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  1. Golf GTi Edition 30

    £14,500 no offers Dealer will get P/X otherwise next week. Dave 07968 031575
  2. Golf GTi Edition 30

    New price as of 06/04/10 @ £14,800 ono Dave
  3. Golf GTi Edition 30

    Not into Chilli flavour mate. Therefore £14,995 ono or dealer will get P/X Dave
  4. Golf GTi Edition 30

    Our dealer has offered us less than the above in P/X, so what flavour are the doritos? Dave
  5. Golf GTi Edition 30

    On Autotrader now, and going to see dealer who is supplying our mk6 about a P/X. Would be sad to see them give me a low figure and slap a premimium on it for re-sale to someone else. Grab it now at a good price, any offers?? Dave
  6. Golf GTi Edition 30

    Yep I hear what your saying. Would like a little more to be honest as it is a nice example. Therefore now reduced to £15,250 ono dave@harasym.co.uk Dave
  7. Golf GTi Edition 30

    No not at all, I welcome all comments good or bad. I'm going to reduce it today anyway, and yes it is on piston heads but not trader yet, may do that today too. What do you guys think then? Trade in at dealer is low to mid 14's and dealer is around 16 according to Glass's so I think I'm going to give it a drop today. Thing is I am open to ANY sensible offer, otherwise it will be dealer p/x'd but would rather see a private punter get a bargin than the dealer make a quick profit. So to emphasise again, if you are interested make me an offer! Dave
  8. Golf GTi Edition 30

    Not lovely enough to get much intrest though! A mk6 GTi! Dave
  9. Golf GTi Edition 30

    Here for sale is my wifes Golf GTi Edition 30. Car was first registered in March 2007 and was one of the first batch of Edition 30's to be delivered to the UK being number 352. Comes with all the regular Edition 30 extras that this special model had over the standard mk5 GTi. Also comes with the additional extra options we spec'd from the factory order, Xenon Headlights - (Expensive option but well worth the money) Winter pack - Heated seats and washer jets Hi Line Computer Tyre Pressure Monitor The car is a 3 door, 6 speed manual model and is finished in metalic deep black perlecent paint. Supplied from new and has been fully serived by TL Darby in Burton upon Trent. Last Service was in November 2010 and next service is due in either November 2011 or at 48,777 miles. Car is now sitting at around 30,100 miles. MOT was carried out last week and is due for renewal in March 2011. Car also comes with 6 months tax, which is due for renewal in Sep 2011. Will be sad to see this car go, but we have a new mk6 GTi on order with TL Darby for April delivery. In excellent condition inside and out, my wife used the car to motorway commute to and from work, and to the shops and back every week, this car has never been abused, and is mechanically 100%. More pictures available on request. Located between Derby and Nottingham Sensibly priced and open to any sensible offers, please try me with any. £15,750 ono Contact:- dave@harasym.co.uk 07968 031575
  10. Yeah but they are only running it till the 28th Feb, so If your August order is ready for fonal pick up in Feb (say early) are you going to take it then, or wait till 1st March and pay another 2.5%? Dave
  11. Hi Snoopy, What do you mean they are covering the rise on Oct / Nov orders? You mean if they are still registered by a certain date, or just when they finally arrive now? Dave
  12. Wow thats a long wait Snoopy! Just orderded today our mk6 GTi, and been mentioned to be March delivery, as they still had allocation for November. Dave
  13. Best price for new GTI?

    Anymore info on this yet? I'm going to my dealer this afternoon to talk money. Best price is still Autoebid, but they can't place any orders until Jan with the dealers they use? Dave
  14. Best price for new GTI?

    Try some of the brokers, autoebid, dealdrivers, drive the deal etc. I'm also going to be ordering this month for March delivery. Fancy sharing your efforts on getting the best deal with me? Dave
  15. Glass roof = echo chamber?

    Don't think you will get a reply mate, because as per the Xennons there have been delays with these options, so I don't think there are any customer cars about with them? Dave