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  1. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Now SOLD. Car is off to Edinburgh. Will give her a kiss goodbye tonight as i wont see her go tomorrow
  2. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Sold subject to receipt of money
  3. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Officlal dimensions: Salon/Avant Length (mm): 4575/4575 Width (mm): 1937/1937 Height (mm): 1415/1415 (inc. Roof Bars = 1440). Mine also has the folding mirrors
  4. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Matt, im so sorry - havent checked my PM's and had my old work email address in my profile. Had someone on the phone tonight from Edinburgh saying he wants to buy and will contact me tomorrow to confirm everything. Asked my to hold the car for him until he contacts me tomorrow. If it falls through will let you know
  5. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Looks like i coul dbe in for a good time then
  6. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Both true - although the mods are only what most people like to do to these cars anyway. Actuially made my insurance cheaper as well with the mods. options wise it basically has everything that was available - cost new £44,000 The market is just flat at the moment. Missus is going to have a lot to answer for, originally was part exing her Focus ST against the RS4, but she pursuaded me not to keep the ST and sell the S4.
  7. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Price reduced to: £8,695 Almost giving it away now. Mods alown are over £4,000
  8. S4 Xenons

    Its the fogs that come on for the welcome home funtion. Xenons would rain to much power from the battery
  9. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    The neigbours are asking if i have started a collection with them both sitting next to each other
  10. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    In hind sight i should have - but i wasnt ready to sell then, still wish i could keep her, but the reality of it is i cant run 3 cars with only two people that drive.
  11. FS - 2003 Noggy Blue S4 Avant

    Indeed - really would prefer to keep her, but cant justify having 3 cars - two of them 4.2 V8's So very sadly i have to sell my beloved S4 there will be a tear in my eye when she drives off, would so much like a forum member to take onwership so i can keep in touch of her future
  12. Selling my beloved S4: Audi : AUDI S4 AVANT 4.2 -- NOGARO BLUE
  13. Don't buy this 135i

    Just do a my car check for £2.99 - this will show if stolen / recovered and the date. Just found all this out myself when looking at an RS4 which Audi dealer was selling - it was HPI clear but my car check flagged it as stolen / recovered. Best £2.99 i have ever spent
  14. Looking at RS4 tomorrow - anyone know it

    Indeed the search is now on - im quite a fussy person though just wish i could specc a new one now and buy it.
  15. Looking at RS4 tomorrow - anyone know it

    Went to see the car this morning with wife and two boys in toe took the car for a drive (as did the wife) it drove very well. Car was in very good condition inside and out, previous owner must have had it detailed at some stage as very few swirl marks (or he took great care in Cleaning it). Side Bolsteres all worked out, Exhuast Flaps worked ok. DRC seemed ok for me looking. Looked like new Discs on front. Wheels had been referbed, not didnt look a great job as looked like they had sprayed over the old areas where the weights were - in my experience over sprayed referbs on wheels = lacker peeling in around 18 months. Now the bad points. Audi advert says. Bluetooth phone prep - nope doesnt have it. Audi advert says front center arm rest - nope doesnt have this either Audi advert says carbon fibre trim - nope it has aluminium. So what else doent it have that they are saying it does ??????? FFS it not that hard to correctly list a vehicle for sale. Have asked for a true list of what the car does and doesnt have, and what work has been done to it. On the RS4 does it have a switch on the lights if it has Auto lights ? - on my B6 S4 on the dial light switch it has "A" for auto - does the RS4 have this as well ? Oh and they were not keen to move on the price, he tired the old look there are only 11 RS4's for sale (showing me the Audi network) to which i mentioned how many there were on the likes of Pistonheads and Autotrader. he then dismissed Warranty Direct as useless. (in fact there are 34 on the Audi Network - looking when i got home) Also mentioned the fact its stolen / recovered is going to effect the value of the car, to which he replied "you think so" all surprised, then said that they would not devalue the car if i p/x it with them in a few years, asked for that in writting to which he replied i dont think we can do that (go figure). All he kept saying was if you put down a £500 deposit we can make sure it doesnt get sold to anyone else - somehow i think this is going to be passed on somewhere else fairly soon. I have a feeling its a fairly basic specced car, stolen / recovered with a way to high price tag. All in all a fairly painful experience - had a nice drive though Oh and incase you need to know the reg plate is: LX07 VUT @Busby - i know what your saying, had seen the Norwich Audi one - sadly its a saloon and wife wants the Avant - plus it has that fugly GSM phone holder on the dash. I guess my search for my RS4 will start in ernest (has to be Sprint Blue or Black, Avant, low Milage prefer 2007, plus a few other bits and pecies) - if i dont find one in a month or two it will be a B8 S4