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  1. Megane R26 for sale. 07 plate. 2500 miles.

    Sorry - had to put a new advert up.....
  2. Megane R26 for sale. 07 plate. 2500 miles.

    Now reduced to £15250, Sensible offers above £14750 considered.
  3. Megane R26 for sale. See pistonheads advert.
  4. Selling my S3!

    Sold. The guy got a good deal. I will miss the S3 but looking forward to something different. Good luck with your S3's boys and girls!
  5. Selling my S3!

    Point taken, have amended the advert. Quite frustrating I can't even generate enough interest for somebody to take a look as its a really nice car and I'm sure it would sell. At this rate half considering just keeping it and cancelling my new car order. Thanks for everyones input anyway.
  6. Selling my S3!

    Yes several owners, read the advert again (re-activated) it does not suggest 2 owners. Now MOT'd Not got a clue about the cambelt - it's full service history, If I've still got it when the service is due in a few thousand miles, it will be done. Tyres were brand new all round in September, along with the wheels. I paid £13,000 for this car less than a year ago, it's had £1500 of wheels, tyres and professional remap. It's a looked after 5 year old car and is worth what its worth. Not trying to pull the wool over anybodys eyes - it is what it is. I have to say that so far I've had nothing but timewasters and emailers so far. Quite frankly saying this car is 'poor trade value' is very short sighted. You should reserve judgement until you've viewed the car and seen the condition. I'll be chopping the car in shortly as my new one arrives soon.
  7. Selling my S3!

    I'm the 6th owner on mine - but it has all receipts etc. Some people just like to move on - I change every 9 to 12 months whatever car I have . It's just what I like to do.
  8. Nissan 350z for sale.

    Back in the trader this week.
  9. Selling my S3!

    It's going back in Autotrader this week. New one doesn't turn up for another 4 weeks so got some time. As for why I'm going from 4wd to 2wd - just fancy a change and like the look of the R26's. My Revo'd S3 hits so hard and seems to overwhelm the non permanent Haldex 4wd anyway.
  10. Selling my S3!

    And there was me thinking that £11,250 was a great deal for an 02 platel!! I still think it is given the spec and the year to be honest. All cars need to be serviced at some stage or another, MOT granted - I'll probably go and get this done at the weekend. Looking forward to the R26 - read lots about it. Actually ordered it in Mercury, Xenons and Sticker delete in the end - sorry!! 4 weeks to go!
  11. Selling my S3!

    New S3! If my budget stretched £30k would have had one. Ordered new Renault Megane F1 230 R26 instead - might be a bad move as love the S3 I'm selling...... still for sale by the way!
  12. Selling my S3!

    Help - anybody got any idea why I'm getting no interest?
  13. Nissan 350z for sale.

    Thanks - just posed it on there so fingers crossed. It's a great car - really sorry to see it go. Thanks again for note.
  14. Nissan 350z for sale.

    Reduced again. Now £15,750.
  15. 2002 Audi S3 for sale.

    Reduced again - now £11,250. Anyone?