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  1. exhaust mod = excessive heat + petrol fumes ???

    ok, thanks. ... but what about the 'excessive heat' issue? no one experienced that?
  2. Every time I do the exhaust mod (for example when I'm bored on a Sunday afternoon) I find that the cabin, as well as the underneath of the car generally, becomes excessively hot. Also, it causes petrol fumes inside the cabin. This goes away when I put the exhaust back to standard. My tinkering on-and-off with this is me trying to decide whether to go with an APR/BillyBoat exhaust. Now I'm worried about the above. 1. Can anyone share their thoughts or experience with this? 2. Those people with aftermarket exhausts, where you've obviously got the vacuum tube disconnected and plugged - have you experienced this?
  3. Bilstein coilover

    ha ha! I've done it! the beast is booked in for installation Bilstein coilover (HE5-8041) next week - can't wait! was going to opt for Eibach Springs + Bilstein B8-Sprint shocks but in the end decided to go for the height-adjustable because it can actually be set as high as stock if desired, whereas with the Eibach/Bilstein combo you're locked into -30mm, which I fear is too low for my damned driveway. I shall post my review following next Wednesday's surgery!
  4. have Simmons Alta 18x8 made for S3 ... they won't fit the R32 that I have now so just want to get rid of them from my garage ... who wants them? make me a ridiculous offer and I'll accept it. (Dear Moderator: I know this should be in classifieds but when I click on "new ad" it doesn't work; won't let me post a new ad - what's wrong?)
  5. New tyres anyone?

    Continental Conti-Sport-Contact2. The only tyre worth owning.
  6. Anyone got 19's......

    GammaRay27, thank you, I couldn't agree more. people like busby007 should be more careful in future so as to not inadvertently offend others because of lack of clarity. c'mon busby007, I'm willing to forgive you, let's kiss and make up hey? there's a good boy
  7. Anyone got 19's......

    hey busby007 (and Simon690 who this has nothing to do with so fecking mind your own business) 1. oh you're such an eloquent englishman, gees I wish I was you man. maybe if you didn't post things in public with an "I'm with stupid" sign pointing at people (when you actually didn't mean that at all) then maybe they wouldn't be offended by your inability to be clear about what you're saying. go study communications man because you really fecking need to. 2. I don't need to calm down, I'm quite calm ... it's you who has a fecking problem. why don't you be accurate with what you're trying to say, instead of ambiguous and unclear. 3. and as for "obnoxious turd burgling aussie" gee, you know, that's charming ... and you call ME obnoxious? go feck yourself you obnoxious twat. 4. in any case I think you're just mightily embarrassed that you didn't know the difference between bolt patterns. get your facts right you moron before making such obnoxious comments towards ANYBODY on here.
  8. Anyone got 19's......

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] They will not fit! RS4 bolt pattern is 5x112, whereas A3, TT, Golf etc bolt pattern is 5x100. [ QUOTE ] Doh! [/ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] hey busby007, you feckwit, what the feck is your problem? can you explain to me why I'm so fecking wrong? - you explain to me what's so wrong/stupit about what I said? is it that you're talking about RS4-replicas that are 5x100 (which you don't say, so how the feck would I know), or is it that you own an RS4 and want 19s, or is it just that you're a complete fecking moron and don't understand that the Audi A4/S4/RS4 range run 5x112 bolt pattern which will obviously not fit a 5x100 Golf you fecking moron go fecking pay out someone who's actually wrong you stupid git. you're the one who's fecking stupid. I wrote a post to help you, in response to your question. go feck yourself.
  9. Anyone got 19's......

    [ QUOTE ] ... Found a pretty good deal ... for a set of new RS4 19's with tyres ... [/ QUOTE ] They will not fit! RS4 bolt pattern is 5x112, whereas A3, TT, Golf etc bolt pattern is 5x100.
  10. is this an s3?

    I reckon it looks f.cking hot ... love those gunmetal coloured rims with the black I suspect it's a highly-modded A3T, rather than S3. R E S P E C T
  11. 2005 R36

    An article on the new Golf V, in the Jan 2004 edition of Australia's MOTOR mag, says at the end, "VW Australia hopes to add [to its range]in 2005 ... the AWD R36, it's uprated 3.6-litre V6 reportedly good for 205kW." And that doesn't sound like speculation to me, that's a quote from VW Aust - something it would never occur to them to say unless such a vehicle/an engine does/will exist at the time. Thought you lot might find this interesting seeing it's constantly being debated on here. It would be nice if we could actually take delivery of, and have a chance to enjoy, the R32 before we start hearing about what's going to replace it. You boys have had them for months ... we're still waiting.
  12. Any Australian R32 Expectant Owners In Here?

    Haha ... g'day Aussie Golf R32 boyz Yes, I've been (im)patiently waiting since fcuking May for mine. Hopefully pick it up from Southern Classic (Wollongong) in Feb. ash333, hey we should meet up. Where do you live? What r u driving now? where did you order yours from? I went to the motorshow primarily to see "my" car, to see what my $5000 order has bought me ... and they wouldn't let me sit in it! So I kicked up a big stink and finally the chick made some phone call to a guy in VW Racing that owns it. Then she let me sit in it for a few minutes! Observations? The seats are great. Have sat in Koenig seats before, but wanted to make sure I'm not losing out going from the Recaros in the S3; they're firm, supportive, bit more hard-core, which is great ... anything but soft. Also, noticed the steering wheel is fcuk-off. Even thicker than S3 wheel, more like M3/M-Sport wheel, but firmer. I just can't wait to have a car that's loud and agressive and really potent at low revs instead of never-quite-loud-enough, no low-down torque and with terrible turbo lag, which I think the S3 is. I've been down the path of modding S3s, you just get the same but more, because you never resolve what I think is the fundamental flaw with the S3 - it's underpowered for its weight and so it bogs down; unless you're reving it hard all the time it bogs down under its own weight; so more chip boost + exhaust isn't going to help. I can't wait to feel the difference 6-cyl is going to make in what is essentially the same chassis (well, actually, I've got this idea in my head that the R32 is more like a TT than an S3; in fact what I really believe is that the R32 is actually a less-expensive, VW version of the forthcoming TT 3.2). There's part of me that really wants an HSV Clubsport R8 and part of me that likes the AWD, refined, german quality ... so I reckon the R32 is sort of a cross between the two: potent agressive noisy NA grunt but AWD and german. but the proof's in the pudding ... can't wait to drive the thing for the first time
  13. R32 MkV

    [ QUOTE ] Personally I currently don't like the shape of the MKV......I just can't see any similarity to the Golf in it at all. Whether or not it will grow on me with time I don't know, or maybe after seeing the car in the flesh it'll look better. I don't like the look of the MKV GTI at all. [/ QUOTE ] Thank you. I'm glad somebody has finally said that. I TOTALLY agree. I think it's really ugly and I hate the way the back looks like the Peugeot 307. And, while we're at it, I'm here to say that I don't like the new A3 either. The front absolutely deinitely looks like a Hyundai Elantra with Audi rings on the grill. I'm sorry, but I ain't never gonna buy an Audi that looks like a Hyundai ... what were they thinking? So (yes I have a point) I'm rather glad my forthcoming R32 is the old shape and, my god, it certainly will be ancient by the time us Aussies get our first shipment in Feb. My mechanic mate reckons it looks cool because it's already "old school", i.e. it's less likely to date (from an owner's perspective) because it's effectively old before you've even taken delivery, so it's not as though it was cutting edge and then you just watch it decline with age...
  14. Remus

    yeah, I've got a Remus on my S3 (because I was very happy with the results putting Remus on A4 1.8T - both sound and go); honestly? on the S3, apart from nice chunky classy tips, it didn't really make any difference at all - sound or go - *until* I removed the middle silensor (just got muffler shop to chop out and weld pipe instead), now it's got a meatier, more raw sound and you also get that free-flowing sort of chipped rush. but bear in mind that all this reduces back pressure so increases turbo lag (causes the motor to "scavenge", so my mechanic mate tells me), so I don't know whether I like it or not ... but don't care 'cos getting R32 in Feb. and, from what I've been hearing, that should satisfy my hunger for a beefier exhaust note ...
  15. R32 Reviews (Another Newbie)

    gees, that review (the CarKeys one) is the worst R32 revuew I have ever read ... feel sick now and am thinking about cancelling my order! I have this comment, however: if the 3.2V6 is too heavy, then why is Audi putting it in the new TT flagship, the TT3.2? And, apart from the exhaust resonance which every review and poster mentions, why have none of the other negatives been mentioned in any other review? I've read about 5 or 6 reviews that say it's a fabulous car, better than S3.