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  1. New Computer

    hey...not sure if anyone can help, but I have an old computer with windows XP installed on it. The installation is very corrupt, and needs to re be instaleld from fresh ideally. However, I don't have the original XP disk that came with the computer.... I have an official XP code, but no disk... anyone got any ideas? Buying a proper copy of XP is so much money! I could installed UNIX/LINUX, but I'd rather stay with XP for other reasons (certainly not the relaibility) thanks in advance Ali
  2. New Car Discount

    Yep... if you order an A5 coupe, you won't see it until early 2010 :S A5 cab's are confirming quicker for some reason...not quite as much demand as the coupe I guess!
  3. Audi Offers

    The support from audi is pretty respectable, but there is no further room for movement. There would not be another 8-10% off the above figures.... at the end of the day, audi have 15% margin in their cars. that's before the cost of the PDI and plates would not sell a car at 15%+ as it would cost Audi money to sell you something at that level of discount. However, it's it's the most awful colour in the world, and the worst spec, you may get a little passed that point..
  4. B8 Discounts?

    not long now booster!!!!!!!
  5. A3 Buying Advice

    that's a nice pitch however booster!!
  6. Nick Johnson Oxford

    Hi Mate, Yeh, I know Nick very well. We've traded a few cars to him. He's got some really nice stock. Proper guy. I used to work in Oxford, and I've known nick for years. Mention me to him..Hope you enjoy the S8! Kindest regards Alastair Cunningham Listers Audi Stratford
  7. Order placed! The wait begins......

    I'll keep you up to speed Booster. can't be too long till you get your Atom is it Andy? How's the car?
  8. Good Audi dealer required please

    Booster-you have mail!!
  9. Joined the diesel brigade

    piccies look good mate! glad you had a safe drive home... enjoy your break ali
  10. 2.0t or 3.2?

    hang on for the 2.0T. much better IMO.
  11. lol... i had anothe "scammer" come through on email re my misses's car today. I've forwarded them each others man calls audi man and vise versa! i thought it was funny anyhow...
  12. New evidence confirms TT TDi

    we'll do well with it. Confirmed as 2.0 TDI 170 Quattro. Starting at £26,350 for the Coupe, and £28,350 for the roadster. Ordering opens from the 6th March
  13. Undercover Focus ST???

    *note to others* don't go storming passes one in an S3! will only bring tears...
  14. Undercover Focus ST???

    i was "told off" my a police man in a silver ST the other day...also, a have a mate in traffic, and he says they run a few of them on the more than likely mate!