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  1. Bison why u selling...

    A Typhon then bison.... or even you lagoo
  2. Bison why u selling...

    £33,990 here
  3. Bison why u selling...

    Why are you selling ur T350..... i see it for sale on pistonheads
  4. I bought me a t350

    hello do i class as a Tiv owner my dad has one!! or can i talk bout them too! i love T350C's and 'T' specially with the carbon roof panals hello all sry i aint posted in ages was busy with stuff!
  5. T350T

    lagoo so have ya seen the T yet do you like the looks or not? hi all bison i saw u on pistonheads posting ur new t350 nice colour
  6. Cerbera speedo

    Could someone if they hav a cerbera plz take pics of you cerbera speedo face on and not at an angle and so i can see it all not the steering wheel and it behind the wheel that will be great thanks...
  7. 10 sec cars?

    I saw on a ultmia site i cant remember it ill try and find it. ne way... It was a Ultima GTR with a 7.1ltr chevvy V8 in it and it done 1/4mile in 8.99s @ 127mph i think it was.... there a 10sec car from me....
  8. I'm sad...................

    lol how long did that take you to think of that??
  9. me nither i live in gosport thats sorta near
  10. I'm sad...................

    why the hell did u park it in there loli see you miss it then...
  11. I'm sad...................

    [ QUOTE ] Nope i am going to remain TVR 'less' until spring next year!! I am pretty much decided that i will order a T350targa but i want to see one in the flesh first and the first isnt due until september! So plan to collect mine in March/April 2004 so would be a December/january order!! [/ QUOTE ] Ok the targa would look nice would you get the 400hp upgrade for that boost? t350t There is a link to fotango where someone has pics of a targa body sheel being made
  12. Yes i am going with ym dad and grandad i am going for the revival with my dad and grandad cos my grandads old race car that he raced lots of lotus and mg's and he would like to see them going round the track to remind him of his old days when he used to race damon hill's dad (forgot his name ??Graham hill??) and all them hes got lots of silver cups amnd stuff
  13. I'm sad...................

    lol and why did u swap a TT for a caviler?
  14. I'm sad...................

    Have you actually sold it now?? Get another TVR go look at ur local dealer cmon you now you want to you cant go for a drive in a r32 or scooby get a nother TVR maybe a tamora? or a cerbera or even if you want a grif or chim
  15. Lagoo's Tuscan RR

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I'll give ya £15k [/ QUOTE ] That will be what your R32 will be worth by the time you get it [/ QUOTE ] R32 are crap they should be worth that anyway there are s**t