure what the other binders are made of(RUBBER?)but if anyone wants to trade,I'll be glad to. First come first served etc. Anyone interested? please!
  11. merry christmas to all gti owners

    Cheers Petsy! All the best to all an'all!!
  12. GTi book listed MPG figures are a disgrace!

    [ QUOTE ] 3400 miles in now and the overall average says 30.8mpg... Quite good in my opinion. [/ QUOTE ] My 3 door manual car's now done 3400 miles. I really can't tell you the average mpg etc,as I don't have an owner's book & I'm not messing with things until I get 1 but I can tell it simply: Costs £52.00 to fill. I commute 64 miles each working day,a mixture of B roads,often traffic jams-and a very nice piece of speed cameraless dual carriageway. I don't drive like a loon but 'Con Brio',when I can. The car lives in 6th gear,I often miss out 5th. I merely watch the predicted distance before the tank's empty & drive accordingly. I'll admit that I drive quicker at weekends. Haven't been bothered to work it out myself but 415 miles per £52.00,so far. Is that good? I'm having fun anyway!!!
  13. Newbie questions please

    Sorry!! Got my import 3400 miles ago(loosening up most nicely in time for winter) I phoned VW customer services & checked re the car being registered for warranty. They asked me to fax the logbook & sorted it. I was amazed at how helpful they were,given they hadn't supplied the car. VW assist card arrived 6 days later-now wondering if I should renew my AA membership-along with some letters assuring me that an army of minions would spring into action if the car doesn't. Went to the dealers for top up oil & as the car couldn't be seen from the parts counter,he asked what it was for. Marvellous feeling telling him it's a brand new mkv gti-I gave him the registration number & the computer(etka?) told him it was set on the longlife service. I was delighted that: 1/The car showed up as promised. 2/It was set to long life service. Pesonally I haven't touched anything on the mfd,as I don't have a manual & I'm not gonna mess with it until I get one! My questions were way daft-Welcome!!
  14. Newbie questions please

    You got a manual?? In ENGLISH??? Buy a lottery ticket as well,your luck's definitely in!!!
  15. Another '' I don't have a manual'' question...

    Ta!! I assume it's push once,switch springs back,mirrors then heat until they reach a certain temperature?