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  1. Q5 2.0TDI mpg

    Definitely a bit of that cruiser and I certainly didn't expect to get anywhere close to the Audi quoted figures for all the reasons others have mentioned above but not nearly a third less!!
  2. Q5 2.0TDI mpg

    Anyone else been really disappointed with the mpg on their new Q5? 32.1 over first 6000 miles compared with Audi claimed figures of 47.9 combined for me. Wasn't expecting miracles but thought it would at least be a few mpg better than my previous 3.0TDI A5 which comfortably averaged over 36!!
  3. Q5 CO2 emissions

    Seemed like Autoexpress got it right for once!! Collected my new Q5 2.0TDI S Line Plus in October. 154kg/m3 and not missing the extra bhp and torque of my old A5 3.0TDI too much at all. Although mpg is nowhere as good as claimed which has been a bit disappointing.
  4. Audi Q5 Service Plans

    Robbie I've got same spec Q5 as you and got a nail in the shoulder of a tyre after just a month of having the car so no repair possible. Cost me £319.50 for replacement!! Had to get it changed quick as I needed to do a long journey next day so dare say I might have got one cheaper online but I couldn't wait so they had me over a barrel really. I'd say £600 for 3 years is great value even if you only get one new set out of it as you'd struggle to get them our size for £150 a corner. Had a few Audis now and with my style of driving never had more than 20,000 miles out of a set.
  5. Warranty issues with performance upgrades??

    Thanks for the pointers guys. Scotty I would definitely always declare to my insurers for the very reasons you mention and also having had a couple of quotes back it seems wouldn't make a great deal of difference to my premium. Will definitely have a look at the Shark STS if that can return ECU to original map for servicing etc though. Also hear good reports about the plug in box from which sounds a bit more sophiticated than the cheap and crude resistor type plug ins which just fool the fuel temperature sensor to chuck a bit more diesel in.
  6. Hi folks after a bit of advice please. Been considering a performance upgrade (remap or plug in type box of tricks) for my new Q5 2.0 TDI. Theres a couple of places that friends have used and get very good reviews not far from me at Sedox at Sunderland and Motorscope in Northallerton for the remaps which when researching seems to offer better performance than the cruder plug in type boxes. My main concern with either type though is the detectability during main dealer servicing. Car is only a few months old so don't want to effectively be writing off 3 years warranty if anything big goes wrong on it. Are main dealers (Audi in particular) really switched on to this? Are remaps obvious as soon as they plug into the ECU? Will they make a big issue of it if they do find one on the car? Any thoughts or advice on best route to go would be appreciated.
  7. Stopping distances

    Thanks eldavo69 I did write a letter to the nice folks at the local 'safety' camera patnership attaching my calc which used the 36m distance quoted in the highway code and got a fairly short response confirming that camera was set to 2.9s which was within government guidelines. Dont agree with it but might just take this one on the chin as I've got no faith in local magistrates to understand the logic of the argument and not just take the easy out and decide that if government guidance says it was calibrated within the stated range then it must be right. The 3 points and £60 is hard enough to swallow without running the risk of them topping it up! Understand your point Cuprabob but all I'm asking for is to be given a reasonable chance to stop at the lights when travelling within the posted seed limit for the road rather than it being a lottery every time you approach a set of lights. If these things really are 'safety' cameras and not just money makers for the local plod then they should be catching people who knowingly and willfully decide to drive through on red not people who don't phyically have enough time to react and stop and so have to continue on through. Irony of all this is its a dual speed/red light camera and they confirmed I was only doing 37mph as they snapped me. Had I decided to give it a bit more loud pedal to beat the red light and got a speeding ticket instead I would have been offered a speed awareness course as alternative to the points and fine!!
  8. Q5 CO2 emissions

    Thanks for replys guys. I'll go get myself a copy of Autoexpress to cheer myself up!! If its true there's a facelift coming then seems logical Audi would slip in the new range of engines rather than continuing to manufacture something different. Current 2.0TDI is only just over the 160co2 so not a massive stretch to think the new one might be under. If they put the new 3.0TDI engine in and it was only 149co2 like the new A5/A6 then I'll be first in the queue for one cos I love my current V6 3.0TDI A5!!
  9. Stopping distances

    Hi folks, To cut a long story short I got snapped going through a red light and got the NIP form on the doormat other day. I am considering going to court on it as the light changed very quickly and I believe the traffic light wasn't calibrated to stay on amber for a sufficient period of time to allow me to stop before the line when the lights changed from green. Local plod have confirmed amber period was 2.9s on the day in question. What I'm after basically is a manufacturers quoted stopping distance in dry conditions for an A5 from 40mph. With a quick bit of maths this would let me calculate whether the 2.9s is sufficient time to stop. Are there performance tables of such things I could refer to? Any help much appreciated.
  10. Q5 CO2 emissions

    Hi folks, Anyone know if or when we might see the newer more efficient diesel engines from the new A4, A5 & A6 ranges in the Q5? Stupid company car policy at work means I can only spend my allowance on something with less than 160. Don't want to sacrifice on the torque or 4WD. Ideally it would be the new 3.0TDI engine but could live with the 2.0TDI. Annoyingly the current 2.0TDI engine is just over at 162.
  11. Delivery date??

    Delivery date confirmed.......woohoo!!!!! Picking up the beast on 11th May - just under 9 weeks from order to collection. Good work Audi.............just got to last six more days!!
  12. Delivery date??

    What sort of updates are likely Gareth? Nothing too major presumably? Given the choice though I think I'd rather have the 2009 and have it straight away than have to wait for a's killing me not having a nice motor to drive! Had to put the R32 in to secure the part-ex value and been in a 1.2 VW Polo hire car since then!!
  13. Plate troubles!

    I wouldn't risk it if I were you. I've just put a reg on retention recently and like the previous poster says it only took 2 or 3 working days to get the confirmation letter through the post after visiting the local DVLA office to fill in the forms and pay the money. The confirmation letter tells you what the replacement reg will be and comes with a certificate so that you can legally go out and get new plates printed for the car and make the switch. The replacement road tax disc also comes with it. The replacement V5 takes a little bit longer but mine still arrived within a fortnight. Once you have that you can do the proper sign over to the new owner. Don't want to sound like I'm teaching anyone to suck eggs here, but the reg belongs to the car once its been assigned, so I wouldn't personally be happy letting anyone drive it away until I first had the confirmation of retention letter in my hand. Likewise if I was the buyer I wouldn't be happy about handing over cash for a car without the V5. Just less hassle all round if you get it sorted first IMHO. Other option as mentioned in original post is to transfer to another vehicle but this wouldn't be any quicker for you as you still need all the same paperwork to come through the post from the DVLA - it will probably end up costing you more as well (to transfer it again) unless the donor vehicle is the one you want to leave it on.
  14. Delivery date??

    Well, it seems those Germans are living up to their reputation for ruthless efficiency once again!! I got the automated email from the dealer yesterday telling me that my car had started being built in the factory on Thursday 16th - one week ahead of the scheduled date. Really hope I'm not going to have to wait until June to get it now. Suppose it depends how quickly they fill the boat to send over though. Anyone know if Audi will let you go to Germany and collect from the factory? I've heard of Mercedes offering this option but not sure about Audi.
  15. Polo boot lock damage

    Some little scroat has had a go at the boot lock on my mum's Polo. Fortunately they didn't get in to pinch anything but have caused some damage to it in the process of jamming a screwdriver or other suitably pointy implement into it. Thankfully the damage is just cosmetic and the boot lock mechanism and key still work fine. Obviously it looks crap though so she wants to get it sorted. Local stealer has quoted £180 for part and fitting which seems very expensive to me. What I was wondering is whether this is a job I could do myself? If so some advice on the part no. I need to order, approx. cost and how to go about fitting it would be very much appreciated. Photo attached of the damage. Hope you guys can help.......