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  1. Ok, I got my new Octavia vrs last week (wednesday) had a set of EIBACH springs and Koni FSD fitted today so I now have for sale the original VRS springs and matching dampers. These are from my 2010 Facelift 2.0 T FSI Estate but will fit any Mk2 Vrs estate. As per the thread title, these are virtually new - only done 400 miles - they're not even dirty yet If you have a high-mileage Mk2 VRS estate with "tired" suspension this would be idea for you, or if you have one of the lower powered models and want an upgrade to the sporty Vrs setup this is a very cheap way to do it, with factory OEM quality parts. Was looking for £250, price REDUCED NOW TO £200.. plus I can deliver FOC if you're somewhere near oxfordshire or hampshire-ish or somewhere in between. Any questions just shout. I'm in Oxford but work in Andover so could drop off somewhere between if necessary. I would prefer pick up but no problem if you want to organise a courier. They are currently in the boxes that my eibachs and konis came in, so no problem to pack them up properly if required. cheers Rob now on EBAY also: octavia vrs springs dampers suspension only 400miles! on eBay (end time 06-Jul-10 20:57:17 BST)
  2. ^^ quick update on the above: a new f1 assymetric fitted yesterday fixed the problem. The old tyre seems to have developed what I can only describe as a flat spot, bizarrely only across about 2/3rds of the width of the tyre. Very strange. I can't see how this can have been caused by a mechanical problem - must be a manufacturing defect? We'll see. The tyre has been returned to Goodyear under warranty. I'm interested to see what they say.
  3. my gti is with the dealer today - i have a low pitched "drone" type noise at 50mph plus only noticable on smooth tarmac. chappie has just rung to say that one of the rear tyres is "out of shape" which seems a little bizarre - these are F1 assymetrics, not that old, lots of tread remaining.. i have a new tyre on order already so will see if this fixes it..
  4. Goodyear Assyms **** in the cold?

    Thanks for the imput chaps. I guess MOOK has prob hit the nail on the head, they are a great tyre, but by the time they're down to 3mm the are past their best. Choice now is to stick with them 'til they're 1.6mm and I can get a new pair, or pop them on the back and get the newer one's on the front.. hmmmm..
  5. I had a new set of 4 goodyear assymetrics fitted July. After taking several hundred miles to "bed in" and get really grippy I was pretty satisfied with them. Not the best tyre I'd ever had but pretty good, and much better than the dunlop sportmaxx that had been on before. The fronts are now down to about 3mm and seem to have completely given up being grippy. Wet they are awful and even today (sun shining, 8 degrees-ish) on dry roads I either have the TC light flashing when I pull out of a junction or accel on a tight bend. Anyone else found the same? Company car so I won't be able to change then until they're down to the wear bars unfortunately.. These things won all the magazine tyre test, so either they are wrong or maybe mine came from a duff batch or something? Car is a bone-stock '07 GTI, 56k miles.
  6. Best Fuel for MK V Gti?

    EVO mag did a fuel test a few years back, Mk5 gti was one of their test vehicles. At the time Optimax (ie V power) gave best rolling road result - can't rememer the exact details but I think it was appros 212bhp at the crank? I've tried several fuels and I still reckon the GTI likes V Power more than anything else on the market. MPG is also better IMO.
  7. Golf Pirelli

    My father picked his up two weeks ago. I've not seen another.. Same message as above from the dealer network, no factory orders but there are unsold cars in the network. If you want one and can be flexible on spec there are some very flexible (desparate) dealers out there..!
  8. Trade in Edition 30 or NOT !!

    ^^ Jon - i gave exactly the same advice to my old fella a few months back. He had 56 plate R32 (lovely car, v low mileage) but wanted a trade to something with another 3 yrs of warranty, lower mpg and potentially lower future road tax bills. ie Pirelli GTI. I would have thought that there was no mileage at all talking to a dealer about a trade in but i was completely wrong. yes he got a bunch of "not interested" responses but ended up finding a dealer who WAS prepared to do a deal. Don't want to post the numbers, but they must have been very keen to sell a new GTI. The trade-in he got in the end was about £1000 MORE than i'd have suggested as a price for an ad on autotrader. Maybe they just needed one more unit to hit a target or something..
  9. GTI Pirelli - best discount?

    I should know today what hes' been offered in a trade. If anyone can beat that offer i'm sure he'd be happy to talk. Logistics obviously a consideration.. PM me if you're interested. cheers Rob
  10. GTI Pirelli - best discount?

    Ok, so he's found a couple of dealers with showroom stock Pirellis - seems there are some guys out there who are VERY keen to do a deal.. Current sales "period" appears to end in a few weeks (anyone confirm this?) so there is a real appetite to achieve targets/bonuses. Deal should be done today i think.. fingers crossed. :D
  11. My old man is looking to get out of his '56 plate R32 (9k miles!) and get himself a Pirelli. Any advice on best discounts out there? Don't mind broker or dealer.. TIA. oh, and if anyone's in the market for a 3 dr steel grey R32 with winter pack let me know ;-)
  12. Life after GTI? What next??!

    You're right. Mate of mine is struggling to sell his 997 S.. 06 plate 47k miles, 75-ish new, advertising at £47k getting no interest..
  13. Changing finish on Monza II's....

    Pristine have a good reputation. I know a lot of dealer groups use them. I think to fully paint using the standard grey colour already used for the "inserts" would look very good. Looking forward to seeing the results. n.b. i also think matt black would look ace - especially as the gti has a big black grille and your car also has black mirrors..