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  1. So, the RS 6 [& S5] might be going soonish

    You can easily spend £30k on a brand new golf gti , scirocco, passat cc so to get a nicely speced brand new Phaeton for £29k with a decent trade in sounds OK to me especially when the list price with toys is £50k. When you look at what is available on the used market they are decent value at these sort of prices. It will loose £5k a year over 3 years, which is pretty much to be expected on this sort of car. Pretty much any new car looses half its value over 3 years. You want to talk price price drops the A8 it replaced was purchased for a similar amount at a little over a year old and the list price on that car was £98k. Now thats driving off a cliff. I forgot 7 series hold there value really well also.
  2. So, the RS 6 [& S5] might be going soonish

    It depends I dont normally buy new but I just picked up a brand new pre reg Phaeton with no miles Nov 09 registered colour and spec I wanted with 40% off the list price plus no 3 month wait for them to hand build it. So yes with that sort of discount I will happily buy new. There are some silly deals around at the moment if you take the time to look around and drive a hard bargain.
  3. So, the RS 6 [& S5] might be going soonish

    Thats the way to go. My accountant looked at it several times its not made sense to go the company car route for a while for me personally anyway.
  4. Interested in buying a W12

    No thats not it.
  5. So, the RS 6 [& S5] might be going soonish

    Well if you are selling I am interested.
  6. 2010 Mini Countryman

    The mini looks like a chaved up Renault Clio to me.
  7. 2010 Mini Countryman

    I dont get these I really dont. Almost as ugly as the 1 series - but obviously nothing looks quite that bad.
  8. So, the RS 6 [& S5] might be going soonish

    Put me in the line for your rs6 if you decide to sell The Mrs is always pestering me for one !
  9. My big baby has gone

    Nice car that of craigs with all his added toys
  10. So, the RS 6 [& S5] might be going soonish

    Numbers are eye watering TBH
  11. Interested in buying a W12

    Its not a good idea posting car registrations on the internet, As for price you should have a good idea reading this thread but considering someone on here will probably end up buying it for cosiderably more probably not a good idea to post that either ! It will be up for sale shortly I am sure. I doubt you will ever see a right hand drive one with a better spec only thing it was missing really was the suede head lining and drink set in the back. I had it going on 3 years time for a change I didnt fancy taking that car outside the service and maintenance plan.
  12. Interested in buying a W12

    Too late was the cry......Its gone today it went to a performance specialist in the end as they bid the most to the main dealer I traded it. Check out Autorader, it will be listed very shortly probably with my pictures, he will put it on at £24k no doubt, someone on here could have had it direct without the dealer mark up but there you go.
  13. Interested in buying a W12

    I noticed the engine management light says alot about the guy driving it, probably cant afford to get it fixed. They are very stable at high speeds its not really a sports car though is it. Even in an A8 you would have no chance of surving at that sort of speed in an accident, would probably take a fair few people with him as well.
  14. Interested in buying a W12

    Hes also got another advert on there at £21k Audi : A8 6.0 W12 38k miles For that car if its in good condition and no problems thats way too cheap IMO, I have seen a few similar cars on for £19 - £20k sell very quickly recently. The original poster seems to have lost interest anyway ! Anyway I pick up my new car on Thursday, so mine is gone , its a shame I love the car but time for a change. Fully expect to see my car on an Audi main dealer forecort shortly priced at £24k, I have never seen another SWB W12 with the spec of mine in the UK accept maybe Craigsand even he couldnt retrofit the adaptive crusie control, massage heated seats in the rear, self closing doors etc etc. Its the best colour combo an Audi main dealer or specialist will have no problems getting £22k for mine IMO.
  15. Alarming letter from DVLA

    Good news.