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  1. Wii goes short again this Christmas!

    seems everyone has them in stock now, makes you wonder what Nitendo have been upto. I know so much people who have had to pay more than rrp for machine and also get games they dont want, so having to spend more money on games. It is just not fair most of the wii's being bought are xmas presents for kids.
  2. S4 tyres - Extra Load?

    B7 S4 cab at least has extra load as standard.
  3. S5 wait!!

    [ QUOTE ] someone has told me that there is a wait until late may/june if ordering an S5 now. i have never bought a new car but i think in todays market i believe that the wait is excessive. can they just not make enough? [/ QUOTE ] That is excessive I would be very surprised If you were not able to find one by contacting dealers. Try a broker who generally come up trumps loads on the internet.
  4. McClaren gets the boot

    Chris5 what’s the point in mentioning Wenger why would he leave his world for the England job. I believe O'Neil is doing a good a job as possible with a mid division team Villa are hardly Man Utd.
  5. PS3 Games

    [ QUOTE ] No thanks mate. [/ QUOTE ] Sparky I got to sort this posting of mine sometimes
  6. McClaren gets the boot

    [ QUOTE ] Now before I make this post I must stress,I am not a football fan at all. However,it seems to me that the manager is ALWAYS to blame when in reality we just don't seem to be that good at the game. Does anyone really believe that getting yet another manager will bring the World Cup home,surely not. [/ QUOTE ] Soot as you said your not a football fan, but in football the manager picks the team. As for Mourinho being England manager, he's far to rude and controversial O'Neil all the way for me - Although I'd take anybody If they got rid with Barwick.
  7. PS3 Games

    [ QUOTE ] If he liked Medal of Honour he will love Call Of Duty 4, it's excellent [/ QUOTE ] He'll love it. Dont want a toy boy do you?
  8. McClaren gets the boot

    Great News - Just need Barwick gone now, would also like to know how they select manager? How did Maclaren get the job over Martin O'Neil he's the man we needed. It would be nice If new manager would select players on their current ability as well.
  9. Predict the England vs Croatia Score here;

    Football pundits what a load of crap they talk - why are they not saying Maclaren out - I mean Crouch loan striker is he not Liverpool's 4th striker - Carson?
  10. iphone

    Considering how high profile the launch of the Iphone was things seem pretty quiet now. As carmad said it is such a step back in technology was the point.
  11. iphone

  12. Are there ANY good games on the PS3??

    [ QUOTE ] Problem with the demos is it can put you off a game too, I hated the Dirt and Sega Rally demos, but the finished games are superb. [/ QUOTE ] I had the total opposite experience, what better way is there to test a game other than buying.
  13. Are there ANY good games on the PS3??

    There are so many demo's on the playstation store try some of them first before buying anything. Although COD4 is amazing
  14. Wii goes short again this Christmas!

    [ QUOTE ] I agree Dave, I was also reading today that you used to be able to order them from Amazon in Germany and France, but they've now stopped shipping to the UK just on the Wii, Why ? [/ QUOTE ] This is nintendo'S way of keeping the wii in the limelight there is no way they have stock issue. Throughout the year you could get them no problem now all of a sudden there seems to be no stock anywhere. Very Clever!
  15. Hi guys thought I would plug for some ideas, we are almost near the nice bit of a house renovation plannind rooms etc. Just wanted to know If there is any system which I can connect ps3, pc to lcd display. Any help appreciated