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  1. VW Passat TDI 2002 - Strange noise!

    I concur with SootChucker. Most likely the fuel pump priming itself prior to ignition. Guess that's why the advice re miss-fueling is to NOT turn the ignition key at all, cos (admittedly a small amount of) the wrong fuel will be sucked into the pump and therefore get to the engine etc
  2. help wanted

    Often pass you on the road on my way to and from work on the White Lund. CAP puts a standard WRX on an 04 04 as follows; 40k mls; £10,250 clean, £10,895 retail 70k mls; £7,600 clean, £9,295 retail It makes no mention of the value that PPP would add. I vaguely recall that a dealer would charge £1600ish, so leave you to make your own mind up on a value. A friend of mine used to run an M3 convertible. Tired of the running costs?
  3. High Revs?

    Sorry, don't have an answer, but do have the same problem!! Our 2000W TDi 115 4dr se Passat with 80k mls occasionally revs its nuts off at start up for a second or two, then settles down to normal idle. Will wait with you for some kind soul to post diagnosis and cure!!
  4. New To Golfs - Is This A Good Price?

    By "trade", I mean what a dealer would most likely value your car at if you were to part exchange it. They may offer you more, by "overallowing" against the car you're buying from them e.g. yours is worth £x, they have £1500 profit in the car they're selling, so they may offer you £x + £500. At the end of the day, unless the (private?) seller is providing "dealer" facilities, such as a service, a new MOT, a 12 mth warranty, why pay any more that trade value, unless you desperately want that particular car? I'd have thought there'd be loads of 1.6SE Golfs around. Why not ring your local VW dealer and ask them if they have any similar cars coming in in March that you could buy "trade" i.e. warranty neither given nor implied, buying as seen etc.?
  5. New To Golfs - Is This A Good Price?

    Feb 2007 edition of Glasses values a 99S with 90k @ £2625 (trade), so knock off another few hundred quid for this one being a '98 and you have the book value. i.e. buyer's asking about £900 too much.
  6. Focus 1.6 TDCI, 1.8TDCI or 2.0 TDCI ????

    The 1.6TDCi (90ps or 109ps) and the 2.0TDCi (134ps) were available from launch. The 1.8TDCi (113ps) was introduced as cover for the 1.6TDCi because there was a world shortage of the material required to make the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which was needed at the time to make the 1.6TDCi engine Euro IV compliant. The 1.6TDCi is probably the sweetest engine of the three (co-developed with Peugeot) and provides near identical performance to the 1.8TDCi, but with better fuel economy (approx 59mpg claimed vs. approx 54mpg claimed)...bit of a no brainer really. I find the (ageing) 1.8TDCi loud and harsh. The 2.0TDCi understandably gives far superior performance, mated to a 6-speed gearbox, with a claimed approx 50mpg. If I was spending my own money...1.6TDCi every time. Someone elses money......might be tempted by the 2.0TDCi if it was on the wish-list).
  7. noisy start then ok after 1-2 seconds

    re your 2002 tdi over-reving, our 2000W TDi SE 115 saloon, with 77k miles showing occasionally does exactly the same thing...over-revs for couple of secs, then back to usual idle. have you had your problem looked at ? and more to-the-point diagnosed?
  8. 130 TDI should it idle smootly??

    When re-starting our warmed-up 2000W TDi 115, the revs sometimes rise to about 2,000 rpm, then settle back after few seconds. It's disconcerting (and something's clearly wrong) but should we get it looked before 80k service due in about 3,500 miles time? p.s. sorry this is another question rather than an answer to your question about rought idling !!!