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  1. A8 Parts LPG Conversions

    Hmm would you ever consider selling one of your cars with LPG fitted on request?
  2. PS 1 to PS 2 slimline upgrade

    Iirc there was something quirky about the actual PS2 fitting too. The PS1 is a toploader but the PS2 slimline is a front loader right?
  3. audi mmi maps

    Does your nav look like the one in this link? If so It's RNS-D which by implication does not have MMI:
  4. Get someone to vagcom it. Probably a dirty sensor or dodgy sensor cable.
  5. A/C Valves??

    Sorry in advance I know this is off topic as far as forum is concerned (i.e. car/a8) but does the same process apply to home aircon units? I've had a house aircon unit in the garage packaged up now for the last 18 months, the problem being how do you purge the piping of air when installing and how to assure that the gas etc. is up to pressure. I'm assuming that overall the system works in the same principle as a car system. How do these kits work? is there a idiots guide to them anywhere?
  6. I've joined the fold!!!!!!!!!!!

    Relatively common fault unfortunately. From the reports i've seen most of the time it's cured by a compressor change.
  7. differences between A8 4.2QS and S8?

    Is there any mechanical difference to justify the extra revs?
  8. It pays for 2 Jags to get his jags going
  9. Help, It's dark in here.....

    I'd get it checked over by vagcom. It would probably highlight the error.
  10. Wont be longer before they include the older cars too... it's a moving goalpost!
  11. A8 price guidance?

    Make sure you get decent Pads and not cheapies.
  12. '98 S8 gearbox question...

    No leaks? I'd be worried about gearbox oil level.
  13. Is my Dads PC f*cked ?

    Most likely the HD is knackered, alternatively the Motherboard is screwed. Try to get the HD installed in another PC to see if itsrecognised. If it is (ie nothing wrong with the hard drive) try putting connecting the hard drive to the secondary IDE/SATA adapter in your PC.
  14. hacked Ebay account

    I had a simular message about 6 months ago saying i'd won something. Whole thing was a spoof, it didn't originate from fleabay and the returning link was to some dodgy site.
  15. More quad eshaust

    I like the crossover ring design, would be even better if it was a single outlet with quad ring crossover How do you sort the valance for dual outlets? or do you buy another of those too?