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  1. yeah had this with my last A3... try the injector wiring harness... mine was misfiring at idle and the revs were all over the place, turned out that the harness was resisting too much so wasnt injecting the diesel correctly! Hope that helps
  2. A3 Sportback 170 S-Tronic

    the s-tronic gearbox is excellent... had my first one in this A3 and I wont be going back to a manual again!
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me what the hell fastens the rear caliper bracket on (and where the the fasteners are so I know i've got the right bolt!)... I've tried hex bits and allen keys to no avail! I've got brake shields to fit and the bracket needs to come off first as does the brake disc Any help appreciated before I resort to taking it to the stealer! Cheers
  4. Bose logo on startup

    Mine does it on a Symphony II !
  5. 2007 A3 Disc Corrosion Opinions Please

    Urgh! ... who cares as long as they stop the car!
  6. New tyres time again

    I've had 2 A3's now, first came with Michelin Pilot Premacy's, 2nd with Pirelli PZero Rosso's. The Pilot Premacy's were great for mileage, but had rubbish grip in the wet, tried pilot sport 2's, great in the dry, but slipped a lot in the wet with the torque of the diesel engine. Good Year Eagle F1's are great in the dry, but IMHO arent fantastic in the wet, I'm more impressed with the PZero Rosso's that are on the car at the moment, they seem to be a good all rounder and handle the torque well. Having said that I've driven an A4 equipped with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx and that felt precise and the grip was awesome!
  7. Audi S3 dashboard

    be nice if it was exactly like the s line badge (full red square with black S)
  8. Tires for A3 Sportback S Line

    from experience Michelin Pilot Sport 2's slid on my A3 with 5-6mm left on them, changed to good year eagle F1 - GS-D3 - awesome grip... new A3 has Pirelli P Zero Rosso which i find grip well too in wet and dry.... they just have to be extra load on the S-line's due to size!
  9. fuel economy

    could it be varying fuel quality or maybe they've switched to winter fuels? .. update defo made a difference to my car though!
  10. fuel economy

    My A3 recently got dragged to the dealer by Roadside Assistance as it kept cutting out.. 3 days and one software update later its back. upshot is it was averaging 36-38 before the update, its now aiming for 40-42!! ...
  11. S3 or V6

    DSG = Awesome gearbox.... recently had a Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti 150 as a hire car for a few days. changing gear was such a pain in the rear... i missed my DSG!!!!!
  12. What does A3 special edition come with as extra

    my s-line has the black headliner, embossed seats, s-line kick plates and badged up steering wheel ... thats 0n a 2005 / 55 plate.... i think they might have called that spec "s-line exclusive" back then though... i seem to remember s-line getting the outer styling and s-line exclusive getting the seats etc...
  13. 1998 a4 s-line........?

    Audi A4 SE 18000.00 4 S-line Badges 56.00 Turning your car into something its not and looking a tit selling it - priceless!
  14. Diesel or Petrol

    I didnt listen to him, i bought an Audi!!!!! lol i dnt doubt that, honda engines are fantastic, it is as you say the rest of the car that doesnt hit the mark... i find the little roughness and little bit of noise from the 2.0 TDi is a trade off for the intimate subliminal touches the audi has, the interior cabin quality, the ride and the car itself is just spot on... and its a tough little sod it keeps going when other cars would have broken down... i had a cylinder head gasket go on me in a previous A3, technicians didnt know what was wrong as it didnt lose coolant, didnt lose compression and ran like it should, only tell tale sign was a little oil leak, that was all that gave it away... i was pretty impressed with that! .. cant comment on bmw or honda engines but the 2.0 tdi impressed me at that point
  15. Diesel or Petrol

    BMW used to make diesels, cos the 2.5 Diesel Vauxhall Omega was a BMW engine! .. word was tho when i looked at the 320d when i was changing the last A3 .. they dont use their own engines anymore.. well not diesel (so the salesperson said anyway) which is a shame cos the omega was smooth as anything with that engine. Still the salespeople in BMW where i am need a personality transplant and the customer service module installed cos they just didnt care about selling the car, even when i asked for info and finance figures!!! Audi on the other hand different story, this is my 2nd 2.0TDi and i dont find the noise intrusive, after all it is a diesel! and to be honest if you've ever owned a peugeot 406 hdi then you know what noisy is, the audi is like bliss compared to that!!!!!