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  1. Had a similar problem with the rear speakers in my S3. Traced the problem to a faulty relay on the rear amplifier circuit board. S3quattro.
  2. Tiguan automatic gearbox

    Thanks, Was the auto a DSG box as it called it a Tiptronic in the brochure?
  3. Does anyone know why VW appear to have deleted the auto box option on the Tiguan? It has disappeared on the configurator from the beguinning of April.
  4. Cold start problems

    Its possible, you need to check the 12v supply at the relay. The terminals to test are labelled 85 and 86 on the glow plug relay. You will need to test the output to the glow plugs on terminal 87 at the same time to prove your theory.
  5. Cold start problems

    Have you checked there is 12V at the glow plug connection? If not check the glow plug relay J52. Its under the dash in the drivers footwell. This relay is controlled from the Engine ECU and doesn't have a timer built in. The G62 engine temp sensor is connected to the ECU. The G2 side of this twin sensor is connected to the dash panel temperature instrument. The glow plug lamp is also connected to the ECU. Hope this info helps!!!!

    Had a similar problem with my S3. Low temp guage readings with climate set to 23 degrees and outside temp 4 Degrees gauge would read 80, checked top hose (Hot) and bottom hose (Cold) so thermostat seems OK. When I turned off climate Guage climbed to normal and with the engine idling radiator fans started after a few minutes. I checked the temperatures with VAG-COM and they were the same as the dash gauge.
  7. Transmission noise

    Doesn't sound like wheel bearing, tried the usual weaving around and the noise ddoesn't change. Above 50 mph you can,t hear it.
  8. Transmission noise

    My 2001 S3 makes a whining noise from about 15 mph to 45 mph with it loudest at 30mph. It is always the same accelerating or over run in any gear or neutral. Have changed gearbox rear diff and Haldex oils but noise remains, has anyone come across this problem ? PS I have had the car over a year and it has always made this noise