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  1. Brighton Meet - sat 9th feb

    I'll be along, maybe two of us.
  2. Picking up new A5 3.0 TDI tomorrow

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Report: The A5 is not as relaxed to drive as my old S4 Avant and gear changes are required a little more (especially at revs below 1500rpm). The reason for this is the S4 V8 was exceptionally torquey (25mph in 6th) throughout the entire rev range as you would expect, whereas the turbo doesn't start spinning until you get to 1500rpm in the A5. When the turbo kicks in the A5 feels to have even more pull than the S4 - particularly in 3rd and 4th. The engine doesn't sound remotely diesely when you get going. In terms of performance there really doesn't feel to be much difference between the S4 and the A5 - the only really noticeable difference is the relative lack of revs (max 5500rpm) compared to the S4. Have had the car since Monday last week and managed to get 500 miles out the first tank (almost twice as much as the S4 - in which I only ever managed 280 miles at best on the M1). For my needs, high mileage motorway miles with a few Yorkshire A/B road blasts every so often the A5 suits me great. IMO it looks fantastic and drives better than the S4 with a wider and longer chassis and better damping. Off for a spin! [/ QUOTE ] Trust me the S5 is even better except for the mpg of course.
  3. Been out in an S5 today

    That was exactly my view, I got one and love it. If I were you I would go for it as lead times are getting longer all the time. Still very rare I have not seen more than a couple on the road. Merlot, no sign of mag. ride coming soon.
  4. Portchester Meet - 13th Jan

    [ QUOTE ] I have actually got two available mate if you want them [/ QUOTE ] Jimmy, Could I have the other one, is that Ok? Didn't do this location before so what turn off A27 coming from East? Hope to make it. Chris
  5. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] im thinking of around december. will maybe go for used one depending on colour and spec. has to have certain extras tho [/ QUOTE ] Think you'll find they are very close to new price, such is the supply / demand situation. You may get a 6 month old demo to your spec with 8-10k on the clock. I know which one I'd choose.
  6. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] i think the S5 susp would be fine for me and doubt i would spend the extra £1k even if it was an option. as for 3.0tdi vs v8. if im honest if they did the S5 with the 3.0tdi i would have gone for it. that said, petrol S5 is the winner so far [/ QUOTE ] Don't know when you're thinking of changing but lead times are getting longer by the week? New order delivery is now June 08.
  7. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] what are you all talking about this Camerons? im confused! i think the S5 handling will be ok, pulls same G as RS4 i believe or close anyway, ride comfort should be ok but i know it would be better with the magnetic ride. [/ QUOTE ] My experience is that the ride comfort is much better than the RS4 and better than A5 although not quite as good as mag. ride on TT. Does not handle as well as the R32 as its a big beast but haven't explored that too much yet.
  8. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] You are quite right Scotty. With the B6/B7, I have driven 3.0tdi S Lines' and they are not up to the job viz a viz my S4. All I'm saying is that this time round I will look at the 3.0tdi as financially the game is moving that way. I might hate it and end up in a B8 S4, especially if the latter is a V6 bi-turbo. FWIW I would not buy any A5 at the moment as I would wait for the adaptive suspension option on the A4 to be released for the A5. [/ QUOTE ] Last I heard mag ride was not going to be offered for at least another year. I find the S5 suspension a lot better than the A5 and not far off the mag ride I tried in a TT with 19ins. Not worth waiting in my view and by that time Cameron will be in.
  9. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] This conversation is making is sound like the S5 is only different to the A5 3.0TDI due to the engine. Aren't there differences to brakes, suspension, trim levels etc etc? They do seem to be aimed at meeting different requirements. [/ QUOTE ] That's exactly my point. Haven't you noticed there aren't any S5 owners on here - just knockers.
  10. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] The trade reckon that really high VED will push down residuals as the prospect of five+ year old cars with £400+ car tax pa means peanut values. [/ QUOTE ] Surely "really high VED" does not mean the present less than 200 quid a year difference. [/ QUOTE ] A couple of opinions. Firstly, the £400 top band tax is only really a pointer to where its going. Will there be an additional top band at £1000 for >275g and when will it stop? Secondly, if you are buying a five year old S4 at £12-15k, then £200 extra pa for road tax might be all it takes to put you mentally into a 3.0tdi instead. I hope that I am wrong on both points but I suspect that I am not. [/ QUOTE ] This assumes that the 3.0 TDi mainly appeals to the same type of buyer as an S4, I don't think it does at all.
  11. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    [ QUOTE ] The trade reckon that really high VED will push down residuals as the prospect of five+ year old cars with £400+ car tax pa means peanut values. [/ QUOTE ] Surely "really high VED" does not mean the present less than 200 quid a year difference.
  12. A3 2.0 TDI to an S5???

    This extra tax pails into insignificance compared with depreciation. Is an S5 going to drop as much as an S4 did in the next year or 2?
  13. TT-RS

    Assume the different 19 in RS style wheels on the front are due to the bigger ceramic brakes on test. Not Audi-like correct to run it with different wheels though.
  14. Brighton Meet - 27th October

    Dan & Co, See you then now I have some wheels again. Chris
  15. Road and Track review the S5

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] I could not get the S5 to cover 0-60 near that spec!!, it felt slower than the RS. [/ QUOTE ] Did you time it then as if not I would suggest its very difficult to tell the difference subjectively of less than 0.5 second to 60? [/ QUOTE ] No only by feel, but the Power comes in slower on the S5, and the car is so quiet and sedate, it does not even feel rapid!! [/ QUOTE ] The S5 has much more low down torque than the RS4 and so you dont have to rev it so much. I agree it is very quiet though.