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  1. Xbox Live Gold

    Absolutely agree with you. Its mental. And yet I don't want my credit card details attached to my account so can't renew online.
  2. Bahrain GP Banter

    Pretty much as expected. The lack of refuelling is a ridiculous decision that has made it harder to pass by removing the extra factors of fuel weight and pit strategy. Only reason Alonso and Massa passed Vettel was because of a mechanical failure. I give it a year before its canned. Same as I gave KERS incidentally. New teams were unsurprisingly bad. Schumacher did all right.
  3. What started your passion for cars?

    I was a late starter. The first moment that I can remember thinking 'cars are cool' would be the F355 at the start of Goldeneye (Famke Jannsen may have been partly responsible). That was followed by a pair of Fast Ford magazines with their obsessive focus on the Cosworths. Then at some point a friend with a Playstation showed me a game I hadn't heard of, Gran Turismo. As for motorbikes, I used to build model tanks as a kid (Nerdy? Me?) and a Tamiya catalogue had a full page picture of their Yamaha R1 kit, the original 1998 model, in blue, with the YZF graphic. It was like a light being switched on. Bikes were undisputably cool from there on.
  4. Looks lovely. But then it would wouldn't it? Tell Pininfarina to whip up a 'sexy Italian convertible'? They could probably have the janitor handle the design and it would look great.
  5. Aston Cygnet - Upto £50K

    That really is shockingly bad. In the future, that will be shown to marketing students as a prime example of how to devalue a brand. Suddenly, Ferrari branded toilet seats don't seem so bad.
  6. Geneva 2010: Abarth 500C

    The bodykit is chavvy for such a cute car. But the two-tone paint looks nice. I wonder if there are more colour options?
  7. Xbox Live Gamertags

    I'm not connected up at the moment. Not forking out for a wireless adaptor. Wireless is no good for gaming on. Besides which I haven't got Modern Warfare 2.
  8. Third generation Focus!

    Shape is fine. Grille and lights are nasty. What the hell is the point of those big triangle cutouts if they are non-functional?
  9. SKY via XBOX 360

    Hi Mollox. I've use the Sky Player a little bit. Its alright, haven't had any technical issues that others have mentioned, crashing etc. If you don't have Sky on your TV though its a bit useless. In order to get it running you need valid account details. Once set up, you can watch stuff free that you have selected in your sky package, movies for example. I see it as more like a means of extending the value of our current Sky subscription without having to splash out any more on multiroom. To be honest you aren't missing much. I quite like being able to watch the news while still having my alerts pop up to tell me someone wants to play a game, or sent me a message. I used it to watch Juno on the weekend. But Ross Kemp in Afghanistan (most of which I missed when it was on) costs Microsoft points. No chance.
  10. Rrod

    Hi Sponge. Depending on what type of hardware failure you have you may get free repair or have to pay. I had the E74 error with mine and it cost me about 80 quid as it was out of warranty. They'll run through that with you on the phone. My experience of Xbox support was excellent, and the guy I spoke to knew exactly what he was talking about, despite a slightly Indian accent. Then you strip the machine of its accessories, especially the hard drive, box it up and give it to the courier they send. One thing to mention is that you won't actually be getting your machine back. To make for a faster turnaround they will send you back a unit of the same spec that has already been repaired, while yours will be fixed and shelved for the next person whose box goes bang. This causes an issue with any arcade games or DLC you have downloaded. The user licenses for those things will have to be transferred over to the box you get back, which will have a different serial number. There will be an insert in with it telling you what to do. Once you get a box back, just attach your 120gb hard drive, connect everything up and go through the process to switch your licenses over. If you were to buy a new box with the 250gb drive then you have to have the special accessory to transfer your saves from one to the other. It came free with the 120gb standalone, and I think it is available from Microsoft on its own. Its called the HD transfer cable. To be honest you'd only need it if you have seriously important saves to move over. Any games or DLC you have paid for can simply be re-downloaded with the profile originally used to purchase them.
  11. What's your favourite car related movie?

    I'm with Rachel. Rendezvous is the perfect car film. Just the drive and nothing else. No fluff or filler. That said, if Gone in 60 Seconds is on, I WILL watch the remainder just for those 15 minutes with Eleanor. And incidentally, the original H.B. Halicki version is just as crap as the Nic Cage one, but has about 40 mins chase with a canary yellow Mach 1 Eleanor.
  12. Ferrari 458 Italia (pr0n)

    Agreed. Its a lovely shape. Nice curves, makes the Gallardo look like a doorstop. But the details are atrocious, as has been the case on all Ferraris since the F360.
  13. COD4 (xbox) tonight?

    Inspired me to have a dabble online again mate. Played a few last night and hells bells if I didn't have the best game of my life! Racked up a 19 kill streak on Bog. I don't know how. Usually can't string two or three together without dying. Anyway, its Gears 2 all weekend for me. Its double exp and I need to make the most of it if I'm going to hit 50.
  14. Essential Xbox 360 games?

    Lots of good suggestions so far, and those older games you should be able to pick up second hand easily. Alot depends on what you are into though. Assassins Creed for example is Marmite. I personally loved it, thought it was beautiful and unique. Others will bitch all day that it was the most boring and repetitive thing ever. I'll give Mirrors Edge a mention as nobody else will. Its got an unusual aesthetic and is quite different from anything else. Your best bet is to try demos for free from the Xbox marketplace. At the moment I'm looking at picking up the new Batman game, which seems pretty good. A lot of new stuff has been delayed until spring because every publisher is terrified of going up against CoD6 this Christmas.
  15. RE: the price. Its a big name thats guaranteed to sell so the supermarkets will be falling over themselves to discount it. RE: The game. Some of what I've seen looks awesome. Particularly Rio de Janeiro. It seems they may be drawing inspiration from the Mumbai terror attack. On the other hand, vehicle levels sound ****. The one at the end of CoD 4 was complete crap.