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  1. RCD 500 Help

    I have been trying to get hold of a wiring diagram for the RCD 500 because I want to add a mp3 3.5mm jack and a phone but need some more information to give to the fitters. I have tried VW but they have proved useless I have also called Blaupunkt and they said try VW Any suggestions or help appreciated Thanks
  2. R32 vs Sierra Cosworth

    OK thanks for the update makes sense now because I expected the R32 to leave the S3 once the speeds approached 100MPH. That said the R32 still put up a very good fight considering how much the S3 has been modified.
  3. R32 vs Sierra Cosworth

    Seems as though we are not able to get away from a S3 as well. Dont understand why not assuming it is standard ? Also EVO tested the R32 Manual and got 5.8 0-60 and 15.2 to 0-100. I also got EVO verify this and they said yeah thats what we got. I reckon the car they had probably was well run in with over 10,000 miles on the clock. Pity really because I do less than 10,000 miles a year so I wont see full performance till late next year Unless the upgrade bug gets me
  4. iPod Dealer Fit

    Does anybody know if you can just have a 3.5mm jack for any mp3 player fitted to the RCD500 stereo ? Or is the ipod adapter what I need as I have a mp3 player not an ipod ? Any help appreciated
  5. My latest mod

    This is a great video of something similiar I think, great sound