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  1. Question about London Box Junction

    I would think you are going to be ok. It does not seem like a red light offense has been commited. They would need to provide a photo from a camera showing that you crossed the line on red to get the "red light offense ticket" which obviously doesnt exsist given what you have said happened.
  2. Question about London Box Junction

    If the red light is not showing when the front of the vehicle crosses the line, but is illuminated before the rest of the vehicle has passed, an offence is committed. The rules state that it is your obligation as a driver to ensure that the whole of the vehicle can pass on green. If it cannot, you should not proceed. You can enter and wait in a yellow box, the offense of stopping in a yellow box is only against the rules when you stop b/c of stationary traffic. You can roll along at a creep in a yellow box, which is what you should have tried to have done and you wont get done. To be convicted of the yellow box offense they would need to have provided video evidence that you never became stationary. I havent been on here for a few weeks, there is so much illness going around at the moment and its the summer!
  3. Lovely spoiler.........

    323 even faster!
  4. They should have made this Galant!
  5. Company car vs. car allowance

    If you take the money and pay upfront for the car and you are wise in your choice (ie. get low depreciating car) then you can make it work out for you. Esp. if your getting enough each yr with a decent dealer to just keep turning the cars over. But if you end up with finance agreement etc etc. then you need to becareful with the "real" cost.
  6. Audi RS3 Sportback v BMW 1 Series M Coupe Drag Race

    Its funny that some mags here in the UK do these drag races now. Britian is probably home to some the worlds slowest cars (looking at the paperwork atleast) and the mags never did test how quick they were really. In the US real time drag figures were avalible for most tested cars. I like the BMW, but if i was buying it would have to be the Audi. More doors, gearbox for everyday use, less cocky looks and most of all when the lights turn green it looks like it would be the winner.
  7. Hi Guys I have an eye on a couple of MBs coming at auction and they feature APS-50 which appears to be a "sort of" sat nav (arrow based). Im not totally sure what that means, i looked on you tube and no one seems to give a clear indication. I downloaded a broucher from the Merc site and it doesnt really give much info either other then listing it and then then talking about the benefits of Command. I test drove an E class a few months back which had "Command", a large screen an a quite nice mapping program. Is APS-50 any good? Cheers Geoff
  8. A week or so on holiday and there are some fun threads to read up on! I had a similar issue at work and what action you take will probably end up being the break of the relationship you have with your neighbour, tread carefully in that respect! My companies offices, which i do not work from are located in a light industrial area and all parking spaces went out in front of the buildings and the next door company would put its vans in their parking spaces. However they would also unload and load from there warehouse, of course doors opened and closed and worse then that empty pallets coming out of the cans would often be laid against the cars next to the van marking the paintwork etc. One such space was their last allocated parking next to our first. Once i caught sight of pallet against one of our cars i told them and they gave the nod "ok yeah we wont do that etc". Of course next week there at it again. A quick screen cap from our cctv and another visit to there foyer from me asking for monies resulted in nothing. Next time a vid cap. from the cctv and i go back they wont do anything, a quick call to the local police station and a few hours pass and they come and visit. Their general point being that damage is damage and you should be able to assume within a reasonable expectations that parking your car in your own parking space should be "safe". Accidents happen and that isnt illegal (criminal damage) but when it is unresonable, to point where you are saying you are getting regular dents from one careless neigbour you will have a valid cause. Your neighbour may not be be guilty of intentionally damaging your car, but she is being "intentionally uncareful by her nature" in a situtation which requires care and consideration for other peoples property. My out come in the end was a repair at their cost. They have never parked vans in their end parking space again (so all damage has stopped) but they dont speak to us now either! If you want the damage to stop, write your letter, buy a camera and take the action if damager persists. I would do it, but then again im probably one of "those" people ! It might be worth calling your local community policing team, it might **** her up a bit and put her mind on the subject. They will probably come and discuss the issue with you both esp. if you suggest it might become a larger issue. Geoff
  9. Tipex in 'likes Audi' shock!

    It looks muscular and mean i think it looks good! You could pop the audi badge off and stick on Dodge or Chevy badge and be away!
  10. European Road Trip Advice

    Have fun sounds like it will be great where ever you go. If your heading off in the M3 my little bit of advice is.....
  11. So what do you think of this new BMW then ?

    Nice to see the Peugeot/BWM engines coming through in to the mainline BMW's, the 1.6T is pretty nice. Super bland car though!
  12. Tyre marks removal

    Yeah AG Tar remover in a spray bottle and a few MG cloths for me! I dont know about the Armourfend, best to ask them.
  13. Polo Bluemotion 5dr Discounts

    Hi! Two thoughts, i dont drive manuals very often as i have a bit of an injury but i have driven this car. Its a bit intreasting, if you want best fuel economy then you need to follow its own guide on when to change. When you dont it really does suck a lot more fuel, its a bit like the little Fiat 500 that claims to do lots of MPG. If you can control yourself then you should see 60-70MPG. I kept finding myself going down through the gears, not only is it only 75PS but its been tuned to be economical so it basically never wants to work. Anytime speeds changed it never has enough pull or gearing meaning you have to get heavy on gas or alter your mind set. Its not just a non powerful car if that makes sense? Many people on here love the diesel drive, drop it in 3rd and push the gas and wizz away and after a bit the speedo starts to push quite rapidly. That isnt the case with the blue motion its, well, gutless. Also, its fidgets a fair bit too at all speeds i suspect it has "eco" or "light weight" suspension and its a bit firm so its isnt as pleasant as say the normal Polo. When you stop using the car for the long drives then you can consider selling it and trying to get back some of your money. There is a quite a strong demand for "eco" cars like the Prius and the Bluemotion as we i suspect. So if you dont really do the miles to get it the most then sell it. I think of these purchases as being totally financial so once its no longer adding up....! Owning an "eco car" theres a few points to note: They use different tyres (im sure this was the same on the Polo) they are expensive and less grippy then similar tyres of the same size and width. The Polo Blue motion wheels look particulary bad! You can of course change the tyres but then there goes some MPG. I had it for about 150 miles and it own computer calcuated 62 MPG which isnt bad considering im no good with the clutch! However its claim for the previous 4500 miles was only 49 mpg. I averaged 48 MPG from the Jazz 1.4 DSi CVT in the city which is food for thought and the bigger Prius gives me 65 "on paper". Atleast thats what im claiming for taxes Geoff
  14. Help needed

    Just means they were registered at the Oxford DVLA office place.
  15. Volvo V50 D5 (R Design)

    V50 has been knocking about for a while its based on the now replaced Focus. Its been about for a while, wishful thinking and a bunch of new engines. Still used they make good sense in terms of purchase price but they often modify "Ford parts" so they are not directly replaceable so you have purchase expensive Volvo parts. I know there are fair few new engines in the V50. As far as the D5 goes i have had plenty in my work V70's and they are fine. The one in the V50 i think was the older version loud, unrefined by todays standards but critically acclaimed when it came out about 8-9 yrs ago. Sadly its not a baby V70, more of pimped Focus. Id probably by a used 3 series estate pimp it myself if i felt inclinded. Geoff