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  1. Which Tyres?

    [ QUOTE ] I've had Vredestein Ultracs fitted all round on mine, superb!! £50 per tyre [/ QUOTE ] Where did you get them for that price? They're great tyres, I've got 2 on now and will upgrade to all 4 when I have to.
  2. Noble M12 GTO 3

    I think he probably pitied you driving around in a diesel polo and was having a laugh at your expense (can you tell it's happened to me before???)
  3. Are my eyes deceiving me...

    In the US you can get this with a 5.7 Hemi engine (or is it 5.8?)...
  4. Nokia Communicator 9300 anybody....

    This isn't the 9300i is it? Does your have wifi?
  5. Replacing Interior with Leather/Suede

    I've got a Sport Passat which has the usual sports cloth seats. I was wondering how easy it is to swap these with some leather/suede seats from another passat? I've been keeping an eye out on ebay but nothing has some up so far. Any other places to look? Does anybody have an idea of cost? A friend mentioned that it might be possible to do a swap with the seats of an A4 or an A6. Is this possible? Are they direct bolt on replacements? I don't want to start messing about this rewelding bolt points etc. I actually think the A4 Sports seats are far comfier too... seem to grip you better! Thanks
  6. Unmarked RS6 coming to your mirror soon...

    what if I told you I drive a Hartge tuned BMW M5. I would suggest that I will be getting away... Am I wrong?
  7. 2002 Passat Bumper Strip

    yeah, it might be a case of getting the front/sides/rear all seperately from breakers. I think getting a body shop to do it would work out very expensive too as it requires a lot of work to get the current strips smooth looking.
  8. Short Shifters... good or bad? Which ones?

    Are you telling me that the B&M shifter (45141) will fit? I ask only because I have been told by a major dealer of B&M that it won't fit! Or are you saying that it will fit with some modification? I'm really keen on getting this sorted out so I look forward to your help!
  9. 2002 Passat Bumper Strip

    For anyone who cares. I called the stealers today and they quoted me £421 for the upgraded bumper and side strips. These are the ones that are colour coded and have the narrow chrome strip. I nearly fainted when I heard the price... Looks like I'm going to keep looking. I'm sure they'll come up somewhere for a LOT cheaper.
  10. Short Shifters... good or bad? Which ones?

    Well, just to confirm that as strange as it may seem, there is no shifter in the whole world that will fit a 6 speed VW Passat. I have tried HPA, RPI, PG, Neuspeed, DG, etc etc. and they all say the same. Apparently there is a british company developing one but that means waiting... (patience is a virtue I suppose). It seems strange, but sometimes the truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction.
  11. Short Shifters... good or bad? Which ones?

    Exactly Mook. You're on the money. So any short shift is going to have to be fitted (most likely) on the gearbox side. EPIC!
  12. Short Shifters... good or bad? Which ones?

    Apparently there is no short shift for a 6 speed gearbox with a push down reverse. I've been emailing round the world looking for a solution but so far have come up with nothing. Mine is a B5.5 Passat (2002) and it's provinng a nightmare.
  13. Short Shifters... good or bad? Which ones?

    Hi, many thanks for the info, but one question; How did you modify the arm to reduce side to side throw? ta
  14. Fiat 500

    A friend has on in southern italy that he is restoring. he's going to put in a hayabusa engine, make it a little pocket rocket. He's planning on making it ridiculously fast 1-100mph so he can have a laugh against the ferrari's and lambo's. When I was in the south of Italy for a while I saw a lot of 500's knocking about... cute little car.
  15. Mercedes Mclaren SLR

    in that case, i'm tempted to say I saw the type 722. Thanks.