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  1. Mk4 Golf Engine Overheating?

    Water Pump??
  2. vw golf mk 5 1.9tdi 05 intermittant starting

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that the Glow Plug light should only come on if you need to wait for the Glow Plugs to do there job. Then when it goes out, you can start the engine. If the light doesn't come on, them you don't need the Glow plugs before starting. Is this any help: VW Diesel Glow Plugs
  3. Big TSI problems

    Why was your warranty only 2 years??
  4. bora de-badged grill

    I would try eBay
  5. Sound deadener/engine guard thingy

    I went to replace mine a couple of months ago £70 for the tray abd £27 for each side The screws were cheap at 19p each you will also need the speednuts that connect the whole lot together
  6. Fitting a single play CD to Bora

    If your Audi removal tools dont work, you can use two sets of feeler gauges instead. When I fitted mine I placed the Head unit above the CD player, as I think it looks better. The only draw back is ther Head unit can't be seen with the cup holder out.
  7. Been there, done that!!!!!!!!!! lots of WD40 needed to free them up
  8. Bora front brakes!

    I'm in the same boat How do discs that thick warp so easily just out of interest, where did you get your discs from? I've only done 10k on them too
  9. 101.9p !!

    So why is Diesel so much more that unleaded, or even super unleaded??? Isn't diesel easier to refine and produce??
  10. golf gt tdi

    Which Engine??
  11. 101.9p !!

    They have gone up in price too!!!!
  12. 101.9p !!

    Hucking Fell, time to start using RED then
  13. 101.9p !!

    Time to look at running on chip fat, why does it keep going up by a penny a week ?
  14. Bora rear disc & pad replacement.

    I've just replaced my front and rear pads and disks due to corrosion The main stealer has been telling me for the last 3 services that they needed doing in their opinion, but they were never an issue on my MOT's I've just passed another MOT but the disks were down as an advisory, so I decided to get them done VW quoted £350.00 Parts from GSF £150 ish Time taken: under 5 hours sat in the street outside my house I recommend a good socket set and a 7mm Allen socket for the front calliper guide pins, and a calliper wind back tool I don't know if you need to use copper grease on the back of the pads these days as they have sticky pads on them, but I did anyway I also bleed the fluid out of the bleed nipple instead of forcing it back through the system But a job well done IMHO
  15. Quick Bora brake question

    I can't tell you if they are all the same, but I needed a wind back tool for my Bora The front ones didn't need winding, but I still used the tool The guys at GSF said I would need 1, and at around £18 it was a god send and saved me lots of pain and grief This post is too late but may help others in the future