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  1. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    OK, a little late to this thread after a minor sabbatical from TSN, but great to come back and see pics of your A7. I have had mine now for three years, will look to replace mine next year. I can honestly say this is the best car I have ever owned, so practical, whether taking rubbish to the dump, yep lots of room in the back with the seats down or taking a four hour trip up to North Wales to visit the outlaws. I have just replaced my tyres, I have 20s but would suggest going to and then taking them to Audi to fit. I lost track of how many times the tyre monkeys at Kwik Fit struggled to get the wheels balanced properly on my previous A4 cab. That blue looks fantastic and the first I have seen on an A7. I have Phantom black at the moment , but thinking of Panther black next time around, hopefully on an RS7!, but will have to wait and see, as others have said if you are going to get a good looking car such as the A7 then it deserves a good colour, guess I just played safe when I got mine. Curious to see how you are getting on with the car after three months of ownership?
  2. A7 Tyres

    I decided to go for the P Zeros again as I personally didn't have any issues with them. Things were improved further when I took the car in for a service, they did a recall fix on a new door seal. The seal fits on the leading edge of the rear doors closest to the B pillar. Why Audi didn't include the seal from new I don't know but things have improved for me. I do have the 20 inch wheels as you know. Most of my driving is on tarmac rather than concrete roads (ie M25), as I think this has been the main issue with A7 owners in the U.S. I actually got my tyres from and I got Audi to fit them during my recent service. Rather get them properly looked after and balanced than the tyre monkeys at Kwik Fit etc !
  3. Looking very good, no doubt Lewis will throw this into the negotiation pot as part of any new F1 contract. For me It would have to be black or grey finish. Amazing how big the rear end looks in that third pic, especially when compared to the side profile shot. Nice bit of camera work. I think overall it is a great evolutionary step over the original F1 and at the same time keeping an eye on costs by using the same tub as in the MP4-12C. Interesting to see how Ferrari's new F70 looks in comparison.
  4. WTF is this?

    Land Rover are currently in discussions with Great Wall about a joint venture project in China, yep, Land Rovers (probably Freelander) assembled in China!
  5. iPad 3 launch 7th March?

    I agree with everything you say there MrMe, I bought the same spec iPad as you just after they came out and as yet I haven't really seen a need to upgrade. I tend to use mine for about 2 hours a day, normally first thing in the morning/last thing at night. At first I wasn't sure if I had made the right decision on whether to go for the iPad but like everything else you get use to it and learn how to do things differently. I started out buying apps, just as everyone else has done, but I hardly use any of these now, I primarily use the iPad for consumption of social media, mainly to do with work etc, web browsing and taking care of personal emails etc. I hardly ever use it for creating docs from scratch but if Microsoft launch office on the iPad then this may change. The long battery life also makes it ideal for watching films etc on flights and for reading PDF research repor 18 months down the line and I am still happy with my iPad, but I still cannot see a reason to upgrade to an iPad3 as for what I use it for at the moment, the speed is just fine. Plus having shelled out nearly £700 for mine less than two years ago I want to get a bit more use out of it!. I will probably wait for the iPad 4 before I jump ship from my current one
  6. iPad 3 launch 7th March?

    Some interesting comments on the web about the invite that Apple sent out, is it actually an image of the iPad 3 or the rumored iTV?, check out the size of the calendar icon in relation to the size of the finger. Also the bezel around the outside looks quite thick. I reckon the image could actually be of a vertically mounted iTV, time will tell I guess. Some other insights here -
  7. average speed cameras

    For those joining the M25/M3 junction going south on the M3 I can confirm that these average speed cameras work, a friend at work got caught by one of them. These particular cameras have been active for nearly three years now, nothing to do with roadworks, just controlling the speed of cars as they join/converge on the M3 going south. Have to say that I see a certain silver GTR crawling through this section on a regular basis
  8. CLS or a BMW GranCoupe?

    or if you prefer all wheel drive choose the A7
  9. Matt finish paint care

    Based on what, searching the forums the RCZ hardly shows up and I might be wrong but I don't think anyone on here owns one? There are a number of reasons why we didn't go for the TT, firstly I think it looks a bit bland in comparison to the RCZ, yes the TT is a well sorted car but there are so many on the roads now so they are becoming quite common. Pricewise the RCZ is fully loaded and equivalently spec'd TT would be about £5k more. The build quality and finish of the RCZ, particularly the Asphalt model is actually pretty good and I was surprised when I saw them for the first time. The car uses the same engine as the Mini Cooper S/JCW, albeit at 200bhp and I think the JCW is around 220bhp. Most importantly of all it is my wife's decision and I do think they have been designed with the female population in mind !, she loves it which ultimately is all that matters. We will probably keep the car for some time so depreciation doesn't matter that much. I took a risk going for the A7, but I love it and I think the RCZ falls into the same category, you will either love it or hate it. Thanks for the input/feedback guys, positive or negative it is all appreciated
  10. Matt finish paint care

    Cheers I appreciate it Luke, I am sure the paint sealant that I had applied to my car, Glare, is wax based and I haven't yet seen anything that is suitable for a matt finish but I could be wrong !
  11. Matt finish paint care

    No probs, apology accepted The cleaning part I can handle now that I have found the Swissvax products and Peugeot provide a special cleaning kit with the car as well. Door dings can be removed in the normal way but it is the scuff marks and scratches that might be the concern so I have told my wife to be extra careful when parking at the supermarket etc, basically taking the same approach that I have with the A7 over the past few months. She will only be using the car around town etc with no real motorway driving so I don't expect to get many stone chips on the front, but yes it will be inevitable that a few chips and scratches will appear over time. Having said that the paint does look fairly durable and at least with proper cleaning I won't get any swirl marks etc as there is no lacquer as such. The car does look stunning in the matt colour and I guess this is the risk you take. My wife is a good driver but as with any car you are at the mercy of other drivers so a bit more cautious driving/parking will hopefully help to avoid most scratches. So far I have seen the BMW 3 Series, Alfa Brera and the RCZ with a matt finish, I think the black matt on the recent RS Ford was a matt wrap so to speak. I do sometimes wonder whether these manufacturers get ahead of themselves when coming out with these paint finishes, look great but they need to think about ongoing maintenance. Time will tell I guess but my wife and I both liked the look of the car it has been run as a demo since October (priced at £31.5k when new) and we got it for just over £25k three months later you can see why we were interested in this particular car, it is spotless.
  12. Matt finish paint care

    It is matt paint Riz, and Swissvax do a range of car care cleaning materials for owners of these types of cars. Swissvax UK Just put the deposit down on the car, so my wife is just about to get her hands on one of the best RCZs in the country, so needless to say she is very happy
  13. Matt finish paint care

    Thanks for the feedback TDK, now get back in your sandpit and shut the f**k up , sorry but I thought this was a car forum for getting useful feedback, not a school playground !!! I have been a member on this forum since 2003 and that has to rate as one of the most pathetic posts ever since I have been a member on here. If you don't have anything useful to say, don't say it !
  14. Matt finish paint care

    Well I thought my A7 was a nightmare to keep clean but my wife is just about to make my life a bit more difficult. We have been looking around for an RCZ for the past couple of months, originally looking for a pearl white with low mileage etc but we have just found one of the special edition Asphalt models. Low mileage, every optional extra, BUT is in a matt grey ! Here are a couple of pics of a similarly spec'd car. I don't think anyone on here has an Asphalt RCZ but I was wondering if anyone has one of those matt finish 3 series ? Yes I know, I know, nightmare to look after etc, but it is a stunning looking car with only 75 in the UK and we have been made an offer on one which is just too good to turn down. I have been reading around on the maintenance of these, Swissvax do a special range of car cleaning products for matt finish cars as you obviously cannot use traditional car polishes, you can't even use tyre blackener in case it splashes on the bodywork. I know we have some detailers on here so curious for their input here. I thought I had acquired OCD trying to look after the A7, which is still unmarked in 6 months of driving but this will take OCD to a new level ! Anyone have experience of looking after cars with matt paint finishes ? (this is a painted finish versus being a wrap) Thanks and hope you all had a great Xmas
  15. The Ultimate Car Collection?

    I have seen some incredible car collections in my time, but I think this one in Japan is one of the best. Not sure if this has been posted before so apologies if it has, but if you can think of any super car, it is likely to be in this Japanese guy's personal collection L4P Garage of the Month :: December :: Japan's Secret Garage