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  1. ETKA CD

    Has anyone got ETKA 6 running under XP?
  2. do all S3's have silver mirrors?

    Please, someone, start selling cheaper alloy mirrors... I'm desparate for a pair!!!
  3. What do you all make of this? Anyone have any price details on this sexy piece of kit? See here : PhatNoise
  4. Chrome mirrors for the S3

    Did you get your mirrors in the end? Are there any more left on EBay? Is there any dealer selling after market cases on the web? How much are the OEM's from Audi? I understand you have to by the complete mirror from them?.. Sorry for all the questions..
  5. Audi Symphony radio hidden features

    Is there a hidden EQ on the Symphony II? Power on 1-4 are there but 5 & 6 are disabled...
  6. S3 total closure

    Cheers guys and shame really, I can't be doing with another remote.
  7. Buying a late model or new S3 now??

    And I went for it... seed was planted 2 years ago so it was inevitable really. And here we are.. Dec '02 Ebony S3. What a remarkable car. Buy, buy, buy, before they're all gone.
  8. S3 total closure

    Does Vag-com have any features in this area?
  9. S3 total closure

    Anyone know if the S3's window close feature from the remote can be configured for one touch operation? Holding the lock button down seems a real pain and must drain the batteries like crazy...
  10. Buying a late model or new S3 now??

    What the heck, I'm going for a nearly new S3. Early new model A3's are going to be just too dull and I'll be just about ready for the upgrade should a new S3 (or sportier 3.2 V6) appear in a couple of years. I reckon the new model will sell like hot cakes and it won't be long before the roads are full of the critters. I'll let those drivers battle with the teething problems and recalls associated with bleeding edge. That is, until I change my mind again...
  11. Q: S3 Alarm...

    Hello peeps. As I seem to get nearer and nearer to convincing my self to buy an S3 I've finally got around to joining your forum... Seems like a good place for advice so I have this question: Is the standard S3 security Thatcham 1 & since some Insurance companies require a tracker device installed too, can any one recommend/give any details of prices etc. Many thanks, Newbie