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  1. Changing Rear Pads on A4 Quattro

    Yes, VCDS will do the job. We even have a TechTip which sheds some more light on details and necessary precautions.
  2. VCDS Cable for 80 squid (Fully Functioning)!

    Let's leave it at that. I do apologize for what I wrote since I did obviously offend you even though that was not my intention.
  3. The BB 9800/Torch is not listed on most/all compatibility charts so far, nor would I expect it to be added in the near future. What helps though iks making sure it runs the most recent OS. The latest Leak as of today is OS, while the latest official release is OS I have been running fairly recent OS's and never had much issues, you may want to check which type of connection is used. rSAP has given me the least trouble in several cars. Also helpful would be to check which MMI SW Version you got there, an update in that area might do wonders as well.
  4. VCDS Cable for 80 squid (Fully Functioning)!

    The big issue in my (personal) eyes here is that neither moderators or forum owners seem to care, otherwise the original links to those offers would have been removed by now. It's one thing to discuss stuff but an entirely different thing if you keep "advertising" the sellers, no matter what the overall reaction might be. Freedom of speech and all that is nice and fine, but let's turn this around. Somebody brakes into your house and sells your stuff at a flea market. Would you want that person to tell everybody and his brother where they can get more of your stuff? As all comparisons it's not fully accurate but it may draw a similar picture. Sadly I (personally) have only had mostly negative experiences here when it comes to fakes (be it VCDS, VAG-Tacho or K+CAN/AVDI) and TSN. In fact this seems to be wide spread through a lot of the UK forums, so please don't take this as an affront - just trying to let you know how actions can be seen. Looking in other markets (be it USofA or Germany), that same attitude is quite rare there and forum operators normally try to keep their backyard clean (generally speaking this time, not necessarily TSN related). OTOH we have gotten replys from UK forum owners/operators which pretty much boiled down to "what do we care about your ****?". To sum things up, yes there is some discomfort in showing up here because it has been a waste of time in many cases and when you see fake users and real users side by side you have to make a decision. My personal one at the time was to help those legit users outside such forums. We REALLY appreciate the support of those who back us up and I'd be happy to take that support to another level and give back some more where you guys feel like home (if this is the place then it should happen right here), just saying that the circumstances need to match yours as well as our expectations. No hard feelings I hope. BTW: The "Citroen" part doesn't seem to be in my hands, probably related to the # of posts made here over the years. For your convenience I did add my car pool to the signature as it seems to be what you guys do as well.
  5. VCDS Cable for 80 squid (Fully Functioning)!

    Update to Release 10.6.4 or even Beta 11.3.0 and show us how it works. Really sad that people feel like stealing from others is fair game. Probably one of the reasons why we (Ross-Tech) tend to stay away from this forum.
  6. vag com Locked out of A8 D2 engine ecu

    Simple question, simple answer. It's garbage. The flasher is a pirated old version of a known tool, sadly the manufacturer never really did sth. about those clones. So people keep selling that ****, made in China - otherwise the price wouldn't be possible. The fun with these clones is that they are working nicely until you fry the 1st ECU, the 2nd and many more. Thats where a good flasher makes the difference, besides a proper battery charger (50A and more)... The remap collection is worth exactly what you pay for it, why would sb. sell you these things when every legit tuners ask that much for a proper tuning? A good tuner will make a file specific for your ECU/SW (Version), that is what costs time and therefor money.
  7. 05 A3 - Which VAG COM?

    Directly on the first VAG-COM/VCDS page in our online shop system you'll find the US & Canada Application Charts for information regarding which interface will work with your north American model and the typical modules supported. Additionally there is the VCDS World Spec Compatibility Charts for all non-US models. That should give you straight answers what systems support which models and which are best for your specific vehicle. However, to sum things up - if you want to be ready for your future VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models and be able to work on other cars than your Audi A3 (8P) the HEX+CAN systems will be optimal. If its just your Audi A3 (8P) you plan working on, than the Micro-CAN systems will do the trick.
  8. vagcom induces fault codes on B7 A4

    We've seen those already a couple of times, happens rarely to be exact but happens. 01318 - Ross-Tech Wiki
  9. Can only access 1/2 the Control Modules

    For reference: Vagcom can only access 1/2 my control modules - TDIClub Forums
  10. vag com

    Some addtional information about the old versions compared to the current ones... Shareware: - Cannot do Auto-Scan - Won't display Text for all Fault Codes - No Basic Settings (so no TBA, Xenon levelling, etc or checking timing on TDI's) - No Adaptation Saving (so no changing of locking/lights/horn behavior) - No Output Tests - No Tech Support from Ross-Tech Limitations of 311 and 409 even if Fully Registered: - No Generic OBD-II - Won't work with CAN-Bus vehicles - Fewer fault code definitions and label files - No built-in Activation (you'll be limited to a single PC) - No Advanced Measuring Blocks - No Acceleration Measurement - No Automated Service Reset - No Session Log Capabilities - No Support for Guided Readiness Scripts - No Optical Bus Diagnosis - No Battery/Gateway Coding/Long Coding Assistant - No (Automatic) Updates - No ECU Mileage Reading (EDC15/16) - No Support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 ...and some more minor things as well.
  11. Fault Code HELP Needed

    Could you post a complete scan from the vehicle? We's seen many cases where generic OBD2 codes were incomplete at best.
  12. S8 -01 login code for ABS/ESD?

    What exactly are you trying to do here? Please post a complete scan from the entire vehicle, we need more details on those control modules. Make sure to use at least Release 805.2, Release 704 which you are using is outdated.
  13. Login Problems in Golf Mk4

    First of all, you don't "try" logins randomly. NEVER. Second, all the logins you stated are either for specific other purposes or specific other engines. Third, you missed giving us a specific ECU part number AND software version from your car. BTW: There is only one VAG-COM and it's from Ross-Tech. If you have something else, then its not VAG-COM. But you should state what exactly you are using anyway, because some tools/versions have known flaws which might be related here.
  14. Vag can

    The one you linked will definitly NOT work on your car, the real/current one might though but I doubt you are willing to spend up to 5000 EUR for it.
  15. justing Sensitivity of Autolights on Mk5 Golf

    There is a setting which alters the sensors behavior but it has no noticeable effect in the way you are looking for one. Leave the rain sensor coding alone would be my suggesting and instead start posting some more details like rain sensor part number as well as central electronics part number, probably then we can help you...
  16. Vag can

    Nice, another illegal/pirated K+CAN copy... When will people understand that if sth. costs a fracture of the original product it can't be real? Current version is 5.3 and the official price list can be found on the following page. VAG Commander BMW Commnader HITAG-2 key programmer
  17. Auto Windows

    Yes, it can.
  18. Problem with vagcom

    Contact the people you bought your hardware from, they are supposed to supply you with proper drivers. VAG-COM/VCDS only comes with drivers for our own hardware, obviously we can't supply all sorts of drivers for 3rd party hardware. Your problem is NOT VAG-COM/VCDS and you do not need to buy a license to get basic functionality. Funny enough you are the millionth person or so asking this question, all trying 3rd party hardware. Those who bought the real stuff very rarely have problems like this, but you know the reason for that - you get what you paid for.
  19. vag com 4.91

    Everybody can download a shareware version of VAG-COM/VCDS from our website for free... Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: Downloads: Which One? ...but keep in mind that re-distribution in any other kind without our approval is prohibited. A software license costs $99 and is available through our online store, but if you do not own an interface yet you may consider getting a whole package from us containing hardware and a current version of the software.
  20. MK5 R32 Vag com Lead

    Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: CAN-Bus Information Our Micro-CAN Hardware is the most cost effective way to deal with this...
  21. Steering help

    Unlikely that your 2007 still supports that mod, I suggest you live with it the way it is.
  22. New beta 803.0, and new name for VAG-COM (VCDS)

    Hopefully the last before the final release... Beta 803.4 ready for download...
  23. Changing Bi-Xenon headlights for driving in Europe

    Then go the channel 10 way as described in the WIKI entry and see if it leads to success.