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  1. New RS6

    When I spoke to Audi in the Father Land I raised the question about Porker buying 20% of the company to get their hands on DSG and I was informed that there hundreds patent protected parts to the gearbox and Porker nor anyone else would be able to have a gearbox the same, I really can't see BMW getting it..
  2. New RS6

    So maybe only a matter of time before the S-tronic appears through out the Audi range.... S5 Coupe maybe the first...
  3. The 265PS 2.0 turbo is out...

    The most impressive thing with the 2.0T in the new TTC is the torque levels, it produces 280nm from around 1500 rpm through to the 5k rpm mark and its very free revving. The new S3 must have similar stats so is this were the performance comes from....
  4. New RS6

    Is it really a DSG box ? because Audi have been testing the DSG in the S4 for the last two years and haven't mannaged to make it take the torque of the V8, so how does it do it with two RS6 lumps slapped together in the Veyron.....
  5. New RS6

    I agree with you Ian, the RS does seem to be aimed at different people but the beauty is the RS is so good its caused a halo effect on the rest of the range including boosting awareness of the S model to people who have maybe never even noticed or thought of an Audi in the past. I have to disagree though Woppum I would have placed the RS ahead of the BM, I appreciate you own one and they are great cars but I still think the RS would out perform in the wet or the dry. But then I am an Audi man through and through so I may be a tad biased, I think that the Audi gives you the confidence to throw the car around from day one whereas I think that would come with time in the BM.....
  6. RS4 Cabriolet

    The nuvolari concept was based on the A6 chassis but is now going to be the long awaited replacement to the Audi 80 coupe and will go under the name of the A5 and V8 S5 (based on the A4) and there will be a coupe type vehicle to compete with the 6 series and CLS Merc which will be based on the A6. I think it will be called the A7 and I have a feeling it will follow the CLS in the sense that it will have a coupe line but 4 doors... but this one I'm not sure about.
  7. New RS6

    I still think that the S models are great cars, but what Audi has had to do is compete with the established M's of this world. If you look back the original bi-turbo B5 S4 was no match for the evo M3 when it appeared with 321 brake versus the Audi's 265, the RS4 changed all that and blew the M3 out of the water. Regardless of what people say the B6 and B7 S4 is plenty competition for the current M3, it may not be as quick in a straight line by a very small margin but can destroy it around the bends even more so in the hands of us mortals and not a pro driver. What this has done is allow the RS to grow into what it is now a BMW breaker. I think the introduction of the RS models has helped the S to develop into a great car although because there is now the two vehicles one did have to become slightly softer to commend the higher price of the other.
  8. RS4 Cabriolet

    There is no A5 cab as far as I'm aware, the A5 is a coupe and will not replace the A4 cab...
  9. New RS6

    The R8 is engine is mounted longtitude I'm afraid so no DSG there unless of course they can make it work by then, odd really because the original DSG was mounted to a longtitude engine in the S1
  10. New RS6

    I see what you mean about saving the V10 but we have noticed a massive increase in sales for the S4 after the launch of the RS, people liked the idea of having the same engine but slightly lower power and the fact they could have an auto (I think this was the main issue) and a slightly more refined vehicle. I think this is what they trying to acheive with the S6/RS6, the RS6 will be a more involving drivers car whereas if people like the smoothness of the V10 but want a more refined car they can look at the S6 and save money.. its all about raising awareness to the rest of the range.
  11. RS4 Cabriolet

    I think the values will be strong, the B5 was a great car but I think that any of the smaller RS vehicles will be strong. Things like the RS6 dropped in value because they just weren't as good as the B5 and the fact that dealers flooded the market by placing fake orders on the back of the B5 success, Audi have taken massive steps to try and stop this by lifting cars from dealers for "cancelled orders" etc etc and by making every dealer prove the customer orders. I think the RS4 in any guise will have a good following mainly thanks to the B5
  12. RS4 Cabriolet

    Audi have put a an RV of around £25k on the car after 4 years @ 10k pa, but for Audi to say this would sugest it will be higher. They will only be in limited numbers.
  13. Audi R8 Update...............!!

    That is something I can't really answer, I always thought that Audi buying Lambo turning them around and then launching their own supercar was a tad odd, but I have seen the car and it knocks spots off the competition in sheer styling I just hope it drives as good as it looks...
  14. New RS6

    I mean more in size, the chassis of the A6 is far better then that of the B7 A4 as this is just a revamped B6. I always felt that the B6 & B7 S4's were more fun to drive than the RS6, yeah the RS6 was fantastic and quick but round the bends it never really set my world alight were as the new B7 in either S or RS does. But who knows what the new one will be like, the RS seems to be getting more raw as the models go on
  15. Audi R8 Update...............!!

    Tricky one.. the question was asked in Germany but they didn't really give us much of an answer, but I suppose they didn't yes or no. The new A4 based Coupe is launched next year and that will be coming with the 3.0tdi engine and the 4.2 V8 petrol at launch, After Lemans who knows what is going to come I even have people asking about a tdi TTC but I think this is restricted due to the fact the only engine that would fit will be the 2.0 out of the A3 (transverse) but then this does come with 170bhp now...