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  1. Considering TVR purchase

    Hi All, It's another of those 'I am going to buy a TVR' posts I am afraid I have threee very different cars in mind: Jaguar XKR - know a little about the model and it's potential problems BMW 840Ci - Know a lot about these as I owned an 850 Ci a few years ago TVR Tuscan - know nothing at all about this model but it has taken my fancy. It's a lot different to the two cruisers above I know but I can't get the TVR out of my head! It is likely I will be looking at a 2001 4 litre S. Apart from the obligatory FTVRSH what do I need to know? I am aware there is some kind of engine related problem associated with the earlier cars but don't have the detail. Any information you can provide will help me no end. Thanks Steve